My Team 2014: Version 3.1

myteamv30articleNow that the official AFL Fantasy Classic game has been launched as well as Virtual Sports’ AFL Dream Team, we’ve got another version of My Team up ready for you to discuss your teams.

We recommend you use the Drawing Board to make your mock AFL Fantasy and AFL Dream Team teams (there is a difference). Please indicate which competition the team you’re posting is for to avoid confusion.

Make sure you head on over to to put together your 2014 AFL Fantasy squad using all of the official prices and positions. Chad has been working hard to make this great resource for all AFL Fantasy fans to enjoy. It’s free and easy to sign up and you are able to copy and paste your team for the comments here on the site.

Please be constructive in the comments. Feel free to discuss any players, positions or any other thoughts about AFL Fantasy for 2014!

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  • could I please have opinions on my team? In desperate need!
    DEF: S.Mitchell, J.Bartel, K.Simpson, M.Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, L. McDonald (M. Fuller, J.Laidler)
    MID: D.Swan, G.Ablett, J.Watson, J.Selwood, D.Beams, D.Thomas, D.Tyson, C.Beams (M.Crouch, S.Gray)
    RUC: H.McIntosh, A.Sandilands (B.Longer, D.Currie)
    FWD: P.Dangerfield, D.Martin, L.Franklin, P.Chapman, M.Clark, L.Taylor (N.Bock, S.Kersten)

    • your team looks solid. I’d look into finding better rook option than S.Gray – perhaps X.Ellis or Polec?
      If cash allows, I’d upgrade McIntosh to Lobbe/Mummy/Ryder.

  • Claye Beams or Dom Sheed? And approx. how much money do you think we should have left over?
    Thanks in advance!

  • AFL Fantasy 2014 team:
    DEF: McVeigh, Mitchell, Simpson, Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, McDonald (Fuller, Laidler)
    MID: Swan, Barlow, Rockliff, Watson, D.Beams, B.Ellis, Michie, C.Beams (Polec, X.Ellis)
    RUC: McInthosh, Sandilands (Longer, Currie)
    FWD: Dangerfield, D.Martin, Parker, Zorko, M.Clark, Fasolo (Bock, Kersten)

    $24,700 remaining. Thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

    • Beware Clark and Bock for round 1. Maybe D. Martin to Tom Mitchell or Cloke? Bit of caution with the news he may play half-back a bit more.

  • TEAM NAME: Jimmys junkies. (AFL Fantasy 2014)
    Used: $9,868,700 (98.7%), Remaining: $131,300 (1.3%) On Ground: $8,719,600 (87.2%), On Bench: $1,149,100 (11.5%)
    Expected Total: 2075, Site Expected Total: 2069
    Def: J.McVeigh (100), A.Walker (95), J.Harbrow (85), J.Grimes (90), M.Suckling (85), L.McDonald (75) (L.Plowman (60), J.Laidler (60))
    Mid: D.Swan (120), T.Rockliff (110), T.Liberatore (110), D.Beams (105), M.Grigg (85), D.Sheed (70), L.Dunstan (40.00), C.Beams (78) (J.Polec (70), M.Hallahan (21.25))
    Ruc: S.Mumford (90), N.Naitanui (90) (T.Nankervis (31.49), T.Downie (50))
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield (110), L.Franklin (95), D.Zorko (85), B.Matera (85), J.Caddy (80), A.Fasolo (72) (D.Garlett (75), P.Wearden (21.25))

    hello would appreciate comments, especially from isucked7cockslastyear so insightful

    • i know that guy is so annoying
      upgrade M.Grigg with the money you have left over

    • For a moment there, I thought you were referred to your Mum but then I read it a bit closer and it was only 7 cocks sucked, so thats nowhere near enough to be your Mum.

      I doubt I could add anything of substance after the brilliant insight provided by Amateur Hour Lewis in his upgrade Grigg comment.

      My only suggestion is to rip it all up and start again. Probably one of the worst teams I have seen on here. You just need to add Aish the DT Spud to make it with the prize as the worst so far


        • Why would I share my team Lewis? There is nothing you could add to it.

          Plus there is no way I am giving a competitive advantage to morons like you.

          • Maybe you should take these sorts of comments to youtube where they belong?

          • as if i want your team it will make me finish dead last

          • good comeback Lewis – you are a true keyboard warrior.

            Good luck in the season – let me know if you crack the top 200000…..that will be some achievement for you

  • thunder down under

    DEF: mitchell, lumumba, hanley, suckling, kolod,l.mcdonald (laidler, howward)

    MID: ablett, rockliff, watson, cotchin, beams, murphy, thomas, c.beams (ellis, polec)

    RUCK: mumford, sandilands (longer, currie)

    FOR: dangerfield, martin, franklin, pavlich, clark, bock (rohan, kersten)

    any thoughts on my team please< whether there are any players that i should trade out and if there are rookies that i should get instead of my current ones?? will l.mcdonald play most of the year and what do you think he will average??
    all help will be much appreciated

    • $9,300 remaining

    • Your rooks are solid at this stage… bit hard to determine whether they will play most of the year… but a close eye on NAB cup performance (like most of us will do) will tell if they they are a Rnd 1 prospect.
      LMaccas certainly has the goods to hold D6 or D7 position .. worth keeping an eye on Rhys Shaw too.

      • thanks, does everything else look solid

        • I’d try to fit McVeigh into your lineup.. take lumumba out as he might be more prone to a forward tag since Shaw has left. but I guess your cash wont allow that. Having Murphy instead of a rook in your mid will compensate the difference in score. Otherwise your mids, ruc, fwds look solid – but it will likely change as NAB cup progresses :)

          • TBH I’m not sure why Lumumba would be so prone to a forward tag if he’s playing predominantly wing like I’ve been hearing this year. Hibberd is a viable option though.

  • Should i pick David Swallow in my SUPERCOACH team he costs $429,400? or buy someone like Michael Hibberd who is $100,000 more?

  • What are people’s thoughts on Andrew walker as d3?

  • Real Dream Team
    DEF: Mitchell, Lumumba, Hibberd, Suckling, K,Kolodjashnij, McDonald (Fuller, Laidler)
    MID: Ablett, Barlow, Watson, Cotchin, D.Beams, B.Ellis, J Martin, C.Beams (Sheed, Dunstan)
    RUC: Grundy, Sandilands (Currie, Nankervis)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Parker, Franklin, Zorko, Billings, Bock (Kersten, L.Taylor)
    CASH LEFT: $1,200

    I am off the Dale Thomas bang wagon. Brandon Ellis seems too good of an option to pass up. Thomas will get some attention with judd out, simpson down back I expect Murphy to be the frontrunner for the #1 tag and Thomas to get some attention. While Ellis is going to dominate with bloke like Deleido,Martin and Cotch bound to get the main tags. Cotch I think now can handle a tag and will go back to dominating like he did 2 years ago. And Grundy looked good to me today even after he had a hit on the pill he still got up and got a solid 70 odd. With round 1 being a free hit and with this kid on the rise, I thought why not? Grundy can play. Will upgrade in the long run though.