Inside Collingwood: Nick Maxwell Interview


The other day, Calvin caught up with Nick Maxwell to get the inside word on Collingwood. Nothing was off limits as Calvin found out all the juicy info about Fasolo, Beams, Young, Swanny and much more. Check it out!

CALVIN: Dayne Beams is a superstar! He’s actually priced at an average of 101 after averaging 116 in 2012. How is he going and can he get back to his best this year?

Nick Maxwell: He’s going very well. He had a very frustrating year with his quad injury but has had a full pre season and has done the whole pre season. I’d expect to see numbers similar to those from his 2012 season when he won the Copeland trophy

CALVIN: Alex Fasolo… he’ll be sitting in nearly every ones team after playing just 3 games last year to average 49. He’s cheap as chips! How is he going and will he feature in round one?

Nick Maxwell: Check his NAB cup form to see exactly how much gametime he gets, but he’ll definately feature.

CALVIN: Seedsman is priced at an average of 79 and averaged 92 in the last 6 games of the year. But he’s now injured….

Nick Maxwell: Seeds will miss the start of the season after some minor surgery. Keep your eye on his recovery because he has what it takes to be an excellent fantasy player

CALVIN: With Darren Jolly gone, Brodie Grundy will now take the title as the ‘number one ruck’. He averaged 70 in his debut season, what can you see him averaging in 2014?

Nick Maxwell: The thing about Brody is he loves the contest – that means he’ll be following up his work with tackles! He’s only played half a dozen games and that was off no pre-season. This year he’s had a very good pre season so you would think he’ll only get better.

CALVIN: Fresh from the Lions, Karnezis was set for a ripping year. However, now he has OP. How has he settled in and when do you think we’ll first see him in black and white?

Nick Maxwell: Patty has settled in really well. It has been frustrating getting over the groin injury but he is up and going now. It’ll come down to his form through the pre season games as to when he makes his Magpie debut.

CALVIN: What about my boy, Swanny? How has he been going so far this year?

Nick Maxwell: Swanny had wrist surgery which meant a delayed start to pre-season. I can hear you all now – “Yeah bet Swanny was shattered with that!!!”

You’re right, he wasn’t upset so to say. But consider this – he has been carrying the injury for 4 years and still performed the way he has. Plus, you don’t run with your wrist. Dane spent the whole pre season running, running some more, and then finishing off with some extra running. So he’s very fit! Expect another big year.

CALVIN: Ha ha classic Swanny. Besides yourself Maxy, who else have we missed here?

Nick Maxwell: I know I’ll be in most people’s teams so I’ll focus on some of my team mates! (It is hard to show sarcasm in writing!)

Taylor Adams has really impressed me. He could well become an A grade midfielder. The other option is to use him in Fantasy Elite like I did last year!

Clinton Young has also come off a good pre-season after injury ruined his first year at the club. Keep an eye on him.

The last one I’ll give you is Jamie Elliott. We all saw what he could do last year. He’ll get more attention this year but he is class. I think he’ll be a star.

CALVIN: Thanks again for your time Maxy! You are a champion and someone who always gives back to the fans. Greatly appreciated. What are your final thoughts on selecting you in our teams for 2014?

Nick Maxwell: Avoid at all costs! Go Pies!