The ‘Real’ AFL Dream Team is now open


After parting ways as the providers of the official AFL fantasy game, Virtual Sports have released AFL Dream Team independently.

It’s basically the DT that people have played over the last few years. The major difference being limited trades – 30 trades rather than the two per week last year. Other than that, it has kept the same things that has made the game popular over the years.

The prizes are huge with $40,000 for the overall winner, $2,000 for second and $1,000 each for third through to tenth. The Eliminator is $2,500 and the weekly prize is $500. A new thing is the highest scoring league at the end of the year will share $3,600.


Here’s the information from the website:

Dream Team® is back! After providing the official AFL game for the past 12 seasons, VirtualSports is excited to bring you the original fantasy footy competition that started it all back in 2001 – now direct from its creators!

Take part in the fantasy game built by fantasy fans for fantasy fans. No longer influenced by corporate interests and marketing types, we bring you Dream Team® the way it was meant to be played – with challenging yet rewarding, sensible rules and game play. And we’ve thrown in some massive prizes to boot!

While other competitions scramble to complete and replicate the best of Dream Team® past, we continue to build and innovate – in Season 2014, Dream Team® brings you the most complete game play and feature-set that we’ve ever created:

  • – We’ve re-built Dream Team® from the ground up. It’s all new and shiny, yet instantly familiar.
  • – Load up Dream Team® on your tablet or smartphone, and you’ll get a beautiful, touch-friendly Dream Team® that is 100% complete, with 100% of functionality available at all times.
  • – Realistic $9.632m salary cap, 30 trades, Best 18 bye-round scoring.
  • – Unlimited Dual Position player moves while trading.
  • – Round 1 kick-off as always – with Rolling Lockout for Round 1 only.
  • – FREE universal iPhone, iPad apps, plus Android app for tablets and phones. 100% featured, 100% Draft game support.
  • – LIVE SCORING, across all platforms, all devices.

PLUS, introducing unlimited, weekly Head-to-Head Rivalries; all-new player stat cards; a player Comparison Tool; all-new achievement badges and trophies to recognise your performances in the game; more stats and data where you want it and expect it; all-new Assistant Coach features; pick a competitive team with Intelligent auto-pick in under a minute…

And much, much more… Still simple as ever to play, yet as challenging and rewarding for those who take it a bit further!

Register now and explore the all-new, The Real Dream Team®!


  • Definitely ‘The Real’ Dreamteam…can’t wait!

  • This is great. AFL Fantasy did not listen and will pay the price. Our long-standing work league has changed over to Virtual Sports.

    The shackles are broken!

    PS hard to post from a mobile here with DT sponsored Betstar pop ups. I’m off elsewhere

  • i remember the days when this site was ad free. but hey you guys do a great job and you should be getting paid for it.

    • Yea most of the ads dont bother me at all. The one that does shit me is the long one going down the top left hand side of the screen. It sometimes cuts off the top part of the article and is annoying.

  • 532737

    Figured if your reading this your a gun.

    Join and let’s go for top 10 league

    Real DT.

  • there is a lot of ads now but theres a lot of stuff I wanna read so that’s ok..but don’t want the one ,or know if you know about the one that has a picture of a lady…..and says ”for over 40’s these ladies don’t just want to date they want to ….”

    the word was a four letter word left blank..cmon that’s crap

    on dt talk site ,not on rdt or fantasy….

    • Ads help to keep this site here. It’d be great to not have them, but they are a fact of life in the Internet world. I need to learn more about the google ads. I think you can block certain types… but a lot of them are targeted. For example… I’m getting a lot of travel ones at the moment. Probably due to my better half searching for holidays. I will investigate.

  • anyone have any luck finding the logo’s and shield ,seems that out of this fantasy/rdt split weve managed to lose them ??

    bring them back if ya can ,I thought theyd be on rdt for sure….call me childish/old fashioned…but jumpers is a supercoach thing…fantasy is a joke and just gives you an afl jumper(unless im doing it wrong,,if so I take that back) rdt should be logos/shields

    • The shields have an interesting story… not one to go in here, but cost of them would be one reason they’re not there now. Plus the split would probably be part of it.

      In AFL Fantasy you can change your image… just go into your settings, click on it and upload whatever you want. If you have your old logo saved, upload that!

  • I’m having trouble finding the android app. Anyone had any luck and could provide me with a link? Cheers!

    • I don’t think there is one – they say the website is “touch-friendly”

      • Yeah I thought that might be the case but they do actually mention that there is an app. Took this from their website:

        “- FREE universal iPhone, iPad apps, plus Android app for tablets and phones. 100% featured, 100% Draft game support.”

        As Tom said below, maybe it’s just not released yet. Cheers!

    • I don’t think it is released yet.