Jed Lamb – Deck Of Dream Team 2014

Name: Jed Lamb*jan27_jedlamb
Club: GWS Giants
Position: Forward
2014 AFL Fantasy Price: $243,400
2014 Dream Team Price: $245,400

Bye Round: 9 (Carlton, GWS, Hawks, Port Adelaide, West Coast, Western Bulldogs).
2013 Average: 44.9
2013 Games Played: 12
Predicted Average: 68


*Before we start, I want to make it clear; Jed’s last name is Lamb. Many media outlets have used this fact for creative puns in their stories, but Dream Team Talk is above this sort of childish humour, so you won’t find any of that here. Just kidding.


Why should I pick him?

Ewe would be crazy not to consider Lamb in your 2014 teams. He may be an off-cut from premiership contenders, but he is a prime piece of meat for your fantasy selection. He won’t stew in the Giants reserves; he will be lead to the slaughter of senior selection each and every week. Described by his new coach as “a player we think is on the verge of stepping in and playing a major role in our forward line, whether it be a high half-forward flanker or a crumbing goal-kicker” Jed will be playing in the Giants best 22 within two shakes of his namesakes tail.

Lamb chopped himself from the Swans, and joined the cross-town rivals in orange during the trade period. When asked why he choose to join the Giants over the Swans, Jed said he was told by Cameronif I’m fit and playing good footy, more than likely I’ll be playing seniors”. How many other young forwards can you have that level of confidence in their place in team plans?

Even better for Lamb, he should be able to shake the green vest which haunted him last years at the Swans. Managing 12 games in 2013, after two injury interrupted years at the Swans, Lamb was marinated for his first four matches in a green vest. With the Giants needing to work young players like Jono O’Rourke & Josh Kelly into senior football, Lamb will have a number of players in front of him likely to start as the substitute. This is good for him, and good for us. Jed may have only averaged 45pts last season, but that was heavily affected by the green vest. Starting as the sub, Lamb averaged a meek 22pts in his five games. In his full hit-outs, Jed averaged 61.2pts.

Lamb will likely be playing a high half-forward flanker role this year, which means he won’t be hanging around the goal square waiting for Kurt Tippett to drop a contested mark to get an opportunity to touch the footy. He doesn’t shank his shots at goal, kicking 9.6 last season, and isn’t afraid to lay a tackle. All good signs from a young footballer who was a first round one pick in 2010.


Why shouldn’t I pick him?

At this stage of the season, it’s actually hard to see why you shouldn’t pick Lamb. At some stage of the NAB Challenge an cheaper player may come to the fold and present themselves as an alternative to Jed, but you may need to question their job security. Nathan Bock, Gary Rohan & Alex Fasolo all present alternative options to Lamb, but at their price, there is really no harm in picking more than one.

He hasn’t been a huge scorer in his seven full games, scoring a few 50s last season, however his 84 in round 21 last season against St Kilda does show his potential.

He has had a few injuries in his three years in the system, so there is that to worry about, but as he’s still more expensive than many rookies, you’ve got room to move if he does get injured.


Deck of DT Rating

JACK – It’s impossible to see Lamb fail to increase on his 2013 season, or more so, his vest affected 2013 season. A cheap player being guaranteed game time who is certain to improve a minimum of 20pts, head-hunted by a team who needs him to fill a void in their team structure. Pick Lamb Australia. You know it makes sense.

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  • Liked the article RL! I hadn’t even considered him prior to reading it, but will now. But the big problem is the incoming Giants forwards, e.g. Boyd & Patton.

  • Have been eyeing him off but after hearing of Bellchambers injury at Essendon, thinking Daniher might an alternative at the same price pretty much as they’ll need a tall forward up front and sharing some ruck duties with Ryder maybe?

    • bomber thompson said that daniher has put on around 8 kg of muscle

      • read same thing, though 12 kg. What’s 4kg though:) Think he will be a better player for it though and get more games this year and at pretty much the same price like I’ve already mentioned.

  • He’ll never be the DT stud ramming yous home at the end of the weekend but as long as he puts in a forequarter effort most games he won’t get the chop. He doesn’t butcher the ball and has a bit of leg. In a lower grade side it’s unlikely that he will be the choice cut if the team gets a pounding.

    That’s enough for (from) me.

  • Nice article Griff, but I’m still a little sheepish (badum tish) about picking him.
    For mine, he’ll probably only come into calculations if we are bereft of other decent rookie/mid-priced forwards. I daresay the news of injury struggles for Clark and Karnezis have increased his popularity a little.