My Team 2014: Version 3.0

myteamv30articleNow that the official AFL Fantasy Classic game has been launched, we’ve got Version 3.0 of My Team up ready for you to discuss your teams.

We recommend you use the Drawing Board to make your mock AFL Fantasy and AFL Dream Team teams (there is a difference). Please indicate which competition the team you’re posting is for to avoid confusion.

Make sure you head on over to to put together your 2014 AFL Fantasy squad using all of the official prices and positions. Chad has been working hard to make this great resource for all AFL Fantasy fans to enjoy. It’s free and easy to sign up and you are able to copy and paste your team for the comments here on the site.

Please be constructive in the comments. Feel free to discuss any players, positions or any other thoughts about AFL Fantasy for 2014!

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  • Team 136. AFL Fantasy.

    Def: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell J.Bartel M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij B.Martin ( L.McDonald M.Fuller )
    Mid: S.Selwood T.Rockliff J.Watson T.Cotchin D.Beams D.Thomas L.Dunstan C.Beams ( D.Sheed M.Honeychurch )
    Ruc: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands ( D.Currie F.Thurlow )
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield L.Parker L.Franklin D.Zorko M.Clark G.Rohan ( L.Taylor D.Garlett )
    Salary Cap Remaining: $74,300

    • Got good rookies on the bench and got a big salary cap maybe get rid of D.Sheed on the bench and get J.Polec or X.Ellis and look to upgrade maybe M.Clark for the Pav, but like i always say in my messages stick with your guns, its YOUR decision

  • Boomer is my favourite player and he is looking good at the trainings i am seeing at AEGIS park, stepping down from the leadership group could help but i get where you are coming for thanks for the advice!

  • Cloke, tom mitchell, Roughead, wingard or Parker?
    What fwd should I get as my 3/4 fwd?

    • Roughead, only because he’s cheaper than Cloke. Both should be very prolific this season.

  • Who’s a cheap midfield rookie who I can get instead of Polec?
    I already have Aish, Dunstan and Garlett. Can’t be Honeychurch or Lewis since they’re on my forward bench. Thanks in advance guys :)

  • Dreamteam United for 2014

    BACKS: Mitchell,McVeigh,Swallow,Yeo,Sutcliffe,Kolodjashinji

    MIDS: Ablett,Selwood,Beams,Selwood,Fyfe,Aish,Martin,Michie

    RUCKS: Naitanui,Grundy (Michael,Currie)

    FWDS: Dangerfield,Martin,Franklin,Higgins,Fasolo,Garlett (Kersten,Impey)

    Thoughts appreciated.

    • First time I have seen Yeo on a team – I will be looking at him with interest in NAB cup!
      Swallow is iffy but could pay off, same with Fyfe but good POD. Will Nic be ready? Think the Higgins, Fas, Garlett picks are dangerous but thats just my opinion :)

  • Backs:j.mcveigh, s.mitchell, p.hanley, m.suckling, k.kolodjashnij, l.mcdonald (c.howard, j.laider)
    mids: s.johnson, d.swan, t.rockliff, d.beams, d.thomas, j.martin, v.michie, c.beams (x.ellis, j.polec)
    rucks:m.lobbe, a.sandilands (b.longer, d.currie)
    fwds:n.riewoldt, p.dangerfield, d.martin, l.franklin, j.hogan, g.rohan (d.garlett, n.bock)
    rem salary: $62,500

    your thoughts on my team would be greatly appreciated.

  • TEAM NAME: Insane Icypoles Real Dream Team. (Dream Team 2014)

    Used: $9,598,300 (99.7%), Remaining: $33,700 (0.3%) On Ground: $8,492,600 (88.2%), On Bench: $1,105,700 (11.5%)

    Expected Total: 1668, Site Expected Total: 2062

    Def: J.McVeigh, S.Mitchell, H.Shaw, M.Suckling, K.Kolodjashnij, L.McDonald (J.Laidler, M.Fuller)

    Mid: S.Pendlebury, S.Selwood, M.Barlow, T.Rockliff, D.Beams, D.Thomas, C.Young, J.Martin (C.Beams, J.Polec)

    Ruc: H.McIntosh, A.Sandilands (D.Currie, T.Nankervis)

    Fwd: N.Riewoldt, P.Dangerfield, L.Franklin, J.Daniher, M.Clark, J.Impey (L.Taylor, M.Honeychurch)

  • Thanks Lewis. I like to keep some money, got stung twice last year. When a premo goes down and loses $50k from a sub affected score you can’t replace with the same quality. I will decide more on my rooks once Rd1 is upon us it’s more the structure of my team I’m interested in ATM.

  • Brodie Smith or David Swallow

  • Def: J.McVeigh J.Bartel G.Birchall M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij C.Howard ( M.Fuller J.Laidler )
    Mid: S.Johnson D.Swan T.Rockliff J.Watson D.Beams B.Ellis J.Martin X.Ellis ( V.Michie J.Polec )
    Ruc: H.McIntosh A.Sandilands ( B.Longer D.Currie )
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield D.Martin J.Roughead L.Franklin M.Clark G.Rohan ( K.Harper S.Kersten )

    First draft, any thoughts?

  • Ok, my second try. It has 28,600 salary remaning and it is Dream Team.

    DEF: S Mitchell J McVeigh P Hanley D Swallow M Suckling L Mcdonald (M Fuller T Cutler)
    MID: G Ablett J Selwood M Barlow D Beams D Thomas J Martin D Tyson L Dunstan (J Polec V MIchie)
    RUC: M Leuenberger H McIntosh (B Longer D Currie)
    FWD: P Dangerfield J Roughead L Franklin P Chapman L Taylor D Gartlett (M Honeychurch D Markworth)

    Thoughts and advice please. (:

    • Def: McVeigh, Mitchell, Simpson, Suckling, R Shaw, McDonald(Fuller, Laidler)

      Mid: Ablett, Swan, Watson, Barlow, D Beams, Thomas, C Young, Tyson(Ellis, HoneyChurch)

      Ruc: Sandilands, McIntosh(Thurlow, Currie)

      Fwd: Dangerfield, Martin, Franklin, Zorko, T Menzel, Rohan(Bock, Kersten)

      Cash: $163,100

      A little unsure about my forward line. Thoughts and advice will help

    • Solid team! Well balanced

    • Solid team. Well balanced

  • Team name: Special 1 My name: Jack A
    Remaining salary: $41,600 Team value: $9,958, 400
    Defs: j mcveigh, s mitchell, p hanley, d swallow, m suckling, k kolo em: j laidler and c howard

    Mids: s, johnson, d swan, s selwood, t rockliff, d beams, d thomas, j martin, j polec em: v michie and x ellis

    Rucks: b grundy, a sanidlands em: b longer and d currie

    Fwds: p dangerfield, l franklin, d zorko, m clarke, a fasalo, t walker em: g rohan and n bock

    leave thoughts please highly appreciated

  • Hi there Fellow DTers.
    Would love some feedback on my team thus far.

    Def: J.McVeigh S.Mitchell P.Hanley D.Swallow M.Suckling K.Kolodjashnij ( J.Laidler C.Howard )
    Mid: G.Ablett J.Watson D.Beams M.Murphy S.Savage D.Thomas L.Anthony M.Crouch ( C.Beams X.Ellis )
    Ruc: M.Lobbe A.Sandilands ( B.Longer D.Currie )
    Fwd: P.Dangerfield D.Martin L.Franklin D.Zorko S.Higgins M.Clark ( G.Rohan N.Bock )
    Salary Cap Remaining: $24,600

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Luke