“The Traders” on AFL.com.au

thetradersarticleAfter 7 seasons of DT Talk, Roy, Calvin and Warnie will now also provide AFL Fantasy content in an official capacity over on AFL.com.au.

This is something we’ve been working towards over the last few years and we’re excited that we now get to work for the AFL doing what we love. The content we’ll be providing will be some of the old favourites and a bit of new stuff that will hopefully now make the AFL site a credible source of information and advice for fantasy coaches. The Traders is our collective name (due to the official AFL product dropping the Dream Team name). The name fits perfectly for Calvin the Tradie wearing his green vest. Boom tish.

One of our main goals is to keep it very fun!

We have to thank the DT Talk community for their support over the years. We really enjoy what we do and it makes it worthwhile to know that people enjoy watching/listening to us, reading posts and getting involved in the broad community via the comments here and also over social media.

Most of all, our big group of writers on the site have been sensational! It’s great we can have a heap of different voices with different views on the games… and always be entertaining. Big thanks to everyone who contributes.

So it sounds like we’re shutting up shop… not at all! DT Talk will continue to provide fantasy content across all forms of fantasy AFL and sport! Some things will change here (for example our live Thursday night show is now an AFL product), but there will be more added to the stable of already great content. Stay tuned!

Congrats goes to Tbetta who has a gig with writing for the Assistant Coach for Virtual Sports’ AFL Dream Team. He’s one of the best  and longest serving writers here at DT Talk! Don’t stress though, we’ll hear from him on our site throughout the year as well! Keep an eye out for other writers popping up writing for other things through the year, too. Some excellent reward for effort.

Anyway… bottom line is that DT Talk will continue and this community will hopefully thrive! We’re having the best pre-season ever (sounds like that’s straight out of a press conference for each club at the moment) and this year will be huge with the variety of games on offer to play. We’re looking forward to starting our gig with the AFL and we hope that everyone here will be across everything we do; both at AFL.com.au and at dreamteamtalk.com.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie.

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  • good news. congratulations!

  • Congratulations guys, thoroughly deserved!

  • The Swan, Ablett and Pendlebury of the fantasy coverage world. Guns.

  • They said u’d never make it, never make it, never make it.

    Well done boys top effort now go enjoy what u do best.

  • sounds good..better than I first thought on facebook yesterday…good to see tbetta geta a gig and that this site ‘dt talk’ is still gonna be around

    how about using some of your pull to hit us with a date of when its gonna open…im sure everyones hanging to know

  • Well done. When do we expect to see the Trader?

  • So is that the death knell for Dr Dream Team?

    Please make it so…

  • Hi Guys.
    Well done on becoming “The Traders” now you can quit teaching.

    I was going to get my year 6 class to sign up to Dreamteam this year as part of their Maths/computer studies lesson. Will the “Traders” be age appropriate for students but still contain all the awesome trade info etc you only get from DT Talk?

    • We will probably have to play stuff a little safer on the AFL website… so maybe it’ll be appropriate for Grade 6 kids. We’re actually not sure how it’ll all look ourselves just yet!

  • The Traitors…..
    nah just kiddin’ …congatulations.

  • Hey Roy, isn’t that pic of you about 5 years old? ;)

    • It’s actually less than 12 months old… but we will have some updated photos very soon. Male models this week in Melbourne. Haha.

  • “Calvin’s captains: it’s double points every week for your skipper so lean on Calvin to make this big call every round”

    Pressures on this year Calvin, i hope this doesnt lead to too many trips to your shed!

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. This will be a fun venture for us. Hopefully for you guys it’s more of a good thing! That’s our hope anyway!

  • Congrats for such an achievement boys! Will miss the days of you sinking Boags and acting like idiots which made the show worth watching, please don’t lose too much of it!

  • Congratulations boys, thoroughly deserved! Warnie, will you still have a segment on sport.fm mate? Really loved that last year!

  • Congrats fellas – shows if you put your heart & soul into something you love, the rewards are out there.

    Also, well done to tbetta and dunny and all the other regular contributors who make the DT community, the fun it should be.

  • Congratulations Guys! You thoroughly deserve it. I found this site last year and helped me have my best DT season ever.

    Also Warnie, you are killing me in the Big Bash League this week in our league match up!

  • Congrats on the Great Efforts Lots of hard Work has finally Payed off.

  • Congrats fellas, well deserved. Do ya reckon you could squeeze Chopper past the PR people? :p

  • Great work lads – proof that it won’t happen overnight but it will happen!

  • Congrats guys, wee deserved. The trick now is to stay yourselves. Look forward to your work.

  • one word… LEGENDS!!!

  • Congrats on your expertise being recognized guys. Well deserved.

  • So what happens to Dr. Dud Team. I used to enjoy his articles for a bit of a laugh.

  • Does this mean you’re changing your theme tune to “AFL Fantasy’s all right with me, AFL Fantasy’s all right with me, ooooohhhhh yyyeeaahhh!!” ?

  • Congrats Boys!!!