Leigh Montagna – Deck of Dream Team 2014

jan17_leighmontagnaName: Leigh Montagna
Club: St Kilda
Position: Midfielder
AFL Fantasy Price: $606,000
AFL Dream Team Price: $610,800
Bye Round: 10
2013 Average: 111.8
2013 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 104

Why should I pick him?  

As far as consistency goes, Joey is up there with the best of them. From his 21 games last season, he missed the coveted ton on only 5 occasions…a 76% strike rate. In 2013, Ablett would also reach the ton at 76%, Pendlebury was slightly lower at 70%, Barlow 62%, Goddard 59% and Jelwood a mere 55%. Only Johnson 81% and Swanny 77% had slightly better odds than Montagna in reaching the ton in 2013. Do I have your attention?

No doubt, Montagna is the type of player you can lock and leave. In the past five home and away seasons, he has only missed five games. Durability, check. He’s ticked all the boxes so far this preseason and looks set for another big year. Another perk in picking Joey is his point of difference. According to Dreamteam Talk’s Drawing Board, only 3.8% of coaches have selected the fifth highest averaging Fantasy player from last year. Take it from me, getting ahead in this game only occurs when you make a few left-field decisions. Dare to be different with Montagna!

How high is your ceiling? Montagna created Fantasy headlines in Round 23 last year after amassing 34 kicks, 13 handballs, 12 marks, 3 tackles and 2 goals to finish with a huge 189 Fantasy points! Averaging 30 disposals in 2013 saw Joey hit the 120+ score on 6 occasions and with even more midfield responsibility this season, the foundation is there for him to continue on his merry ways.

Don’t forget that the Saints have the Round 10 bye thus you can comfortably sit on Monty for the first two bye rounds while holding Dangerfield in your forward line, Mitchell in defence and Ablett or Swanny in the mids.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? 

Tag, you’re it! With Nicky Dal suiting up for the blue and white in 2014, the chances that country boy Leigh will cop a heavy tag every week is pretty high. Montagna and Jack Steven are the only two midfielders at the Saints that the opposition will bother worrying about. Sure, Joey won’t cop heavy attention from taggers every week but it will be far more frequent than last year. Consequently, Montagna’s average will take a dive from last season…I guarantee it!

There’s no bargain for your buck when picking 30-year-old Montagna. The fifth most expensive Fantasy player is being overlooked by many coaches to start the 2014 season because of an abundance of value elsewhere. Why pick Montagna ($606,000) and say a basement priced rookie like Jared Polec ($135,500) when you can have Savage ($364,900) and David Swallow ($377,000) instead? That’s just one example!

Deck of DT Rating.

KING – A bit controversial considering Montagna averaged 110+ in 2013 however; I’m pretty confident that he’ll be on the slide in 2014. Extra attention from taggers, an aging body and an abundance of inexperience around him in the midfield…it’s an uphill battle for one of Fantasy’s old favourites.

The final nail in the coffin is his $600,000+ price tag. Why spend that much coin on Joey when it can be better spent elsewhere? If you want go all out, spend the money on reliable DT guns in Swan, Ablett and Pendles.

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  • Montagna being suspended round one might be the reason why he is currently in only 3.8% of teams on the Drawing Board.

    • Yeah – it was terribly soft. From memory he challenged, but got the week anyway. Maybe one of the positives about the unlimited trades between Round 1 and Round 2. Brings him into the picture?

      • that’s a bit of a knock on the article though, there’s no mention of it

        if you haven’t done proper research, and you set a team now and forget about it, then you’re behind the pack straight away with his selection in rd1

  • Their early draw makes him very relevant… But trading him in in r2 so I can trade him out or upgrade around the byes makes him an expensive prospect. And in keeping him for the saints run home and the tags that await him during those rounds makes him a very risky pick for me.

  • I’m strongly considering him for both TRDT and Classic though probably a post bye upgrade

  • pure dt gun!!..didn’t think he could pull the yr he did last yr but he did,,and evem more important at finals time,,the only thing I messed up was not putin his mate rooy in at the same time

    fith highest scorer speaks for itself..only question is can he do it again if theres loyalty in dt then youd bk him in..but most of us will wait n see and maybe still not put him in at finals time,and risk getting murdered like rooy murdered me last yr

    if he left and was at a better club(and I cant believe he didn’t) hed be locked now

  • Hope the idiot that wrote this article and didnt mention the Rd1 suspension at all isnt coming across to the afl team with the other sellouts

  • No bloody hope of coming anywhere near his 2013, not worth looking twice at imo

  • Rather Watson, Cheaper and will score better IMO.