Drawing Board – Rate My Team

The ‘My Team’ ideal has changed forever. No longer will we be forced to sieve through pages and pages of other people’s teams to read feedback, searching for our own team to see how it stacks up and to get some balanced, easy-to-read comments on just how good it is.

Chad, a very talented programmer and DT Talk boy has spent countless days of his own time setting up the (now popular) Drawing Board – free and accessible for all Fantasy coaches, no matter what your poison (Fantasy, Real Dream Team or Supercoach).

Now, he’s finalised a revolutionary ‘Rate My Team’ application that allows you to rate as many teams as you like, whilst seeing how your own personal team stacks up. It’s quick, easy and looks fantastic!

Firstly, if you haven’t jumped onto www.dtlive.com.au – get over there now and get going! Once your account and team is set up, simply open up the drawing board menu and go to the ‘Rate Other Teams’ page.Menu Screen Next, you choose which type of team you’d like to rate.

Which team

From here, you’ll be given the chance to choose (one at a time) which team to rate.

Teams to rate page



The rating page is easy and simple to understand, with a grading out of 10 to be given based on your personal, impartial opinion of how you believe the particular team stacks up. Comments are a great way to give insight/assistance too, so don’t be shy! Remember – we’re a community and should aim to help our fellow coaches. So be open, honest and objective when rating and help support the new wave on team-oriented feedback that is breaking new ground in the AFL Fantasy World.



 Rating page

Once we get a bit of quantity in the system, you should start to notice that your team that you submitted has been rated, too. How do you submit you team to be rated? It should be conveniently located at the top of your team page as below. There’s also a shortcut to the ‘rate other teams’ page as well. The Chad has thought of everything!

Team Options


Now, after submitting your team/s, you can go to the ‘My Teams’ page using the same menu mentioned earlier. You should see them all listed as below, after which you can click on the specific team to see any/all ratings and comments by your peers.

My Teams screen

And this is the finished product, which will accumulate each time someone rates your team.

My Team Rated Page

So what are you waiting for? Jump over to dtlive and get rating!

Don’t forget to give props to the creator @chadleverington on Twitter or leave your messages of appreciation below for him to soak up.

Oh, and for those Social Media Tarts out there – lets spread the message and get the #RateMyTeam and #DrawingBoard hashtags going. Perhaps even get them trending!

I’m already way ahead of you.



  • Cheers Chad!

  • Well done Chad, great job mate. Great tool.

  • While this is a good addition, you may want to let people turn this feature off. Some people dont want their teams to be looked at especially if it has breakout and pod contenders they have in it.

    • What Chad said Jarrad – your team will only be free for viewing/rating if you submit it. So your PODs can remain yours until R1.

  • Jarrad, it is turned off by default. If you don’t submit your team it doesn’t go into the pool to be rated.

    • Chad great job with the drawing board very handy. Is there any chance that we could see other submitted teams ratings? ranked best to worst or something? cheers

      • Hey, cheers for that. absolutely, you know it is coming :) Plenty of work to be done and rolled out over the next weekish. Will likely have a “your team is ranked X out of Y” on the team page and also break down how you rank in each of the categories.

    • Thanks mate, wasnt quite sure. Thats good news, you know how it is, there are just some things you dont want people to see right ;)

      • I do know how it is ;) Will ALWAYS make sure that the team stays private unless you submit it.

  • Great work Chad! How do you view the comments people have left on your team? It says I have comments as well as ratings but when I click on my team the comments aren’t visible anywhere? Thanks

  • hmm I know chads a gem for doing this stuff and anything that gives us something to do while waiting for it to open is good..but everyone rating the sides and people changing their sides to get a better score is surely just gonna make a lot of teams more and more like others…if its the same people rating them..its not for me ,I don’t care what anyone thinks about my team and nobody knows anyway its just what they think,and changing ya side to get a better score just makes ya team more and more the same as others,,its giving people something to do and helping new comers ,but I question if that’s a good thing..but im not slagging off chads efforts at all!!..just not for me

  • Thanks Chad, my only question is are your prices more up to date? For example DT Talk has price for Nathan Bock as $135k while the drawing board has $180k?

  • Chad you might want to look at some of the wording in the questions and indicate explicitly what a higher and lower number refers to.

    For example you say “Rate this team (higher numbers are better)”, then one of the questions asks “Stability (How much risk is there in the side? Job Security, Durability, chance of Suspension etc)”

    This is very vague and you will find people giving higher or lower numbers depending on their interpretation of the number scale. Some will think a high number means high stability and others will think it means low stability.


  • Nice one Chad, I’ve had a go at. All good stuff, no fluff. I play NBL Fantasy as well, great to see the live scores you put up. Cheers buddy.

  • virtualsports is running a comp, does the fan planner work for that one? I believe it is called I am the real dream team?