Colin Sylvia- Deck of Dream Team 2014

jan09_colinsylviaName: Colin Sylvia
Club: Fremantle
Position: Fwd/Mid
AFL Fantasy: $443,600
AFL Dream Team: $447,100
Bye Round: 10
2013 Average: 82
2013 Games Played: 19
Predicted Average: 89

Why should I pick him?

Firstly, I am writing about Sylvia to please the Boss Warne Dawg, who has unhealthy and unjustified love for this guy. Having said that, I can remember Sylvia having a couple of good years so I will crunch some numbers.

He has averaged over 90 three times in his career with a personal best 96 coming in 2010. During that year he was justifiably considered in the elite bracket for forwards registering 8 scores over 100 out of his 15 played. The most impressive thing about his tons was the fact he went on with them, registering 6 over 110 including 124, 124, 125 and a whopping 149.

To think that Sylvia managed 3 straight years averaging above 90 with the Demons is very impressive given their struggles. Yes, his last 2 years have shown a decline with averages of just 76 and 81 but after a career of playing with a battling club, something had to give. My positive spin on this decline is that he is now available for a relatively cheap price given his proven scoring ability, especially in light of his move to a more successful club where people can probably hit him with the ball when he gets open.

At the Dees, he quite often attracted negative defensive pressure, but that will not happen at the Dockers as he is a long way down the line.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Old Colin can be a loose unit at times and any silliness will not be tolerated by Ross Lyon, so he will need to toe the line to play each week.

Sylvia can have absolute stinkers that would drive his coaches up the wall. At times, especially when tagged (which shouldn’t happen at Freo) he can appear to give up and his score can reflect that attitude. In round 2 vs the Bombers, he had just 33 without a tag from 7 touches in a prime example of the frustration he can cause.

He never plays a full season! Despite the fact he never seem to miss big chunks of the year, he has never played 20 games in a season. In fact between 2005 and 2013 he has played between 15 and 19 games every season, which in typical Sylvia fashion, is kind of good, but kind of annoying from a coaches perspective. I’m not sure whether to label him extremely durable, or extremely injury prone?

Deck of DT Rating.

Queen – If you are gutsy enough to bring Sylvia into your team it is every chance to be a success. As my New Years Resolution is to not select frustrating players that cause me sleepless nights, I will stay away from Warnie’s mate Colin. Personally I can see him flourishing in the environment Lyon has created over there as they try to build on the success of 2013.

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  • No. No. No. No. A thousand times no.

  • Colin Sylvia is a true Dick of DT – I wouldn’t touch him with your dick!

  • Great article man! Yep I agree with the others, I’d start with Missy Higgins over this hack! Atleast it takes injury to stop Missy showing up. This guys got no heart or discipline, and yes plain gives up when things aren’t going his way. Let down the dees majorly then showed up at his new club so unfit 1st day of training, they sent the lug home! Doesn’t even deserve to be playing AFL and will NEVER find himself in my team.

  • I’m staying away too!

  • Really Roy?

  • I love it! Plenty of potential and looking across the forward that are named this year, he has a very decent chance of being at least top 10 if not top 6 on average at his new club.

    • a top 6 average at Freo isn’t exactly saying much though is it?

      considering Danyle Pearce was 5th highest point scorer for Freo last year and only averaged 80

      • good point. maybe warnie meant to say top 10 average for all fwds?

        • Yep – that’s what I mean… tired head writing that! More about being at a new club, I think he’ll push to be top 10 forwards of the competition.

  • Two words ……Ross Lyon …..will fix the discipline. We just need to see what role he has in store for this soldier.

  • Absolutely locked!

    Ross will get the best out of him, he has proven that in his time at Fremantle. If Colin can manage three straight seasons of 90+ averages at the Dees, then surely he’ll replicate that in a good side.

    He is priced at an 81 avg and I think he can go 90, so he will definitely be my squad. Happy to take the risk given that I am a Freo supporter haha.

    Great write up Roy.

  • Despite everyone hating on him he has done ok a for me a few times in the past. Will wait and see how Lyon plays him, definitely not a rnd 1 team starter but I will watch his game with interest rnd 1 to see what his role is.

  • Colin has got high ceiling prospects. Although it seems too risky im sure Ross the Boss will take him under his wing and Colon will be under immense pressure to conform to the regime and perform on game day. He still has the capability to knock out some big scores.

  • He doesn’t fit into my 2014 game plan. But I may look at him as an upgrade target if (that is a big if he stays fit). He will average more than he did for The Dees cause the ball will down in the forward line for Freo quite a bit. My main concern with Freo is that if they can get Gumby up and firing. They could push Hawthorn for the flag.

  • Call this hearsay, but a few Bigfooty posters/training-attenders in the Preseason thread allege Sylvia hurt his adductor or abductor… severity of injury not announced. Hopefully nothing minor, but needs to build up tank to be a cert for Round 1 which is another risk of Colin – could be subbed out with Freo’s taxing game plan perhaps a few times in the start of tje season.

  • his numbers will spike this year

  • Misses 3-8 games a year and has done so every year of the last 8. Yes I agree his scores will go up, but a round a 5 ppg increase ain’t worth it for a guy that will statistically miss 5-6 games this year.

  • Intrigued with Sylvia based on the Ross Lyon slash not playing for a crappy team aspect.

    Danyle Pearce played 7 straight seasons with his average sitting between 73 and 78 (amazing stat in itself), then moved over to Fremantle and instantly sent his average above 80.

    Like Pearce, Sylvia copped opposition attention each week because they were both x-factor players toiling in shit teams – neither are first in line for a tag at the Dockers. That has to help.

    So in theory (and without seeing role and fitness in NAB Cup), I’m definitely interested. There’s certainly scope for improvement there…

  • Sylvia could be a good option but if you’re going to pick a forward from Freo it has to be the Pav. He’s roughly 100k cheaper and according to fans who attend training sessions he looks fitter than he has for the past four years.

  • As a Melbourne supporter… steer clear of Colin. You have been warned.