Claye Beams – Deck of Dream Team 2014

dec24_clayebeamsName: Claye Beams
Club: Brisbane
Position: Mid
AFL Fantasy: $187,400
AFL Dream Team: $198,800
Bye Round: 10
2012 Average: 45.5
2012 Games Played: 2
Predicted Average: 74

Why should I pick him?

Claye Beams will head into the 2014 season as one of the biggest bargains in the competition. Last year was set to be the traditional breakout for Beams, moving into his 3rd year at the lions and he started in solid form with 47 after subbing on in the 3rd quarter which shows he has scoring potential. His second game of the year was slightly disappointing with just 44 points, but his 15 disposals were promising.

That week on the training track Beams was injured which ended his season, leaving him with a sub affected average of just 46, and a discount due to only playing 2 games. This combination of unfortunate events for Beamer has created an absolute bargain for fantasy coaches as this 4th year player will be available for cheaper than a lot of the unproven rookies.

In 2012, Beams averaged his best score of 65 from 8 games which included 2 green vests to drag that average down. What impressed me most about Beams in the lead up to last years likely break out was his last game of the season where he showed a resemblance to older brother Dayne in scoring 114 from 26 touches. Any let’s not forget Dayne has many pig like tendencies, so let’s hope swine runs in the family!

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Due to his bargain price, there are not too many reasons not to take the punt on Beams. If I were to look for negatives, it would be that he has been vested a number of times in his short career, so the chances are he will cop the same in 2014, especially coming off an injury.

For one reason or another he hasn’t played a lot of games in his 3 years at the club, recording just 5, 8 and 2.

We are yet to see if the new coaching staff sees Beams as “best 22” and what role they have in mind for him. He does have history of playing “run with” roles.

Deck of DT Rating.

Jack – Even when taking into account the issues raised above, his low price tag cancel all of those out. When I spoke to Tom Rockliff last week, he said the Claye is ripping up the track and will be ready to go in round 1. 2014 is going to be Beams delayed break out and coaches need to be on because he will potentially be the years biggest cash cow.

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  • With a price of $187K and the potential for a 70+ average, I believe he will be in most teams this year. He will certainly be in the Coots.
    BTY – A great choice as Deck of DT.

  • A good choice Roy.
    At this stage I have him on a watch list along with guys like Dom Tyson and Jesse Lonergan.

  • the numbers really don’t look good when ya read them like that,i didn’t realise they were that bad espe 5-8-2 games in 3yrs..but ya only needed to see him play for 10mins in the first yr to see he could play and had much of the same traits as his bro

    he only needs to be half as good as him to be worth taking and at this price is virtually no risk at all,and I cant see anyone starting without him…but 15 games in 3 yrs stinks of a career that weve all seen blokes have over the yrs who can just never get a decent string of games up and go down as a ‘could of been anything’ player
    hope that’s not the case for him more than us because its happening more and more nowdays in this era of drafting kids and turning them pro right out of juniors…instead of the old colts,reserves,league system where the original coulda beens started

    its gonna happen more and more and clubs should be putting a bigger % of money into injury research instead of other areas..they don’t have the same problem in America (wich is who we copy on everything else) and the first club to find the best way of avoiding it will reap the rewards ,otherwise ya can draft whoever ya want but if their not on the park it doesn’t matter

  • Bargain! and so is Polec at Port for $135k

  • He’s a lock granted. But inclusion into the deck just proves there are no other premo’s from Brisbane other than rocky. Hanley will get an article but likely to get tagged and be inconsistent.

    • Not sure if he’ll get tagged with Zorko and Rockliff running around but there’s a chance

  • I feel like he could be this years Nick Lower. Capable of 100+ scores if he is allowed to get the footy but then after NAB cup only gets scores of 44 etc because he is tagging.

    I would try and think of any Richmond players who were in similar positions during Leppitsch recent years there and compare scores. But cant really think of similar players. Maybe Dylan Grimes? Was he used in a similar way?