Tom Rockliff – Deck Of Dream Team 2014

dec12_tomrockliffName: Tom Rockliff
Club: Brisbane Lions
Position: Midfielder
AFL Fantasy: $558,800
AFL Dream Team: $563,200
Bye Round: 10
2013 Average: 103
2013 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 112


Why should I pick him?

Tom Rockliff ticks almost all boxes as to why he deserves a spot in your starting line-up for the 2014 season. Now before we go any further, I feel I need to clarity a couple of things re: my unhealthy obsession/man love for Rocky. Is it over the top? Yes, Would I say to pick him up even if he had a season the equivalent of Zac Dawson? Yeah probably. Am I jealous of his GF? Wow, that just got weird….. but the response would be the same answer an AFL player would give in a standard post match interview: Yeah Na, leaving it open for interpretation.

Okay, let’s get back on track as I convince you to place him on your short list. Last year Micheal Voss went from one of my all time favourites to a member of my Black List alongside the likes of Ryan Crowley and Steven Baker. With the Lions struggling for an avenue to goal, Voss decided their best chance to kick a winning score was to take their best on baller and sit him in the goal square, obviously not taking into account that the ball won’t get down there If Rocky is not up the ground winning it. Week after week Fantasy coaches frustration grew as Voss ignored our pleas and we could do nothing but watch our premium scorer go 6 weeks without cracking a ton, with 3 of those scores under 80 and the lowest two a ball breaking 63 and 67.

With frustration levels high, and a plummeting price tag in the vicinity of Kepler Bradley, some coaches understandably pulled the pin on Rocky, only to have Voss wake up and re injected him into the midfield for the last 8 rounds of the season and wow! Didn’t he embrace the opportunity! Over this time he averaged a whopping 123 which included thumping “captain like” scores (Sorry Calvin, your territory, I know) of 134, 139, 140 and 144, whilst his lowest outputs were still respectable with 95 and 97. This run of hot form also saw him collect 19 Brownlow votes in this time, which will surely guarantee Lions new coach Leppa sees Rocky and their number 1 in the guts.

I like the fact Rocky has a round 10 bye which avoids many of the teams which will provide a number of our premium mids such as Collingwood, Geelong, Gold Coast, Richmond, Port, Carlton, West Coast and Western Bulldogs.


Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Some coaches have ruled a line through Rockliff based purely on the fact he has lost his DPP. It’s fair to say we were spoiled last year being able to grab him as a fwd and some believe his price will be too hefty when selecting him against the elite premiums of the competition.

With a new coach, and history to suggest he can be a successful forward, there is no guarantee that Rocky will play the role that we all think he should.

With champion mid Simon Black retiring, it leaves a free tagger and Rocky looks the obvious choice to attract the extra attention.


Deck of DT Rating.

Ace – Due to Rocky’s extended stint deep in the forward line he is heavily under-priced at an average of 103. The level of domination he showed over the last 8 weeks with Brownlow votes as well as massive fantasy scores indicates that his game has reached a new level. During that period of dominance, he came up against the respectable tag of Daniel Jackson which he laughed off for 34 disposals and 115, leaving me feel comfortable he is ready to deal with the added attention. Without DPP, and at his price tag it will take balls to pick Rocky this year, but that will also mean he is quite unique as opposed to last year, giving huge potential upside on the competition.

Dare I say it, but he is blessed with many pig like abilities and as a full time mid I can see him potentially receiving a nomination for pig status alongside the great Dane Swan during the year.

When I asked him if there was anything he would like to say in order to sell himself, he replied “I am sure you will sell me well enough haha”. That attitude reminds me of Mary off Something About Mary, how he is understanding and kind to his stalkers. #FirstPicked #TomLockLiff


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  • Nice one Roy. Rocky is definitely top class, but I won’t be starting with him until I see his performance and position on the field. Much more chance than Burnie Vince.

  • I thought you’d have a bit more love for him than that… If Jobe’s and ace surely Rocky is one as well. Expecting a strong 110+ avg from Lockliff in a possible brownlow season. Swan may even have to be demoted to piglet to fit the new king pig in town. As you can see I’m very keen on him next season. #newpigintown

  • Thanks Lazer! Late night oversight! Ace all the way!

  • Very keen on Rocky for next year. Good read, except that he’s unlikely to get tagged. Rich, Hanley and Zorko are prime candidates, which is one of the great things about Rocky’s DT game. He probably won’t cop extra attention.

  • Unfortunately Rocky broke down with a back complaint during there HA training. Not sure when he’s back to full training.

  • Great write up mate. One to watch closely.

    GK has spoken…

  • Despite your ‘mancrush’ on Rocky, I think that was a well-written article with minimal bias! If anything, this article has actually put me off Rocky, as you said, with a new coach, anything can happen! Might pick him up before he’s on the bubble if he smashes it early. Cheers, Roy!

  • Thanks Atto, I tried to look at it from both angles. I’m hearing you Tommy but Lions starting winning when Rocky went to the middle, and Brownlow votes reflected that.

  • He has been in both my teams that I have created since pre-season started, despite him losing his DPP status, he should be an absolute lock! This article has just reassured me even more!!

  • He’s a lock. Many players to tag at Brisbane including Rich, Redden Hanley and Moloney so he may get off the leash and wreak havoc like Warney on a Saturday night at the Mersh!

  • Lock!!! Close to my first pick!!!

  • Great article Roy. I too love the Rockwiz. He’s a Lion, and he’s a gun. I had Rocky all season last year, and as such, was very happy to be the beneficiary of his late-season scores. I knew he smashed it coming home, I didn’t realise he got 19 Brownlow votes in 8 weekks, that’s nuts. Might have to put some money on him for the Brownlow in 2014. What more can I say? He’s in.

  • He was in my 2014 team since pretty much Round 19 of this year. What can i say, except #TomLockliff?

  • Absolute Lock! One of my first picked.

  • Simon Black was out for most of last year anyway, so Rocky shouldn’t get any more attention than he already did…..unless the oppostion coaches get on your man-love Roy ;)

  • As some others have mentioned, there are a number of guys at Brisbane who take tags instead of Rocky. He could see the occasional tag (like when he got Jackson) but will often run free. I just love how he does all you want from a premium mid- tackles, uncontested marks, wins the ball on the inside and the outside.

  • Locked with Mr DePendlebury as my first picked mids


  • Rich gets a lot of the tags in Brisbane’s games he’s alock for me.

  • I think this article was a little too good Roy…. 35% owned on drawing board is too much….