Brownlow Medal 2013


Who thinks they know what’s going to happen in the 2013 Brownlow Medal? We all think we’re experts and like to have a dabble in a few bets for the night. Share with us your thoughts on the count and what you’re putting your dollars on.

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Below are some sites worth looking at in the lead up to the count. If you know of any other worthy sites or resources (I haven’t seen the PDF this year anywhere), let us know in the comments and I’ll whack the link here too.

Enjoy the count and remember to gamble responsibly.


Top one (pdf) is the traditional wrap sent in by Fenn (download). Below is a presentation (powerpoint) thanks to Nic (download). Cheers guys.




  • On Luxbet I like Selwood ($1.63) over Pendles. Jelwood will go pretty close to winning it thanks to his second half of the season. Think back to what he did DT-wise after the byes! Wow! I also like Nat Fyfe with a 7 vote handicap at $9.00. The worry is Sam Mitchell ($4.00 with 6 vote handicap) if the predictions from the Brownlow king are right.

  • Jelwood, Ablett and Mitchell three way draw – you heard it hear first

  • I think Ablett will win. But as a roughie Michael Barlow, could worth putting on a few dollars to place. Freo had good season and he got plenty of the ball.

  • Not sure why all the hype about Sammy… I know he’s a vote getter, but surely at least one of the Maggies pair, Ablett and Selwood are ahead of him? I reckon the punter who’s lumped on him has done his dosh.

    I like Wingard to top Port’s vote list… paying about $10 at Betfair, with the only real danger Boak. Still, Wingard’s been noticed and rewarded with an All Aussie spot and the club’s B&F. Gun!

  • 1. Ablett – 26
    2. Fyfe* – 25
    3. Selwood – 24
    =4. Swan 23
    =4. Griffen 23

  • personally i am thinking fyfe and mitchell are the two most over hyped players, i have them at 16 and 17 votes repectively. thinking barlow is a good chance to be freo’s best $3.25

  • Yeah, can’t understand the love for Fyfe. He’s a great player, but got tagged out of so many games this year.

    Herald Sun website has a pretty detailed analysis of every game. Not sure why they have two lists of votes tho?