AFL Fantasy Match Day Finals – Week 1


AFL Fantasy Match Day is back for the finals with games across each weekend of the 2013 AFL Finals Series. The best news is that $1000 will be awarded to the winner of EACH game that it runs for… which is pretty much all games of the finals. This weekend the games are the Hawks v Swans on Friday night, Magpies v Power on Saturday night and Tigers v Blues on Sunday arvo. All semi-finals, preliminary finals and the grand final (which has a prize of $3000) will have Match Day games.

The premise of the game is to pick 8 players (2 defenders, 3 midfielders, 1 ruck, 2 forwards) from the two competing teams, naming a captain and the entry with the most DT points wins the $1000. It’s a pretty simple game to play. The game opens back up sometime after each game (probably give it until the morning) to create your team for the next match up. You can select your team right up until each lockout – this weeks lockout times are outlined below.

We had a massive league running with Match Day during the year (over 2200 coaches got involved). The same league will run for the Finals game, but all of the scores are reset. If you would like to be part of our league, sign up at with the league code of 612437.

Some things to remember…

  • Teams can be edited right up until lockout. So make sure you stay tuned for subs and any late withdrawals. There is no bench, so you need to make sure your whole team is playing.
  • Captains are worth double as per usual (no extra points for your VC).
  • There is live scoring, so you’ll be able to see how your team is going while the game is in progress.
  • After each game, the scores are calculated and once lockout ends, you will be able to not only see your ranking, but start putting your team together for the next game… ie. Late Friday night or early Saturday morning, you will then need to pick your eight players for the Pies v Power game.

Our Irish Pirate Calvin has done the form on the teams and offered some tips for the three matches for this weekend. He has kept a bit to himself, so feel free to do some of your own research and discuss potential teams in the comments.


MUMFORD ShaneHawthorn v Sydney

LOCKOUT: Friday 7:50pm AEST

Swans ruckman Shane Mumford DNP the Hawks in Rd. 7, but did in Rd. 23. He had 134pts with 41 hitouts. He’s a must and a possible captain as the Hawks can’t match-up against opposition ruckman. Todd Goldstein even topped scored on them in Rd. 22 with 118pts. Josh P Kennedy has a great record on his former team and even had 93 and 121 on them this year. He’ll be over looked by many so he too is a great option in the midfield.

In: B.Guerra, M.Bailey, C.Rioli
Out: L.Franklin (suspension), S.Savage, T.Duryea

In: N.Smith, K.Tippett, L.Jetta, D.Hannebery
Out: M.Morton, H.Cunningham, S.Biggs, B.Jack


SEEDSMAN PaulCollingwood v Port Adelaide

LOCKOUT: Saturday 7:45pm AEST

In this game you have to watch the taggers. Kane Cornes went to Harry O’Brien (72) when these teams met in Rd. 14 in a game that Port won. Brent McCaffer stuck to Chad Wingard (88) and will probably run with him again. Port won the game, so why will they change too much up this week. Paul Seedsman had 148 in Rd. 14 on them and if you can snag a guy like him, the $1,000 is pretty much yours.

In: L.Ball, H.O’Brien
Out: J.Russell, B.Kennedy

In: A.Carlile, R.Gray, H.Hartlett
Out: B.Renouf, L.Stevenson, J.Hombsch


GRIGG ShaunRichmond v Carlton

LOCKOUT: Sunday 3:15pm AEST

Richmond’s Shaun Grigg is a sneaky guy to throw into your midfield here after he has scored 100 and 92 on the Blues this year. As is Brock McLean who had 127 with a tag from Daniel Jackson last time these guys met which was in Rd. 21. Mitch Robinson had 120 and Kade Simpson had 109 to round out the good scores. Richmond on managed 2×100+ scores and Brett Deledio led the way. A player to avoid would be the popular picks of Trent Cotchin who received a hard tag last time they met.

In: C.Newman, J.Riewoldt, S.Edwards, M.Dea
Out: M.White (hamstring)

In: C.Judd, B.McLean, H.Scotland
Out: –


We are playing SuperCoach Finals (Code: 664481)… but probably not taking it very seriously as firstly, there is no prize and the salary cap makes it a bit of a thinker… good for strategy, but we’re burnt out after a big year! Here’s to a much more fun game in AFL Fantasy Match Day!

logo-luxbet-newCalvin was also good enough to give some tips on the Geelong v Freo game. Maybe some handy stuff if you’re playing SC Finals or AFL Fantasy Punt. You need to be Over 18 to play this and you’ll need a Luxbet account. Sign up here. Calvin says: Avoid Joel Selwood who will get the tag from Ryan Crowley like he did in Rd. 14 when he was held to 38pts. Stevie J didn’t play that game but the tag has to go with Selwood again. Allen Christensen had 135pts that day and along with Mathew Stokes (95) could be a good sneaky inclusion.

Good luck this weekend and feel free to discuss your team in the comments. Hopefully a DT Talk regular can take home one (or all) of the $1000 prizes up for grabs.


  • Some good choices there, I originally had Selwood but realised who would play on him & dumped him this week. Its very hard getting who you want in your team & under cap.

  • This is not really on the topic of this forum, but I noticed in other forums on this site references to the magic number. What the hell is the magic number?

    • Part of the formula used in player prices and the changing of them. From memory, it’s about 4800, but don’t quote me on it

      • it changes throughout the season to adapt to changing prices. It starts at about 5100 and drops during the year as rookie prices greatly inflate

  • Surely with the limited squad sizes there will be multiple winners so how do they decide who wins?

  • You guys still think Mumford will pull out a mammoth score considering Bailey is back in for the Hawks?

  • Any suggestions for forwards? Hawks v. Sydney

  • Damo

    lewis, tippett, roughead?

  • Supercoach Finals Team
    Def: Shaw, Ellis, Colquhoun
    Mid: Swan, Jelwood, Sheridan, Anderson
    Ruc: Grundy
    Fwd: StevieJ, Lewis, Rohan
    Cash Left: $34,500
    Any thoughts?

    • not bad. the only issue would be vest candidates for Sheridan and Anderson

      • Cheers, I did think that Anderson and Sheridan would be sub but know I might bring in Menzel for Sheridan and Whitecross/Jetta for Anderson but I’ll wait till final teams tonight.

  • Here’s my Supercoach Team

    DEF: Guerra, Ellis, Pittard
    MID: Swan, Beams, Gray, Chapman
    RUC: Grundy
    FWD: Johnson, Didak, Rohan

    Captain is on The Pig

    $6.8k left

    Bloody hard to get any premos into the team wihout fielding some absolute spuds! Taking a punt on Pittard, Didak and Rohan as my cheapos.

  • Who for Captain in tonights game?

  • gambler

    Match Day Finals team for first game

    B: Birchall, Burgoyne
    M: JPK, Mitchell, K Jack
    R: Mumford
    F: Lewis, Roughead

    Who to captain??

  • i think teams will be similar so i’m going unique..

  • Birch – Ceski
    Sitchell – Sewell (c) – ROK
    Lewis Tippett

  • Birchall – Malceski
    JPK – Hodge – Jack
    Lewis – Roughy(C)

  • whats a good points score tonight? 9 players(with the captain x2)about 950?

  • My Match Day team for tonight’s game;

    Def: Birchall, Burgoyne.

    Mid: Jack (VC), O’Keefe, McVeigh.

    Ruck: Mumford.

    Forw: Roughead, Lewis (Capt.)

    What do you think about my team?

  • Very similar to my team

    Def: Birchall, Burgoyne
    Mids: Kennedy (c), Mitchell, O’Keefe (VC)
    Ruck: Mumford
    Fwd: Roughead, Lewis

  • Went with:
    D: Birch, Malceski
    M: JPK, Mitch, Jack
    R: Ruffy
    F: Lewis, Tippett.

    402 at the half with JPK as Captain of the ship. Not going to be huge scoring, so I’m on pace. Everyone is going to have pretty muc hthe same scores, but I reckon JPK as Skip and Tippett are solid unique scores for me.

  • I originally had Roughead as ruck and Gunston forward, then I decided Gunston was too risky so thought I would put Roughead forward, and hope Mumford could get close to his score of last week (that’ll learn me for score chasing)

  • I scored 801. Team was:

    Burgoyne, birchall, hodge (c), k.jack, s.mitchell, hale, Lewis, Tippett

  • 773 this week. 2817 overall. Random random season, no skill involved over 9 matches, but suppose I’m decent enough after r1.

    Still eyez on the prize.

  • Supercoach team

    DEF: Guerra, Ellis, Scotland
    MID: Swan, Fyfe, Duncan, Sutcliffe
    RUC: Lobbe
    FWD: Gray, Chappy, Rohan

    Got away with only Rohan and Sutcliffe as the cheapies. Hoping Sheridan cops the kermit.

  • Best forward behind Cloke for tonight’s match day game?

  • Yeah monfries would be the next best.
    What about mids, obviously pendles and the pig but what about the 3rd. Between beams and boaky, leaning towards boak to be honest. Going off of form and last rounds score.

  • thinking of going with cornes behind swan and pendlebury, thoughts?

  • Brian Taylor is especially annoying tonight. Calling Jaaaaayyyyy (as he drops the mark) Shhulllllltttzzz…yep he continued yelling his name even though he dropped it in the middle of yelling his name

    He calls Swan making a tackle, Matthew Richardson corrects him, then he repeats that Swan made the tackle

    He comments on Dangerfield tweeting on the game, then announces him as the Adelaide best and fairest winner, then he gets corrected as Sloane won it….

  • anybody know if u win any cash for coming 1st overall?

  • also, who out of Maric or kreuzer?

  • I think it’s a grand or something for 1st. Don’t quote me on it though.
    And I’m going kreuzer just purely from this years form

  • isnt it a grand for the highest score per game and three grand for the highest score on GF day?

  • hay guys got a problem cant make my mind up Bryce gibbs as cap or b mclaean or brett d don’t know who to choose can anyone help me out thinking of whacking the c on gibbs as he punched out 133 against Richmond on round 1 but brock m scored 127 round 21 so tough choice also got Andrew walker

  • mclean late withdrawal!!!

  • Swapped McLean with a minute and a half to go before lockout for Murphy.. Luckyyyyy

  • 831 from Tigers vs Carlton :D