AFL Dream Team Grand Final Lockout Discussion

lockoutfainslWoah! It is Round 23 and the AFL Fantasy Dream Team Grand Final Weekend. The last week of stressing over trades, our players and matches against our mates.

Congratulations and good luck to those of you battling it out for their respective league premierships, but also to Hook and Shane who are looking at the $50K and ultimate DT glory for 2013!

The most popular trades of the week are basically upgrades… Josh J Kennedy up to Mathew Stokes and then Nick Riewoldt. JJK has been in most our our teams all season and we are finally jumping off. Discuss your trades in the comments.

Stay tuned for updates over the weekend and be sure to listen to our Mad Monday podcast as we wrap up the season and look towards 2014.

UPDATE: Friday 6:22pm AEST

UPDATE: Friday 6:20pm AEST


Gold Coast v Greater Western Sydney
Metricon Stadium, Sunday August 31, 1.10pm AEST

In: J.Harbrow, M.Weller, J.Wilkinson, S.Day, S.Tape
Out: G.Broughton, L.Osborne, S.May, D.Gorringe, J.Allen

In: S.Gilham, M.Buntine, S.Edwards, M.Whiley, L.Whitfield, J.Stewart
Out: D.Brogan, C.Ward, A.Treloar, N.Wilson, T Bugg, N.Haynes

Collingwood v North Melbourne
MCG, Sunday September 1, 3.20pm AEST

In: D.Beams
Out: L.Ball

In: Unchanged
Out: – Unchanged

Western Bulldogs v Melbourne
Etihad Stadium. Sunday September 1, 4.40pm AEST

In: A.Cooney, L.Jones
Out: D.Addison, J.Tutt

In: N.Jetta, M.Gawn
Out: D.Rodan, C.Pedersen



  • Goldstein denied a goal by the siren, that could be very important.

    My main league sees a struggling Captain Swan and Goldstein as PODs and the opponent with no PODs but 140 points ahead. My opponent had Ablett as captain, and doesn’t even have Swan in the team…

  • Before these two games projected 2602, swine flu killed that

  • Need 47 points in a quarter from Goldstein and Captain Swan. I cannot believe it’s even this close between me and someone 36,000 places overall behind me who has players like Sam Mitchell and Boak in the team over Swan…

  • 2407 with 21 ain’t bad

  • Should have played lachie hunter over beams lol

  • Anyone know how Hook’s going?

    @Hook, hope you’ve got it covered…

  • Ughhhh, Harry O out should’ve got me back in the game but 48 from Beams has killed me.. Absolutely pathetic. Fuck dream team, it’s a game of 80% LUCK and I have NONE.

  • When Montagna nearly outscores your captain..

  • Only needed Beams and Cloke to combine for 36 in the second half to win the GF.. FMDT

  • Me: Griffen +66 vs Boyd

    What the hell is going on here…this shouldn’t be close.

  • Boyd and Libba in for Lynch and Beams have turned out to be awesome trades

    Yeah I know why Beams? Well I had to trade someone and him coming back from injury made me nervous about a possible late withdrawal

  • A guy in one of my leagues Minor Final is on 2588, with Swan as Captain. Insane!

  • 2 grand finals…. one i am 1 point behind i have minson he has grimes… other grand final i am losing by 7 and have minson to play :/ don’t know how this will go…

  • I need Griffen + Grimes to score 41 in a quarter to win.
    Lucky the Harry O late out meant we have uniques as emergencies, Gibbs v Grimes

  • Scotland, Obrien late outs. Barlow, Kruzer, enright jobe and griffin spudding it. Stanton on bench… Montagna in opponents teams = 3 GF losses. Saved the worst game till last FMDT.

    Opponent 1 projected 2336 – actual 2345 with Munson and griffin in play.
    Opponent 2 – projected 2251 – actual 2255 with griffin in play
    Opponent 3 – projected 2386 – actual 2357 with griffin in play.

    Me – Projected 2349… Actual 2056 with griffspud and bobby murphy a quarter to play.

    Yay (:

  • Needed Swanny to get 120+ for the win and he gets 99….

    D’oh lost Grand Final by 21 pts oh well was good fun anyway

    Best of luck to you all that are gunna have another crack next year and a big thanx to ..

    Warnie , Roy and Calvin for all the great work they put into this site cheers lads

  • What happens in a grand final tie? Highest league position?

    • Doesnt matter, lost by 6 because griffspud scored 70 less than Boyd. FMDT! Sorry for the spam, i’m done for now.

  • I love you MINSON!!!!! won both my grand finals! 1 by 14 points and 1 by 15!!!