Semi Finals Lockout Discussion

lockoutfainslDiscuss everything DT and whatever else as we head into this second week of DT finals – the Semi Finals.

Discuss the round in the comments.


Kicking off from 1pm on Saturday 24th August 2013 at the Richmond Club Hotel, 100 Swan Street, Richmond. Come and talk some AFL Fantasy and have a few pints with us! Roy, Calvin, Warnie, Tbetta, Anthony and Dunny are all making the trip this year! Live music provided by Hairybeard!


UPDATE: Friday 6:31pm

UPDATE: Friday 6:19pm

Sunday Teams:

In: Sam Blease, Jeremy Howe
Out: Mitch Clisby, Dan Nicholson

In: Stephen Hill
Out: Cameron Sutcliffe

Sydney Swans:
In: Gary Rohan, Jed Lamb
Out: Tom Mitchell, Brandon Jack

St Kilda:
In: Sam Gilbert, Stephen Milne, Tom Hickey, Seb Ross
Out: James Gwilt, Jimmy Webster, Brodie Murdoch, Lenny Hayes

Western Bulldogs:
In: Matthew Boyd, Lachie Hunter
Out: Jason Tutt, Liam Jones

In: Ian Callinan, Sam Kerridge
Out: Matthew Wright, Ricky Henderson


  • WTF is going on people!! I mean, JJK gets outscored by Lachie Henderson and we all know how well he went! Bloody hell! Time to purge some weavels methinks. At least Grundy gave me good coverage over Kreuzer.
    It’s a weekend off for me (thank gawd)- 1837 with 2 to go tonight…

    • Grundy was very good I was a bit worried cause I went blicvas over Grundy but he scored well also I’m with u thankfully week off

  • What does IMO mean?

  • Roughead 43, Dusty 28, Heppell 35, now Sandilands 15 (off concussed)


    • what possessed you to get Sandi? Everyone has Dusty and Heppell anyway

      • -He has averaged in the 90s 4 years in a row (before this year)

        -When I got him in he just scored an 80, so figured he was regaining his fitness

        -he was very cheap

        -point of difference

        In hindsight, I would of been better just keeping Jacobs as my r2 (currently r3) but, those were my reasons

    • how the hell did that man get concussed.

  • So far this week: Heppell and Martin (everyone has then anyway), Hanley, Ablett dissapointing, Cithcin, Ellis, Cox captain… This is why I will lose my final this week

  • 1910 with Barlow (quarter to come), NRoo and Minson to come.

  • Anyone know how bad Heppell’s injury is? He will only be $408k after price drop…

  • Fyfe can not be trusted. To easily tagged.

    • At least he’s better than cotchin and jack who give a pile of crap Dt points. fyfe is safe for 70-80 with a hard tag, jack will get you 40-50 likewise cotchin. Jack on 4 at qtr time embrassing, swanny with 1 arm and leg could past that pitiful score.

      • Yeah true, lowest score all season is 76. Just expecting him to go big against Melbourne :(

  • TERLICH !!!!

    • 123, traded him in for hanley epic fail of unbelievable proportions.

      • Yep it sucks, I have Terlich and Mayes on the bench as emergencies with Ellis, Martin, Heppel and Hanley on the field

  • 1917 with Griffen and Minson to go. Jelwood and Terlich of all people have saved my bacon so far !!

  • Mayhem Mayhem everywhere!

  • Pretty much looking like its boyd going head to head with Griffen in my league to see who wins.. Old school dt vs new school

  • luxury trades – piss off ryan okeefe

  • 102 point lead with opponent attack dog to come mmmmm think I may be done here

  • Martin 28
    Cotchin 51
    Ellis 55
    Heppell 35
    Josh Kennedy 58

    Get stuffed you clowns.

  • I am 66 points up vs Griffen’s second half, this one is gonna be close

  • 1980. Bloody hate this week.

    Martin 28
    Ellis 55
    Heppell 35
    Jack 78 (I heard he got tagged though. Can someone confirm this please)
    O’keefe 51
    Roughy 43
    McKenzie 59
    Hanley 46
    JJK 58.

    If Heppell and Hanley come out injured, I’ll be damned.
    O’Keefe and Jack’s scores are just abysmal. You’d expect one of them at least to score a hundred over the saints… FMDT

  • need minson to get 49 pts in second half to win, should be close

  • one of those weeks where ur 4 emergencies are Terlich (123), Lids (114), Blicavs (96), Staker (73)

  • Won’t even crack 1900 after 2294 a fortnight ago.

    Wanna know how? Shaw (37), Cotchin (51), Enright (70), JJK (58), Grimes (76), Malceski (50), O’Keefe (51), Scotland (76), Martin (28), Heppell (35).

    That’s people under 80. Only 3 people to crack 100.

    FMDT. I’m out for the year….

  • Anyone wanting to thank me for JP Kennedy’s 126, feel free.
    After having him all season, this was the week he found himself on the bench. Hahahaha, yes this sums up the year.

    On the plus side, my staunch support of Terlich continues to reap its rewards. 3 Prelims for me next week.

  • May not crack 1900 going so badly with so many spuds
    Shaw 37 Mckenzie 59 Hanley 46 ROK 55 Hannebery 41 Martin 28 Roughy 43 JJK 58 Heppell 35
    Plus with premos not even cracking 100: Gaz, pendles, Beams (DT PIGLET )

  • 2092 and in 5 prelims…….cant complain !!!!! Could be some big outs next week though