My Team: DT Semi Finals

myteamfinalsDue to popular demand, here is a ‘My Team’ post where you can post your teams, discuss your trades and your decisions that you want help with from the DT Talk community.

This is in an attempt to help other readers and active users of DT Talk be able to enjoy articles written for this site – and for your entertainment – without comments just being all ‘Generation My” and just wanting help with their teams.

If you are wanting help with your team, then make sure you are joining in on the discussion with other coaches with theirs.

Below is how the final eight works.


  • Who to start at m8 this week, Priddis or Lids? Lack of carrot makes me feel better about Lids not being rendered ineffective, but Priddis is a fairly safe bet.

  • Should I play Stanton or priddis this week?

  • Should I have blee as D8 or should I just get a 89k for D8

  • Hey Lads
    1. Injurys??

    How far are Kruezer and Nicholls from coming back in or should i dump one (cox,grundy on field)
    Same with Ibbotson and R.Henderson

    2. Trades

    Ibbotson -> Scotland Or Ellis (Already have hanley, enright, goddard etc)

    Bartel -> L.Johnston (cash for next week)

    #2 Injured ruckman (Kruez or Nicholls) -> L.Johnston (via mcbean)

    Ibbo/Bartel -> Scotland or Ellis/NROO

  • thoughts on Birchall? could be a great POD
    don’t think i can bring myself to trust him though

  • Def: Goddard, heppell, Hanley, Gibbs, enright, Ellis, (Makenzie, Wilson)

    Mids: ablett, swan, pendlebury, Barlow, jack, Cornes, j selwood, beams (fyfe, hrovat)

    Rucks: cox, minson (Nicholls, currie)

    Fwds: Stevie j, bartel, Reidwoldt, rockliff, Cloke, Kennedy (maccaffer, Lycett)

    So far my trades are ibbotson to Ellis and kruezer to minson. What do people think? And who do you think I should be fielding this week between Gibbs and Makenzie. And in the mids between Cornes, fyfe and jack.
    Cheers guys.

  • who to feild this week out of staker and wellingham ??

  • week off this week.

    def: hibberd, hanley, hep, god, gibbs, enright (ibbot, clisby)
    mids: swan, ablett, pendals, beams, jwood, barlow, jack, rok (titchel, hunter)
    rucks: cox, minson (grundy, currie)
    fwds: jjk, cloke, bartel, stevie j, martin, rocky (hansen, lee)

    who to downgrade: clisby, titchel, lee, ibbot?
    who to get for them?

    do i:
    clisby – colquhoun, blee
    tichel – libba (as M9 emergency)

    clisby – colquhoun, blee
    bartel – n.volt

    next week one of my trades will be:
    ROK – griffen (this is set in stone)

  • So many things to consider. I am pretty keen to get Ellis and Mayne in this week. I have $115,400 in the bank.

    I have Mckenzie and Staker at D6 and D7. I have Henderson, Kennedy and Zorko at F5-7.

    Unfortunately I can not afford to trade Staker – Ellis and Henderson – Mayne.

    I can afford Henderson to Ellis via Staker and Zorko to Mayne.

    Although given Brisbane play GWS and WCE play Geelong is it mad to think of playing Zorko?

    Perhaps Mckenzie to Ellis and Henderson to Mayne with Staker and Kennedy/Zorko at D/F 7?


  • Have 798k to spend on a D6 and F6. Thinking Ellis and Wellingham. Any other suggestions?

  • DEF: goddard, heppell, enright, hartlett, gibbs, henderson (ibbotson, wilson)

    MID: swan, pendlebury, ablett, barlow, griffen, stanton, priddis, beams (mitchell, hunter)

    RUCK: cox, minson (grundy, osborn)

    FWD: martin, rockliff, riewoldt, kennedy, stokes, johnson (bartel, staker)

    220k in the kitty.

    in the prelims in all 5 leagues as i won all qualifiying finals last week.

    Thinking of going: staker > oxley (to gain cash for next wk)
    ibbotson > ellis/hanley


  • Sounds good 2 me Id take Ellis over Hanley though

  • Need some help please which 2 should i start out of JJK Bartel and Roughy?

    • tough one…JJK has been great this year (besides last wk) and pretty consistent especially for a full foward so id play kennedy for sure…the other 2 is hard…bartel has been down on scoring and seems to be playing a different more of a lockdown role at the back but does have great recent scores on the eagles. Roughy only scored 67 on collingwood earlier in the year but hasnt scored below 70 in the past 14 games so should be good for at least 70+ hopefully. So id go kennedy/roughie and bench bartel only because he could give you a 50

  • Franklin or Bartel on the field?

  • DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Enright, Hanley, Hibberd (Clisby, Grimes)
    MID: Swan, Pendlebury, Ablett, Barlow, Jelwood, Jack , Cotchin, Stanton (Titchell, Priddis)
    RUC: Cox, Minson (Nicholls, Grundy)
    FWD: Martin, Rockliff, Bartel, Riewoldt, JJK, Stevie J (Staker, Daniher)

    40k remaining.….Thoughts on trades and improvements??
    I was thinking of getting Johnstone by trading Clisby with DPP through Staker and then either getting rid of Gibbs or Bartel for Ellis or Lewis/Mayne. Or I could get someone like Griffen or Beams?

  • My team:

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Ibbottson, Gibbs, McKenzie, Duffeild (J.Webster, M.Clisby)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, D.Swan, Pendles, M.Barlow, T.Cotchin, N.Fyfe, K.Jack, D.Beams (T.Mitchell, M.Arnot)

    RUCKS: D.Cox, W.Minson (B.Grundy, D.Currie)

    FWDS: S.Johnson, J.Kennedy, J.Bartel, Martin, C.Mayne, Rockliff, (B.Staker, A.Oxley)

    $31,200 in the bank

    Thoughts on who i could bring in for Ibbottson?? maybe i should downgrade someone to get some more cash to spend on Ibbo..

    Thoughts on my team overall? trade thoughts??

    • Is Webster playing? If not you may as well trade Clisby to Blee and Ibbottson out, i would bring Ellis in.

      This gives you an emergency in defence as well.

      I would probably consider this anyway, rest of the team looks pretty good to me

  • with titch out Should i go Titch to Watson and bench stanton or ROK to Jelwood

    • ROK should be decent against the saints and jelwood doesn’t go too well against WCE. So I would say titch to Watson. ROK to Jelwood would be a good trade next though if you can.