DTTalk State of Origin Leagues



Time for an update to our State of Origin Leagues!  Finals have started but our leagues are all about getting high league rankings!

Here is how the leagues stand after the first week of finals.

1st Western Australia.  These guys are 3rd overall and are close to the top, hopefully they can get there!

2nd South Australia.  My crew are holding steady in 16th overall

3rd Tasmania.  Aki and his crew are in 56th overall

4th Victoria.  Crutt and Douth have lifted their squad to 83rd overall.

5th Queensland.  McRath has his team in 193rd overall.

6th Territories.  Griff and the Territories are in 254th.

7th New South Wales.  Ben and Janine’s team find themselves in 472nd.

I don’t think we will see too many changes from here for the leagues as positions are pretty much set I think now.  We have all had a pretty good year and for us to have 4 of these leagues in the top 100 is a great effort!  I received a few comments from a couple of the Coaches about their leagues and have them here followed by the ladders.  We will give one more update at the end of the season so you can see how you would have gone.

As a side note, the DTTalk Writers League is currently sitting in 6th spot overall and I have added their ladder at the bottom of the State of Origin ladders below.

Queensland… From McRath

Here’s QLD – we slipped big time recently and now sit at 193rd. If we can get back to 150ish it’d be good but a few guys at the bottom continue to let us down. Congrats to Mark, Scott, Steve and Mark for their work at the top to keep QLD in the hunt.

NSW… from Ben

NSW What to say… someone has to be last. First off Congratulations to Adam of the Blue-inators finishing top of the Home and away ladder with 12 wins & 5 losses. Time for finals and with 2 wins between 1st and 8th position anyone can take out the premiership (except me i finished 11th and going for the Losers Premiership) Also  Liam of Scamsoup a stars (seriously what is with these team names)  is currently leading the Total points but with two coaches within 200 point anything could change in next couple of weeks.

 Time to start looking a 2014 and at the bright new young talented DT coaches. All aspiring 2014 NSW DT Coaches Tweet me a there expressions of intreset to @bme55y. Hopefully the NSW DT TALK League can rise in top 400. #nochance #tankingfordraftpicks

SA …. from Me

It has been a great effort from my squad and they have lingered around the 15th to 20th position for pretty much the entire season.  We plan on holding that spot through the finals or even moving up a bit.  Great work from  Cows with guns and Uncork a new Wines who sit in the top 2 (I agree Ben, what is with these team names?).  Thanks for geing a part of it everyone.

I will post another update at the end of the season so you can see how you would have gone and petition your team leader for a spot next year!

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