Round 19 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatThe Round 19 lockout is here as every coach is looking to sure up their spot in their AFL Fantasy league finals. This is the last weekend of head-to-head DT before the finals next week. Discuss your trades, captains and everything else as the round progresses in the comments.

The most popular trade this week, completed by over 14,000 coaches, is Tom Nicholls to Brodie Grundy. This was followed by going to Todd Goldstein and then Nathan Vardy. Grundy was the most traded in player this week with Dayne Beams the second most traded in player as he now appears in over 6.5% of teams. Still a POD, but maybe not for the top 5000 coaches.

Unfortunately this post won’t be updated over the round this week, but make sure you stay tuned to us on Twitter, Facebook and these comments as we’ll try to keep you up to date.

Good luck this weekend.


  • Come on Gazza.

    • Eagles doing something smart today actually, multiple players are watching Gaz. Hutchings, Scooter, Glass, Hams, Carter, have all been on him throughout today, will probably go low… Like 105 maybe.

  • Traded JJK this week, oops ahahahahah

  • Got a bit of a dilemma currently, planned three trades this week, only have two :(
    Priddis/Titchell to Scooter Selwood. Sauce Jacobs to Kreuzer or Grimes to someone who can actually score above 80!

  • With ibbo out, ill take clisbys 90. Probably more than he would of scored anyway

    • Damn! Chose Wilson as E over Clisby. Oh well, at least he got 79. But bloody Ibbo, doing my head in.

  • what happened to Roughead score? He dropped from 70 to 53

  • So a late out has me playing Murphy. Any chance he won’t get the tag?

  • Both Priddis and Ibbo late outs for me. What next? Have Mayes and Wilson as emergency wish I kept Clisby as emergency would have got me an extra 20.

  • I have Staker and Clisby on my bench and the E on Staker for Ibbo is it Stupid to believe he could outscore Clisbys 90???

    • Have the same problem mate, didn’t turn out very well. To think I stupidly traded out Hanley last week for Ibbo, might cost me a finals spot!

  • Wow Gibbs. Absolutely terrible.

  • Where was this form when I had you Scotland? Back to back tonnes here.

    • has he had a role change or what? I cant decide whether to bring him in. with my luck I will and it’ll be back to 60s scores

  • Rocky

  • Ibbo late out so I get clisbys 90 …. WIN!

  • Move of the fight bought to you by Budweiser,

    Benching Buddy over Bartel :)

    • I played Buddy over NRoo – losing!

      • DT was leaning towards trading Roo out with rumours going around of being a late out, lucky I didn’t. ESPN Fantasy thought I’d super sub Roo out as I had Lycett on the bench with a good score so traded Roo out for a no name. Ah well, only 5 point difference and lot of money now for next week:)

  • How good would it be if swan next year was mid/fwd. ( I mean in dt not in real life)

    • He only rests up forward doesn’t he? Not going to get a position change from that.

  • Hanley, how annoying. Gives me a back defender to chase next week I guess.

    • Ellis is worth is again now too. 3 top scores against Freo, Sydney and Hawthorn.

  • my midfield GAJ Swan Pendeles Barlow Beams Jelwood Stanton T.Mitchell
    who to trade for titchell next round. Mundy Fyfe Jack Griffin any others?

    • I have exactly the same Mids, titchell is getting his rage traded ass booted for jack or griff 100% !!!!

      • don’t feel too bad myself personally, had him as emergency and filled in for Priddis. 1 bad score isn’t the end but do feel for the guys who had started him expecting a normal score by his standards and were relying on it:)

    • Stanton has the form a cold fish. I would trade him out for Griffin

  • brought in malceski about 3 weeks ago and he has been a total crab ever since. just what i need heading into finals.

    anyone know what his deal is? role change or something? man i hate defenders.

    • Same problem mate. He has been injured in the first quarters of his last two, his scored have been terrible. I think i’ll trade him this week

      • cheers for that. knew i should have got enright instead. consistency is king!

        might look to trade him myself but will have to see how things shape up.

        • Yes ive had Enright for a while now, safe option. Hanley another good choice.

  • Me: +132 K Cornes.
    Opponent: Beams, Watson

    Unless Beamsy and Jobe go crazy I’m looking okay….

  • Not watching the game but whats happened to Henderson? 9 points in a half. Did he injure himself or is he playing with a tag? somethings not right, was projected to make 118

  • Why can’t hartlett play like this every week

    • He’s being let loose yet again, sanderson hasn’t learned his lesson happened with deledio a couple of weeks ago and now hartlett. Poor coaching VB will go to him to the second half otherwise this could get ugly.

  • 1449 with Swan (Capt.) Pendles, Beams, Cloke, Heppell, Goddard and Stanton to come.

    What do you think are my chances of getting 2300 are?

  • as a crows man I really hate port. but you have to hand it to them. Showdowns have ALWAYS meant more to port than the crows. god it really shits me.

  • putting Mckenzie as my emg this week.

    Who to bring in Hanley, Enright?

  • Swanny ?????????????

  • So before today i was projected for a nice score of 2434, with last nights score equating to an average of about 102 from all players.
    Step-up Sunday!
    First Titchell covering Pridda (first bad game I know, but first game I needed him as well haha!), then I trusted Henderson against Port but no way mate, we will leave Stokes on the bench for ya, wont we! Jacobs doing his usual little bull-shittery, and my Bomber defenders seem to be studding it up for the first time like ever, add to that the Pig is hasnt found his mud and i don’t think anyone can smell bacon atm!
    With scores of 90, 96 & 81 on my bench ahead of Henderson, Grimes and Hibberd… Thanks shithouse Sunday, cheers!

  • Beams on fire,glad I got him this week.:)

  • Swanny hobbling, not looking good.

  • Wingard is a gun….hope he is a forward next year!

    • Wingard is an absolute star. When I first saw him I thought wow he reminds me of Wanganeen. Then I found out that they are related, then it all made sense.

  • Crows you just lack heart………. fuck all of you

  • Mids, rucks and forwards all high scoring…but once again let down by the backmen :/

  • Oink Oink Pig it Up Swannie!!

  • For fucks sake Hibberd… get 70 at least

  • I should of trusted my gut with Stanton.. he’s a must have for the first 11-15 games of the season, then you have to kicki him to the curb being he becomes a bum. I upgrading his ass to one of the half time little leaguers.

  • Are the bomber now cooked?????

  • Woot best score of the season 2323