Jeppa’s Juniors – Round 18

jeppa_rd19So it’s the week before DT finals aka the business end of dreamteam! All premo lines should be filled by the start of this week so most of us are still looking for that last downgrade. Luckily, we have been well looked after by the DT God’s because there’s a couple of handy downgrade targets and one hasn’t even played a game yet.

In keeping with the DT lads Monday podcast and Tbetta’s Ultimate 22 here’s my ideal team including reserves heading into DT finals –

DEF – Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Ibbotson, Enright, R.Henderson (Terlich & Clisby)

MID – Swan, Ablett, Beams, Pendlebury, Barlow, Selwood, Stanton, O’Keefe (T.Mitchell & Carter)

RUC – Cox, Kreuzer (Blicavs & McBean)

FWD – Johnson, Martin, Rockliff, Bartel, Cloke, Roughead (Franklin & Johnston)

The only player I’m not totally convinced on above is Roughead however in Round 20 he plays the Saints who have a depleted backline and thus should score well. His DPP with McBean is handy also.

Three-Or-More Gamers


In my selfishness to jump on Dayne Beams early, I had to trade out Tom Mitchell (MID, 112, $408,000 & BE 80)…what a mistake. Mitchell was at his best against the Tigers. He had 13 kicks, 13 handballs, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals. He faces the Bulldogs this weekend and you’d assume he’d score 100+. Ultimately, I think it is wise to keep Mitchell as a M9 so those thinking about trading him to Beams this week, look at other ways…if possible.

Other dominant midfielders from Round 18 include Brad Crouch (MID, 100, $398,800 & BE 77), Ollie Wines (MID, 93, $329,400 & BE 87), Mark Hutchings (MID, 97, $376,500 & BE 59) and Jaeger O’Meara’s (MID, 87, $440,100 & BE 70). All of these young midfielders have proven themselves throughout the year so if you have either as a M9 then sleep easy.

It’s amazing what Kane Mitchell (MID, 96, $231,000 & BE 9) can do when he doesn’t have the green vest! In his first full game since Round 9, Mitchell had 13 kicks, 6 handballs, 4 marks, 5 tackles and a goal to be named in the bests for the Power. I wouldn’t be tempted by his $231,000 price tag but if you’ve got Mitchell then obviously keep him but only during his price hike over the next couple of weeks.

Ruckmen were also the flavour of the round with Max Gawn (RUC, 101, $344,400 & BE 67), Jarrod Witts (RUC, 95, $253,300 & BE 15) and Nathan Vardy (RUC, 106, $239,600 & BE 18) all having very good DT games. Interestingly, each of these ruckmen are not popular selections. For the record, I think Vardy and Gawn are decent ruck backups.

Other notable performers from Round 18 include Cameron O’Shea (DEF, 87, $336,000 & BE 72), Rory Laird (DEF, 83, $332,500 & BE 62) and Blayne Wilson (DEF, 83, $168,700 & BE -21).

TRADE, TRADE, TRADE            

At this point it is pretty obvious which underachievers need to be traded out. Each coach will have different trade needs dependent on dollars. Just be sensible and sacrifice only one bench spot in each position.

Two Gamers

It’s been a long time between drinks for Scott Lycett (FWD, 69, $162,300 & BE 18), 17 weeks to be exact. Lycett hasn’t played since Round 1 but gained a reprieve last weekend with injuries to Nic Nat and Callum Sinclair. He had the fire in the belly early too against the Bulldogs (30 DT points at 1/4 time) but like a lot of young big men, Lycett ran out of puff. Cox and Lycett are the only two fit ruckmen at the Eagles so I think it’s safe to assume that Lycett will play out the season although Fraser McInnes (key forward who can pinch hit in the ruck) could come in for a token game or two. If you prefer to have a playing F8 and don’t mind spending the extra $60K then pick up Lycett but before you do have a read below because there is an untried forward rook that is slightly cheaper with a better run home.

Good NEAFL form has resulted in Alex Sexton (MID, 44, $197,500 & BE 72) getting a couple of opportunities at AFL level but at this stage of the game who would ‘downgrade’ to a $200K midfielder with questionable job security? Stay away.

The green vest was no excuse for Tom Curren’s (MID, 9, $108,500 & BE 24) poor performance against the Cats. Curren came on in the second quarter for the injured Gwilt but could only manage a kick, a handball and a tackle in two and a half quarters of football. He’ll be dropped back to the VFL this weekend so don’t go near him. Harry Cunningham (MID, 12, $102,700 & BE 45) also received the green vest and he didn’t do that much better than Curren. Cunningham is just filling the void while Rhyce Shaw and Gary Rohan gain match fitness. Cunningham could play again this weekend but after that he’ll likely be dropped.

One Gamers

If you’re a Pies fan, get excited about Brodie Grundy (RUC, 92 & $107,200). This 202cm, 101kg ruckman from Sturt had 6 kicks, 8 handballs, 5 marks and 7 tackles in his first game and more importantly was named in the bests for the Pies. Typically, ruckmen are a bit uncoordinated and aren’t that clean below their knees however, Grundy appears to have no such issues. I expect Grundy to develop into a ruckman similar to Dean Cox in the days when the Eagles had that ‘extra midfielder’. There’ll be no better test for Grundy this weekend in the blockbuster against the Bombers and if he can contribute on the field and play well then he should keep his spot in the senior side. Don’t be shy to jump on Grundy early but there is a risk he could be dropped in the lead up to the AFL finals with the Pies likely to go with the hardened and experienced bodies of Jolly and the Q Stick.

Rookie listed Crow Kyle Hartigan (DEF, 74 & $101,300) was another one gamer to play well on the weekend. He’s a key defender who has played the last three seasons at Werribee in the VFL and good form saw him drafted to the Crows in December last year. Against the Dockers, Hartigan was matched up on young Taberner and at latter stages of the game he was on Zac Clarke. He finished with 19 possessions (84% efficiency), 7 marks and 1 tackle and definitely played his role for the team but with Rutten a likely inclusion this weekend, expect Hartigan to be dropped.

Jacob Gilbee (FWD, 31 & $173,100) is another expensive downgrade option that isn’t hitting big enough scores to warrant the extra spend. Lycett is a better downgrade forward option or my untried junior below.

Keep Your Eye On

One man’s pain is another man’s gain. Unfortunately for the Crows, big man Josh Jenkins broke his ankle on the weekend but the positive is that Lewis Johnston (FWD & $140,100) will get an opportunity at senior level. Tex and Jenkins are out for the rest of the season so Adelaide’s tall forward stocks are limited. Johnston has been in really good form in the SANFL of late (13 goals in the last 3 games) so expect him to play the final 5 rounds of the home and away season.

I’m not sure what more Nick Graham (MID & $102,700) has to do to get an AFL game. He was again named in the VFL bests on the weekend (that’s 5 times in his 6 VFL games this year) after amassing 33 possessions, 8 tackles and kicking a goal. An injury to Kane Lucas may finally see him named for Round 19. Lets hope so because when he does get an opportunity, I reckon he’ll take it with both hands and impress us all.

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  • Great stuff Jeppa.
    I know Tom Nicholls did a knee but has there been any word about how long he will be out for?


      An injury cloud remains over ruckman Tom Nicholls, but Schwerdt believes the in-form Gold Coaster a genuine possibility to take the field against the Eagles this Saturday.

      “Tom unfortunately sustained a knee injury in the game previous to last week, and stirred that up again on the weekend and couldn’t continue in the match.

      “But we think with good management and an easier training week he’s a chance to be available for this week.”

      • Aw man – that doesn’t give me a good enough excuse to bin him for Grundy!
        The question will be whether going Titch to Beams will be worth not having a ruck emg for the rest of the season.

      • would hate to lose a final because cox/kreuzer late out and no cover……think I have to keep nicho

        • think you have to make the finals before you worry about that wrighty:)

  • GC fitness director said yesterday that “with careful management” he could be ready to go this weekend.

    Great article, Jeppa.

    • Doc Larkins injury update doesn’t even have him listed. Might go Nicholls to Vardy and get Beamer in a week or 2.

  • Nick Graham keeps amassing over 30 touches in the VFL and can’t get a game.

  • Love ya work, Jeppa!
    Who do you think is more vital in the DEF line out of Enright & RHenderson? Atm i’m thinking Ricky, but I’m interested to hear opinions.

    Also, you’d have Bartell instead of Riewoldt in the FWDs?

    • Enright is super consistent and shouldn’t get rested but Hendo has a X factor that could be the difference between winning and losing a final!

    • For me its Enright…very consistent (only 2 scores in the 60’s this year) and has Port, WCE, Swans & Bris in final 4 rounds. Had his rest in R16 too.

      Jimmy all the way. Im worried Roo will be wrap p the season early.

      • People forgetting Bartel’s form? He wouldn’t be in my starting 6 FWDs

  • I would more like to trade Bilicvas to Grundy or something similar.

    I need the downgrade to get beams to in-turn upgrade Priddis


    Name your Top 5 Rooks of 2013. Rank them 1-5 (1 being the best)

    1. Jaeger O’Meara
    2. Tom Mitchell
    3. Dean Terlich
    4. Ollie Wines
    5. Mark Blicavs

    Who’s in your Top 5?

    • With the quality of rookies this year Jeppa i think we should have the top 10 rooks for 2013. U’ve done an outstanding job this season Jeppa well done. 2014 rookies are going to be just as good: jake martin, tom boyd, jesse hogan just to name a few.

      • Thanks mate, much appreciated.

        Lock in Hogan and Martin (Should be $108k equivalent)

        Boyd depends on where he goes.

    • I think you’ve got it right Jeppa, I’d just have Blicavs at 4 because his dual position made him more valuable. The swap of him to the midfield to bring Nicholls in helped me get back in town!

    • JOM

  • 1. Tom Mitchell
    2. JOM
    3. Nicholls
    4. Terlich
    5. Goodes

  • 1. JOM
    2. Tom Mitchell
    3. Oliver Wines
    4. B.Goodes
    5. Dean Terlich

    Nicholls, crouch abit stiff to miss the cut.

    • Forgot vlaustin dropped off abit but was an awesome cash cow him and blicavs would be next in my order.

  • 1. Titchell
    2. JOM
    3. Terlich
    4. B Goodes
    5. Nicholls

  • Hi Jeppa and guys,

    Great article as usual.

    Trying to put the finishing touches on my team and can’t make a decision:

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, (Hanley), Harlett, Malceski (Staker, Clisby)

    MIDS: Swan, GAJ, Pendles, J.Selwood, Griffen, Stanton, Fyfe, Barlow (T.Mitchell, Hrovat)

    RUC: Kruzer, Roughie (Nicholls, Rowe)

    FWDS: Roo, Stevie J, Rocky, Josh Kennedy, Bartel, J.Lewis (Franklin, Daniher)

    So I will cull Rowe for Grundy to get a bit of cash.
    But who to get for hanley (or hold as I am playing bottom of ladder and can cover)….Enright or Henderson?
    Or get beams in for Fyfe or Stanton….leaning towards Fyfe-Beams as when he doesn’t kick goals score is obviously effected.
    Or go Lewis to Martin? Or cull N Roo because of injury but I have had him since Rd1 and he has done well for me.

    Really all comes down to beams….due cash bc I can go Hanley – Enright and Lewis – Martin and cull Rowe next week.

    Thoughts please? :)

    • Or cull Josh kennedy for Dusty (insteas of Lewis?)

    • Nice team
      This week Id go Hanley-Enright & also ?? – Martin
      The question will be roo/Lewis/JJK
      I would rid them in that order – mainly due to roo injury
      Lewis can revert to low tag output with harder games
      Next week look at ruck cashcow and I would look Stanton – Beams
      Fyfe has easier draw for finals

  • Thanks Jeppa! Is Blayne Wilson still a good downgrade option for M8?

  • Top rookies
    1. J O’Meara
    2. T Mitchell (m9)
    3. B Goodes
    4. T Nichols (r3)
    5. O Wines
    Special mention to those that can hold a finals berth (bench)
    Never got on the Terlich wagon – he would beat Wines otherwise
    Blics was good but never got the ground time these did

  • 1. JOM
    2. Titchell
    3. Wines
    4. Goodes
    5. Terlich

    JOM definitely the one here… I’m working on how to get him back IN the team!

    Top read again Jeppa, thanks for your time and efforts this year

    • Traded JOM to Bartel for Rd13 bye, which I thought was a good move at the time. Since then JOM’s avg 95, Bartel’s 88… and it seems to be getting worse!

  • Dowgrade Dwyer via Rowe’s DPP or Nicholls to Grundy?

  • Top Rooks
    1. JOM
    2. T. Mitchell
    3. M. Blicavs
    4. B. Goodes
    5. D. Terlich
    Wines, Nicholls, Vlastuin all unlucky to miss
    Also can’t believe more people didnt have blicavs in her

  • Gotta be 1) JOM, 2) Titchell, 3) Crouch, 4) Nicholls, 5) Blicavs.

    Plenty unlucky to miss… Vlasty, Wines, Goodes. The concerns by many that we’d struggle to field rooks without an expansion side were well and truly unfounded!

  • good write up jepp


  • I wouldn’t have JOM as number 1 simply because every man and his dog had him.
    For me personally it’s Sam Mayes..picked him up at the right time..offloaded him at the perfect time and traded him back in when he came good again.

    • so you’d rather have had mayes than o’meara? don’t think so champ.

      • JOM is a clear number one. Incredible consistency and you wouldn’t fault anyone who has played him every week since week 1. He’s still rising in price!

      • not at all Damo. But having JOM in my side wasn’t really an advantage to me..because everyone else had him..So I didn’t personally rate him as my best rookie.
        Mayes has provided me with more benefit in terms of my league games…

        • But that wasnt the question.
          The question was who was the best rookie for 2013 which is CLEARLY JOM.

    • You need to lay off the shards I think mate. Of course JOM is the best rookie this year.

  • i have crouch titchell and priddis, i need to go one to beams this week and play one. next week the other one becomes boyd/scooter. originally went crouch to beams. is it reasonable to play titchell over priddis this week? i know i shouldn’t be playing rookies over premos but i just can’t decide

    • This week: Priddis > Beams (play Titchell)

      Next week: Crouch > boyd/scooter (play Tichell)

  • I’m playing Gawn over Ryder this week…

  • Do I trade Sierakowski to Hibberd, or Clisby to Enright?
    Or any other options for around their prices…

  • the downgrade option are still rather low so from next week i will start to be getting in the bottommed out $89,300 players.

    Who to trade out of Terlich and Ibbotson???

  • Cotchin > Beams
    Riewoldt > Johnson

  • is it best to get rid of Riewoldt this week?

  • I’ve got riewoldt in my team, I’m holding him because he’s in the top 6 forwards easily this season and if you have bench cover probably maccafer, shouldnt hurt you to much, hopefully he does play otherwise you have just got to hope your bench plays plays well if he doesn’t play or is a late withdrawal

  • Top rooks!
    Round 1 – 10
    1. JOM
    2. Wines
    3. Goodes
    4. Blitz
    5. Terlich

    Round 10 – Now
    1. Mitchell
    2. JOM
    3. Terlich
    4. Nicholls
    5. Vlastuin

    These are the guys who’ve scored well & built the cash for upgrades to a fully gun team. Should be there but excluded are Crouch cos he came in at the wrong time and scored big after everyone traded him out, Mayes never had him but he was always good in opponents teams, Dwyer & Caff for being too on again/off again and usually when on the bench, but sometimes game winners & Staker for some nice scores & flexibility.

    Here’s to the rooks of this year, thanks for the effort boys! We love you and will be looking to get you in 2 years time. Not next year though if last years gun rooks are anything to go by (Zorko, Greene, Gibson, Treloar, Smith, etc)

  • Thought for next year: how many of this year’s batch of top rookies will go on to be consistent, awesome scorers?
    Last year we had a lot of champs and only Ellis is springing to mind as someone who’s done well in their 2nd year, and he wasn’t a champ last year what with being vested all the time… just a reliable, plays virtually every week type good back up. All the big gun rooks from last year have been really disappointing this year. Whether it’s from copping too much attention, or becoming complacent, or just the 2nd year blues, who knows? Fyfe was good in his 2nd year but I can’t think of many others.

    • Chad Wingard is the one that stands out for me along with Ellis, both from an AFL and DT perspective. Treloar been good too and Dahlhaus showed a bit last week. Tom Mitchell also second year in the system, even if this is his first year playing.

      But I do in general agree, it’s not often you see a natural progression in DT numbers in the next year from first year guns. Greene and Gaff this year for example.