My Team: Round 19

myteam_seasonDue to popular demand, here is a ‘My Team’ post where you can post your teams, discuss your trades and your decisions that you want help with from the DT Talk community.

This is in an attempt to help other readers and active users of DT Talk be able to enjoy articles written for this site – and for your entertainment – without comments just being all ‘Generation My” and just wanting help with their teams.

If you are wanting help with your team, then make sure you are joining in on the discussion with other coaches with theirs.


  • Stokes, Terlich or Staker to Henderson?

    Terkich – Ibbo becomes my D7
    Staker – Stokes becomes F7
    Stokes – Nothing more than a side ways trade but boy does Stoker shit me at the moment!


    • Staker is the lowest averaging player of the three. I know Stokes is annoying but he can be a annoying on the bench at f7 or return to his consistent 90 ways.

      • +1. Lose Staker. Terlich vs GWS is pretty juicy too. Although he is coming back from an injury.

        • I feel Staker should get his BE this week against the Saints and have one more price rise but you boys put in some valid points

  • Ok Guys, Two Options im tossing up this week, bear with me with the long comment. Team BEFORE TRADES:
    DEF: Godd, Hepp, Gibbs, Ibbott, Hartl, Wilson (Vlast + Thurl)
    MID: Abl, Swan, Pendle, Stant, Rockli, Kennedy, Cornes, Mitchell (Coloq, Hunter)
    RUC: Goldstein, Nicholls (Rowe, Currie)
    FWD: Riew, Bartel, Kennedy, Buddy, Cox, Martin, (LeCras, Daniher)
    $325,400 BANK


    OUT: Nicholls, LeCras IN: S.Johnson (FWD), Jack $30,000 BANK
    Cox to RUC, Rockliff to FWD, Leaving 7 Prem FWDs (Johnson, Rockliff, Bartel, Franklin, Kennedy, Riew, Martin) – Not Sure who to drop


    OUT: Vlastuin, LeCras IN: S.Johnson (FWD), Hanley ~$12k in BANK
    Cox to RUC (sub with Rowe, bench FWD), Nicholls bench. 6 Prem FWDs with Rockliff in MID instead of Jack (trading in in option A)

    Hope its not too confusing…

    • I like option A. Gets players back to their rightful positions and is a double upgrade.

      • but if i do that, my DEF is still not the best (could get Hanley next week). and my other problem is, who do i sit on the bench in FWD?? lol

      • +1 do A. wilson is good enough cover for now. next week you could easily upgrade vlast to a premo def by downgrading someone else

  • Gibbs, Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Grimes, Henderson (Ellis, Clisby)

    Swan, Ablett, Pendles, Barlow, Priddis, Deledio, JPK, Titchell (Murphy, K-Mart)

    Goldy, Kreuzer (Nicholls, Blicavs)

    Martin, Bartel, Stevie, Rockliff, JJK, Cox (Stokes, Staker)

    26k bank

    4 midfielders everyone has, 4 midfielders who need upgrading..

    Option play it safe: Nicholls/Blicavs > Grundy/89k
    JPK > Beams

    Option Left field : Deledio > Hansen via Stevie DPP
    JPK > Griffen/Jack/Montagna

    Any input? Just thought of the left fielder then.

    • I like option play it safe, but im not 100% convinced on beams (as every seems to be), personally he is overpriced, and his BE is 114 with Av of 114 against GWS, GCS, and under performing ADE. teams will be more mindfull of him, especially Bombers this week

      • Beams is a super premo who scored better against top teams last year then bottom teams. I think he will score more in his last 5 then any other player I could draft in.

        With Pies fully fit midfield, Beams will be fine in that regard, and Essendon leak lots of DT pts.

    • option 1 easily

  • who to bench out of gibbs, terlich and grimes?
    also who to bench out of L.henderson(carlton one) and stokes?

  • what do people think of wellingham? should avg 80+ for the rest of the season and with a BE of ~40 and only 310k could be a good buy

  • Def: Goddard, heppell, Gibbs, ibbotson, enright, Makenzie (clibsy, Wilson)

    Mids: ablett, swan, pendlebury, Barlow, jack, Cornes, j selwood, fyfe (t Mitchell, hrovat)

    Rucks: cox, kruezer (Nicholls, currie)

    Fwds: Stevie j, bartel, Reidwoldt, rockliff, Cloke, Kennedy (maccaffer, staker)

    Cash $37300

    Was thinking of going Nicholls to Grundy or staker to Lycett to get some cash to get beams in. Not sure who to trade for him Cornes or Mitchell.
    What are people’s thoughts? Or should I be looking at trading elsewhere?

    • I think you might be better off leaving Cornes in your team this week. He wont tag anyone I dont think so could post a good score. I would be looking at trading out Roo as there is a lot of uncertainty regarding his sore knee and the amount it may effect his scoring.

  • If my planned trades are completed over next few weeks my team should look like this going into prelim finals week:

    DEF: Goddard Gibbs Heppell Hanley Hartlett Ibbotson (Duffield Grimes)
    MID: Swan GAJ Pendles Barlow Griffen Stanton Fyfe Watson (M.Murphy Atkins (MID/FWD) )
    RUC: Goldy Berger (NicNat Naismith)
    FWD: Rocky Cox Stevie J Dusty Bartel Roughead (JJK Buddy)

    Will I be sacrificing scoring power on field for better bench cover, and if so should I change the strategy?

    • I personally think you will have far too many $$$ sitting on the bench. You are very rarely going to need 2 x emergencies from each line so you are better off having one solid emergencie option and one dud who might make you cash or even just an 89k player. Use the excess cash to make sure you have the best players possible each week.

  • Please give me some advise!

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Enright, Malceski, Terlich (Thurlow, Clisby)

    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow, Jack, Selwood,J, O’Keefe, Titchell(Hrvart,Hunter)

    RUC: COX, GOLDSTEIN (Nicholls, Rowe)

    FWD: Martin, Johnson, Roo, JJK, Bartel, Rockliff (Staker,Henderson)

    I am thinking….

    Thurlow -> Hansen via DDP Henderson
    Nicholls -> Grundy

    Leaves me with $140,00 to upgrade mid next week.


  • Alright guys, really stuck with what to do this week. Any and all help is much appreciated!

    DEF: HepD, Goddard, Gibbs, Cannon, Terlich, Ibbo (clisby, Wilson)
    MID: GAJ, Swan, Pendles, Jelwood, Priddis, Barlow, Cotchin, Titch (Crouch, Carter)
    RUC: Minson, Cox (Nicholls, Currie)
    FWD: SJ, Martin, Rocky, JJK, Bartel, Stokes (Caff, Staker)

    My first thought is to trade Nicholls, but I am really not sold on Grundy. Has only played one game and has very questionable JS with the Pies first choice ruckmen to come back in. But there isnt really any other decent options out there and he might come back into the side next week.
    I could potentially downgrade Caff or Staker to Lycett for a quick cash grab then upgrade somewhere, maybe Terlich to a premo defender. Or use the cash to upgrade Crouch or Titch to Beams / Griffen / someone else.
    I currently have 63k in the bank.


  • G’day guys. Any advice for trades this week will be appreciated.

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Enright, Gibbs, Ibbo, Vlastuin Emer: Clisby, Saunders
    MID: Swan, GAJ, Pendles, Jelwood, ROK, Barlow, Cotchin, Mitchell Emer: McKenzie, B, Colquohoun
    RUCK: Leuey, Nicholls (Out) Emer: Witts, Hannath
    FWD: Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy, StevieJ, Hansen, Harvey Emer: Lee, Daniher

    Currently 11th
    Salary $13,300


    • You dont have much chas which makes it hard to upgrade. Nicholls is injured so you will need to make sure you can either replace him with someone decent unless Witts ends up playing this week in which case you could hold the Nicholls trade for a week.
      Maybe trade Lee or Daniher to Johnstone from the Crows then use the cash to upgrade Vlastuin or Nicholls.

    • 11th overall?

  • DEF:Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Enright, Ibbootson, Hanley (Grimes, Clisby)
    MID:Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Barlow, Jack, Stanton, Cotchin, Priddis (Mitchell, McKenzie)
    RUC:Cox, Kreuzer (Naitanui, Nicholls)
    FWD:Johnson, Bartel, Martin, Riewoldt, Kennedy, Rockliff (Staker, Daniher)

    90k remaining
    Thoughts on trades or improvements? Probably looking to do something in my midfield and forwards. Nic Nat to Grundy and McKenzie to Selwood?

  • Help needed, don’t really need a win this week since i’ve secured top 4, just want a really strong team for next week

    Defenders- Goddard, Gibbs, Heppel, Mackie , Terlich, Ibbotson (Thurlow,clisby)
    Mids- Pendles, Swan, Ablett, Barlow, JSelwood, Stanton, Omeara ,Titchell (Murphy, Carter)
    Rucks – Cox, Leuy (Nicholls, Hall)
    Forwards – Martin, Rocky, Bartel, Kennedy, Stevie J, Franklin (Staker, Neade)

    Got 47,300 cash remaining , i really want to get rid of terlich and not sure what else to do

    • Neade to Lycett to add a bit of cash (Lycett on the bubble).
      Terlich to maybe Hanley? Or Titch / JOM to a premo.

      Terlich to Hanley will leave you more cash for next week.

  • hartlett or hanley?

    beams or jelwood?

  • Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Hibberd, Ellis, Henderson (Webster, Colquhoun)
    Mid: Swan, Ablett, Pendles, Barlow, ROK, Jelwood, S.Mitchell, Titchell (Scotland, B.McKenzie)
    Ruck: Cox, Minson (Nicholls, Vardy)
    Fwd.: Martin, Rocky, Bartel, JJK, Stevie J, Cloke (Staker, Neade)

    Went Rowe to Vardy & Priddis to Jelwood

    Have $25.9k for next week. Probably go Nicholls to Grundy if he’s named & one of the Mitchell’s to Beams if he backs up.

    • wow i’m changing my mind every 2 seconds

      • Nicholls to Grundy & B.Mckenzie to Fyfe. Switching Scotland with Colquhoun. Gives me emergencies: Scotland, Priddis, Grundy & Staker

  • Any advise on my team would be appreciated.

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Enright, Malceski, Terlich (Thurlow, Clisby)

    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow, Jack, Selwood,J, O’Keefe, Titchell(Hrvart,Hunter)

    RUC: COX, GOLDSTEIN (Nicholls, Rowe)

    FWD: Martin, Johnson, Roo, JJK, Bartel, Rockliff (Staker,Henderson)

    I am thinking….

    Thurlow -> Hansen via DDP Henderson
    Nicholls -> Grundy

    Leaves me with $140,00 to upgrade mid next week.


    • Awesome mids Neil, nicholls to grundy is great trade, 2nd trade u can upgrade thurlow or clisby to a premo like hanley, mckenzie.

      • Cheers mate. I think i might stick with Hansen, Grundy trade.

        It leaves my team looking like this….

        Avatar of Neil
        Neil August 2, 2013 12:53 pm

        Any advise on my team would be appreciated.

        DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Enright, Malceski, Henderson (Terlich, Clisby)

        MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow, Jack, Selwood,J, O’Keefe, Titchell(Hrvart,Hunter)

        RUC: COX, GOLDSTEIN (Grundy, Rowe)

        FWD: Martin, Johnson, Roo, JJK, Bartel, Rockliff (Staker,Hansen)

        $140,000 in the bank.

        • Staker -> D/G
          Hunter -> Premo next.

          Terlich D7
          Titchel M9
          Rowe/Grundy R3
          Hansen F7

  • DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Malceski, Hanley, McKenzie (Ibbotson, Clisby)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow, Cornes, Jelwood, Scooter, Titchell (JOM, Dwyer)
    RUC: Cox, Kreuzer (Blicavs, Nicholls)
    FWD: Johnson, Martin, Bartel, Rocliff, Stokes, N.Riewoldt (Staker, McBean)

    $40.3k left

    Trades this week were B.Goodes > Jelwood & Hannebery > Scooter

    Next week will downgrade Dwyer and Upgrade JOM to Beams

  • Need to secure 4th position this week.

    DEF: Goodard, Heppell, Gibbs, McKenzie, Henderson R, Grimes (Clisby, Thurlow)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendles, O’Keefe, Thompson S, Fyfe, Thomas J, Mitchell T (Kennedy B, Saunders J)
    RUC: Roughead, Nicholls (Rowe, Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff, Bartel, Walker, Johnson, Macaffer, Staker (McKernan, Hitchcock)

    Thinking of going…
    Nicholls > Bellchambers / Grundy
    Macaffer > Franklin

    Not enough moneys to go to Cox and Franklin. So maybe Bellchambers this week. Rowe out for Grundy next week. And then Clisby to Enright.

    This week, not sure whether to bench Clisby or Grimes.

  • My team:

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Ibbottson, Gibbs, McKenzie, Duffeild (J.Webster, M.Clisby)

    MIDS: G.Ablett, D.Swan, Pendles, M.Barlow, T.Cotchin, N.Fyfe, K.Jack, T.Mitchell (N.Hrovat, M.Arnot)

    RUCKS: D.Cox, M.Kruezer (T.Nicholls, D.Currie)

    FWDS: S.Johnson, J.Kennedy, J.Bartel, Martin, L.Franklin, Rockliff, (B.Staker, A.Oxley)

    $169,000 in the bank

    My aim this week is to bring in Beams but i’m unsure of who to trade out…


    Trade Upgrade Hrovat to Beams which means Tom Mitchell sits on my bench. but to do this trade i would need downgrade someone to get more cash, most likely nicholls


    Trade another premium most likely cotchin this means Tom Mitchell plays and Hrovat stays on my bench with Arnot.

    or anyother options anyone can think of?

    At this stage my trades are looking like : Nicholls to Grundy and Hrovat to Beams which leaves me with $63,000odd in the bank.

    If i bring in Beams thoughts on who i should sit on my bench with Arnot?? i would like to keep mitchell on my field..should score well this week. i was thinking maybe cotchin sits on my bench.. :/

  • if you had to pick a combo…

    hanley and jelwood


    hartlett and beams

    just short of hanley and beams unforuntately

  • Who to play Blicavs or Grundy.

    And Hanley or Enright?

  • Fantasy Dreamteam:

    Who to bench out of G.Ablett, D.Swan, Pendles, M.Barlow, T.Cotchin, N.Fyfe, K.Jack, D.Beams, T.Mitchell. Arnot is on my bench just need one more…

    Fantasy Elite:

    Who to bench out of Heppell, Malceski, Murphy, Duffield, Dempsey, Hanley
    Need to bench 1.

    Thoughts please??

  • Who do I trade out JPK or Mitchell. It does not matter about BE or price, I just need to know who is going to score more