Round 18 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatTwo weeks until the AFL Dream Team finals means that if you’re not in the top four, or the eight for that matter, it’s time to pull out all stops to make sure you get there. Trade hard and give yourself the best chance to win your premiership!

The trades this week have mostly revolved around some damage control… Brett Goodes (gone for the season), Pearce Hanley (2-4 weeks), Jimmy Bartel (1 week suspended) and Nic Naitanui (out this week with soreness… could be more) are the most popular guys traded out.

Discuss your trades, captain options and scores as the round progresses.

UPDATE: Sunday 3:20pm

UPDATE: Sunday 2:59pm

UPDATE: Sunday 12:35pm

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UPDATE: Saturday 1:03pm

UPDATE: Friday 6:22pm

UPDATE: Friday 5:30pm

Sunday changes.

Port Adelaide:
In: Kane Cornes, Dom Cassisi
Out: Tom Jonas, Jake Neade

In: Jonathon Brown, Brent Moloney, Mitch Golby
Out: Pearce Hanley, Jordan Lisle, Ryan Harwood

Western Bulldogs:
In: Matthew Boyd, Tom Young
Out: Brett Goodes, Nathan Hrovat

West Coast Eagles:
In: Sam Butler, Ashton Hams, Scott Selwood, Scott Lycett, Blayne Wilson
Out: Darren Glass, Adam Selwood, Mark LeCras, Nic Naitanui, Luke Shuey

No Change

In: Shane Tuck
Out: Jake King


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  • Finally getting a good go with captain choices had Stevie j against Melbourne gaz last week and pig this week.

    • I’ve had the same captains the last 3 weeks, its been great gettting 300 plus points from a captai

  • Is it wierd that I absolutely love a pig #goswannie

  • De Boer tagging Hendo and Crowley tagging Douglas.

  • Oink Oink
    nuff said

  • Fucking sick of my bad luck with captain choice. Lift your game Stevie J… Bet if put Swanny as captain this week he would of only gotten 100 today, so i basically gave the rest of you guys those points !

    • StevieJ looks disinterested today. Doesn’t look fit too.

      • I tried to be a bit different this week with Stevie as Captain, with a fairly comfortable set of league games. You know he’s having an off day when he’s being outscored by Varcoe.

    • Fucking sick of my bad luck with Buddy traded out, McKenzie traded in (his lowest score of the year), Nicholls on field, Terlich late out, Pendlebury unique when he gets 74…

  • Me earlier in this thread; “Get ready for McKenzie’s lowest score of the season. I traded him in”.

    Told ya so….? Too predictable with my rotten luck.

    My week so far
    -Franklin traded OUT…
    -McKenzie traded IN…
    -Nicholls 25 on field
    -Terlich late withdrawal
    -Pendlebury UNIQUE with 74…

    FMDT. Only thing to smile about is Swan captain, vs opponent’s Gaz.

  • Ibbotson back to MR 60 points a game, he’ll have to go now.

    • Yep, I share your sentiments. He’s become the ne Birchall, although perhaps that’s a bit harsh.

  • Can someone tell me why Stokes has been scoring so shit lately?

    • I just think teams are onto him now, snuck under the radar for a while.

      • He’s back on the forward line.

        I can’t trade him out unfortunately with bigger fish to fry, he’ll have to sit on my bench. Glad Bartel is back

  • Whats the story with stokes any 1 watch the game ??

    • He’s a potato along with ibbotson, whilst riewoldt must of got sick of carry his shit team around he’s being doing the same repetitive thing for the last 4 months probably better he having the night off so i can get buddys score.

      • Ibbo will be better when mcpharlan returns im going to hold him but seriously stokes should have killed it with a win like that

        • How long until McPharlin returns? I have an easy match next week, but he could be pivotal for finals – Both real and DT.

  • Great riewoldt gone, nicholls gone, ibbo and grimes potatoes. Hate to think what my score would be without swan as captain.

  • What happened to Riewoldt?

  • Although i wish i fricken kept Swan as captain, Stevie J had a 46 point last quarter to end up on 109, meh.

  • I was wondering what the rule is if someone plays a non named player on field. Do they still get their emergencies score? One of my opponents has named bartel on field and has staker as emergency. I could have sworn last week one of my opponents having franklin on field and getting stakers score added on even though franklin wasn’t named. I thought it only counted when there was a late withdrawel

  • Holy Shit ! A real good friend of mines team which i help out with is 1817 with 6 remaining ! Priddis, Rockliff, Titchell, Martin, Cox and Coluqhoun (covering Terlich) Think she’s a chance of top score this round? Avoided most of the carnage xD

    • Sure you help him ;)

    • I’m sitting on 1819 with 6 to go to.
      Cox, JJK, hartlett, rocky, Martin and jack

      • Yeh I’m on 1805 with 6 to go. JJK, Jack, Cox, Rocky, Titch, Dusty

        • I’m on 1530 with 9 left. Staker, Priddis, Cotchin, Cox, Minson, Martin, Rockliff, JJK, Mayes and also have Buddy sitting on the bench as emergency.

          • 1698 with 7 left – Rockliff, Tippett, Malceski, Jack, Staker, Kennedy, Cox…So glad I switch the big C onto Swanny from Gablett just before lockout!! :-)

  • Playing my best mate this week (2nd vs 4th in our league). Our uniques:

    Him: Goldstein, Jordan Lewis, Fyfe, Tom Mitchell, Mackie, Hannebery, Henderson
    Me: Nicholls, JJK, Barlow, Marc Murphy, McKenzie, ROK, Hartlett

    Safe to say I’m screwed. Bring on next week already!

  • My rucks total to a combined 34 points with Jacobs beating their combined score by 28… On the BENCH! Stokes on field for Henderson at the 11th hour, SJ captain (kinda my fault I guess), not to mention I trail my opponent (who is 4th and Im 5th) in a crunch match vying for a top 4 spot by 17 points, with one more player played!!
    Cant get the Piglet next week cos of ruck issues now :(

  • Dammit this week has been bad on field so far.

    In what order would you trade these guys: Nicholls, Grimes, Ibbotsen, Nick Riewoldt (Got him in this week dammit)

    • Riewoldt could have early surgery on his knee so i would trade him first.
      Ibbotson has the easy run home and Grimes has been used as a tagger so i would trade Grimes second

  • This week may be Nichols -> roughed and omeara -> beams

    • Nicholls to Vardy seems the smarter trade with Simpson going down…

      • Nichols has been R2 for Me blicvas has been r3

        • Unlucky… Vardy wouldn’t fit that structure, but would make a great R3. Blic’s stocks have probably gone up a bit as well.

  • Was Crowley tagging Douglas? Had Dougo, Grimes, Barlow (C), McKenzie, Rioli n Pendles so far…

  • Is there anyone out there with Simpson, Nicholls, Swallow, Grimey, Dwyer, Stokes and Riewoldt all on the field? Six DT-relevant guys right there combined for about 240 points. Yikes!

    • Correction… 7 guys. There will be some seriously low scores this week (2100), but also some seriously high ones (2400) if you dodged the carnage like a couple of the lads above are suggesting.

  • 2 terrible trades have hurt. Brought in Ibbo instead of enright and Franklin for Nroo….

  • DT Elite questions lads (and lasses) – Who would you put on the field out of R Pettard and S Wellingham?? Bartel is warming my bench but the forwards are VERY thin this year in Elite….

  • So, who’s downgrading Riewoldt to Buddy this week?

  • If i was to trade swallow-beams this week how much cash would i need providing price drops?

    • According to fanfooty, beams will be priced at 583,100 whilst swallow will be priced at 393,100. So in saying that you will need 190,000 dollars

  • Not going to be able to get Beams, Boyd will have to do.

    Mitchell and Riewoldt to Boyd and Buddy I think

  • Brisbanes late change – Moe out and Spud in

  • I guess it’s a pretty big risk running T Nicholls as an R2 so he has stuffed my eliminator chances with a 25. Luke Ball out also (he seems to have a few sneaky late withdrawals) but have Titch for cover but opponent has him so I’m done and dusted.

    A few low scores such as Ibbo and Stokes but my opposition have those players.

    I wonder if Duffield and or M Johnson are worth looking at? Also Fyfe???

    • Fyfe is a match winner and I dare say after last night he’ll get some extra attention next week and pump out a 70. I’ve had him all year and it’s only opponents that underestimate him he scores well against. Can’t pump out a ton under a tag. Not many can tho, can they?!

    • I would avoid Fyfe as there are better options out there.

    • Ive had Fyfe all year as well, lately he has been pumping out a ron thwn the next he goes 85ish and then ton and so on. After last nights performance, he may be watched more by other teams, although if he does get tagged he will be scoring 70’s maybe low 80’s.
      I have had Duffield for about 6 weeks now (off the top of my head) and he has scored me totals of 72, 60, 51, DNP, DNP, 42 and 79… as you can tell forma obviously no that great, but he is priced at a mere 345k and with hos rum home and price he could be a handy D7/6.

      • Hard to tell with Fyfe as he plays a different role each week. In my team all year too.

        • had him all year too
          Picked him to break out and step up to a super-premo however it is his inconsistency which is a problem

  • Options for this week coming:

    Nicholls down to a $89 and then upgrade Hrovat with $489k to spend on a player, 3 grand

    Nicholls down to a $89k and then upgrade Hrovat with $533k to spend on a player.

    Nicholls down to a $89k and then upgrade Titch to Beams but that would mean that I’d have 3 magpies in my midfield and only Hrovat and Evans for bench cover.

    What would be the best option?

  • What is going on with Priddis?

    • not sure cant be as bad as cotchin, he’ll be unlucky just to get to 50/ his b/e.

    • 19 disposal not many marks and tackles so thats the issue there.

    • getting tagged after half time…

      • Yea tag isnt the problem, DT wise you need to make tackles and marks. E.g. u can have 40 disposals ala scott thompson a few years ago n still only get 90.

  • My m8 spot for next week: Scooter vs boyd vs beams. Beams leads the race would love 2 have all 3.

  • Did anyone’s back line trades come off this week? Can’t win back there, bring in Malceski and he’s injured

    • Traded in Ricky Henderson $391,000 for injured Goodes. Turned out ok with 90 odd points. Was gonna trade in Blaine Wilson but changed my mind last minute for Nicholls which really put me behind the 8 ball

      • Too late to get Hendo in this week you reckon?

      • Henderson and Enright seem to be the only ones to turn out ok
        Malceski, Ibbotson, McKenzie and Grimes all struggled

  • I give up.

  • Is having Swan, Pendles and Beams together in your midfield too excessive? I want Beams but dont know if it’s worth trading out Pendles to get him or more chance of getting a dud score from one of them like Pendles 75pts did this week.

    • they are all that good you have to consider it. I imagine a large percentage of people will be doing what they can to get Beams in this week (assuming most people have Swan and Pendles already).
      I will look to get Beams in either this week or next week

  • Need a 51 point last quarter from Cotchin for 5 league wins…

  • K.jack you have saved ya spot in my side well done some