Round 17 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatAnd just like that, the Round 17 lockout is here. After a huge week for us boys (sorry that there was no show this week… too knackered), we’re looking at a big week for just the third last roster game in DT before finals!

With Buddy Franklin not named again, the most popular trades this week have been to go from him to Tom Rockliff or Nick Riewoldt. The next set include Patrick Dangerfield out for either Scott Pendlebury, Joel Selwood or Brent Stanton.

Discuss the round as it unfolds in the comments and stay tuned for updates in this post.

UPDATE: Sunday 3:22pm AEST

UPDATE: Sunday 2:01pm AEST

UPDATE: Sunday 12:01pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 6:18pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 3:14pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 12:44pm AEST

UPDATE: Saturday 12:26pm AEST

UPDATE: Friday 6:30pm AEST

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UPDATE: Friday 6:25pm AEST

UPDATE: Friday 6:00pm AEST

Sunday final ins and outs:

In: Bachar Houli
Out: Aaron Edwards

In: Paul Duffield, Lachie Neale
Out: Matthew Pavlich, Hayden Ballantyne

In: Richard Tambling, Mitchell Grigg
Out: Patrick Dangerfield, Matthew Jaensch

In: Matthew Stokes, Corey Enright, Joel Corey
Out: Steve Johnson, Jesse Stringer, George Horlin-Smith

West Coast Eagles:
In: Sharrod Wellingham, Luke Shuey
Out: Cale Morton, Andrew Embley

In: Harry Cunningham
Out: BenMcGlynn


  • I had Mitchell not play so I will have an emergency score count. I have the E on both T Mitchell and Couch in the midfield. How do I know which score will count will it be the highest score of the two?

    • I’m pretty sure it takes the LOWEST of the two. Not usually advisable to double E on a single line, unless i’m completely wrong.

  • Well for those of us with Goodes, he’s out for the season :(
    He would have had 3 tonnes in a row were it not for being taken out in the 3rd QTR. That really stings.

  • Who is the best premo mid availible? I already have Swan,Ablett,Barlow,Pendlebury,Cotchin,Swallow,Jelwood. Just need to trade Jobe watson.

  • Well Beams got 130 odd in his second game back, but isn’t cheap

  • Anyone else sick and tired of and the afl site being slow as shit… get better servers damn it you cheap f**ktards

    • Bugger, is run by people who give their free time away for next to nothing….

      Sure complain about its a site run by THE AFL

      But the dream team boys work full time, then devote their spare time to this site, I’m not sure how they are cheap….I bet you pay nothing for this site, they devote their time, thats their contribution, what’s your contribution to your FREE use of this site?

      Maybe you could donate a few grand to the site?

      • I think you should read the post correctly

        • Oh yep I see,, I obviously read it as

          My bad, apologies Bugger

          Although I don’t think exists from a quick search, but your correct I didn’t read the post correctly

  • Patience pays off in this game, guns come good eventually

    Cotchin and Selwood both in hot form

    • Cotchin has had 1 good game last week he just hit a ton being a bit quick ff the mark aren’t you ? And jelwood has just been inconsistent as per usual

      • Not really, their form could go back down again, but thats the point, most players have ups and downs, so you have to ride the downs sometimes, and wait for the ups to even things out

      • Selwood – 3 120s+ in a row; 5 120s out of last 6 – that’s hot form.

        He got smashed by Crowley a few weeks back, but doesn’t get a Crowley tag rest of the DT season – he’s absolutely in ripping form, and a safe bet at this point in time

  • Nic Nat…there are other ways to score than handballs and hitouts…

  • Needed my unique O Keefe to get 80…..gets subbed at 79 FMDT

  • wow… broke 2450..