AFL Teams: Round 17


What a big week it’s been for us, so as a result there is no #DTTALKLIVE this week… sorry! But here is all of the teams news you need to get your AFL Fantasy Dream Team sorted for Round 17. Thanks heaps to Dunny who helped with the teams last week – legend!

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North Melbourne v Carlton
Etihad Stadium, Friday July 19, 7.50pm AEST

In: S.McMahon , L.Thomas
Out: M.Firrito, L.Greenwood

In: –
Out: –

Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs
Aurora Stadium, Saturday July 20, 1.45pm AEST

In: W.Langford
Out: S.Burgoyne (suspension)

In: J.Macrae
Out: C.Smith (knee)

St Kilda v Port Adelaide
Etihad Stadium, Saturday July 20, 2.10pm AEST

In: T.Simpkin, J.Webster, T.Curren
Out: J.Geary (leg), T.Milera, B.Murdoch

In: J.Westhoff, K.Mitchell, S.Colquhoun
Out: K.Cornes (suspended), T.Logan, M.Thomas

Gold Coast v Collingwood
Metricon Stadium, Saturday July 20, 4.40pm AEST

In: M.Weller, A.Sexton
Out: T.Murphy, D.Swallow (knee)

In: T.Goldsack, C.Mooney
Out: C.Young (hamstring), J.Blair (calf)

Greater Western Sydney v Essendon
Skoda Stadium, Saturday July 20, 7.40pm AEST

In: D.Brogan, T.Adams, A.Tomlinson, G.Ugle, M.Whiley, Z.Williams, T.Greene
Out: S.O’hAilpin, R.Palmer (foot), W.Hoskin-Elliott, D.Tyson, S.Edwards, A.Corr, J.O’Rourke

In: N.Lovett-Murray, L.Jetta, C.Dell’Olio, S.Crameri
Out: J.Winderlich (soreness), B.Howlett, D.Zaharakis (back), T.Pears (rested)

Melbourne v Brisbane Lions
TIO Stadium, Saturday July 20, 7.10pm ACST

In: J.Viney
Out: D.Nicholson

In: E.Yeo
Out: J.Polkinghorne

Richmond v Fremantle
MCG, Sunday July 21, 1.10pm AEST

In: S.Tuck, S.Lonergan, B.Houli
Out: –

In: P. Duffield, J.Hannath, J.Crichton, L.Neale, M.Taberner
Out: M.Pavlich (suspended), H.Ballantyne (hamstring)

Adelaide v Geelong
AAMI Stadium, Sunday July 21, 2.50pm ACST

In: R.Tambling, I.Callinan, L.Thompson, M.Grigg, S.Kerridge
Out: M.Jaensch, P.Dangerfield (shoulder)

In: J.Corey, C.Enright, M.Stokes, N.Vardy
Out: S.Johnson (suspension)

West Coast v Sydney Swans
Patersons Stadium, Sunday July 21, 2.40pm AWST

In: A.Selwood, S.Wellingham, L.Shuey, B.Wilson
Out: A.Embley (suspended)

In: M.Morton, H.Cunningham, X.Richards, D.Towers
Out: B.McGlynn (suspended)




  • who should i get for R2? already have cox and cant afford roughy

  • Is K.Jack a keeper for the rest of this Season!?!
    im debating on ‘upgrading’ him to another premium considering he seems to be copping a tag and about to spill some cash.. he’s also lost his consistancy.
    thinking possibly Jack –> Jelwood this week unless someone can convince me otherwise.
    then i will just need to upgrade fyfe or priddis to Barlow in a week or 2 to complete my M1-M8 premiums.

    • Jack was a top 8 midfielder for the first 13 rounds of the year, name me any player in the league that hasn’t had a bit of a rough patch. He’s also posted his last two substandard scores in games that were over before quarter time WITH a hard tag on him, why would he need to go all out for needless stats when the game is already over? Also if you look at the carlton game before those two he was copping a hard tag in a huge sydney flood where playing conditions were absolutely terrible. If he doesn’t fire over the next two weeks against teams that he should have a free run against, then by all means luxury trade him away, but always have patience with your premiums

  • I want to get rid of either hartlett, murphy or buddy, I can afford anyone because my first trade was downgrading blicavs. If I don’t get rid of buddy I have to play staker/Dwyer in my forward line.

    Someone give me some advice!! Will murphy play? Will he be subbed?

    • Murphy playing, keep him. Hartlett will lose cash. Trade Buddy if you have to play a rookie.

  • Tom mitchell or marc murphy on field?

  • Have to keep Hartless coz of Buddy and Stevie J issues, but desperately wanted to rid of him this week, before he bleeds $$, so do I play him on field or Clisby or dare i say it, Saunders?
    Went Omeara to Jelwood, Buddy to Nroo, or should i can one of them and go Hartless to Enright? cheers

    • I’d leave JOM for this week, he’s still scoring pretty well.

      I’m dumping Hartlett this week, can’t decide between Enright and Malceski though. Don’t play either Clisby or Saunders if you need a win this week, they haven’t proved they can be trusted yet.

      Buddy to NRoo is very sound but not exciting. I presume you already have Rocky since he is about as close to a must-have in the fwds this week?

  • Sam Rowe job security?

    • Not very good. He’s been in and out of the side all year (mostly out) – I would’t pick him up at this stage, most people who have him just haven’t got round to trading him out of their R4 spot.

    • hes played well, kicking goals. should hold his spot

  • Hanley or malchesky??? Please help

  • What’s the thoughts on Colquhoun? worth picking up? JS?

  • Viney? Am I stupid thinking of getting him back in?

  • Would it be more important to trade out Ellis (D6) for someone like Enright this week, or O’meara for someone like Jelwood or Stants
    Have already made one trade…

  • Whats peoples thoughts on Dangerfield, I just have this feeling he’ll pull one of these surprise week only injuries…..I have to trade him out surely but just have a hunch…………

  • Roo or Roughead?
    Getting Roo will mean Mitchell, Montagna, Jelwood, Rocky, Martin one will be bench relegated when SJ return.
    Getting Roughead means I play all of the above and move Goldstein to the bench, or simply trade him out. I feel Goldy needs to go

    • Roo means clisby, one of the mentioned players, calves and staker are the 4 e’s

      Roughead clisby, hrovat, goldy, staker are the e’s

  • Anyone else going Tom Lynch? Coming off a tonne, consistent, and cheap for someone averaging over 90

    If you have the big guns already in your forwards, and you can’t play Stevie J, he is a very good value F6 in my opinion

  • thoughts on going danger to selwood – nic nat to naismith, fielding nicholls as r2 the benching franking and playig mayes who had 111 on melbourne earlier this year. then next week upgrading franklin to bartel and then get in another premo somewhere else

  • Nicholson smashed the first half, why’s he out?