Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 17

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The Only Game That Matters

On Saturday afternoon, we have a HUGE match of captaincy relevance. Collingwood Vs Gold Coast at Metricon Stadium will be massive as we have Dane Swan, Scott Pendlebury and of course Gary Ablett. Scott Pendlebury had just 59 on the Suns in 2012 but that was because he was subbed out after a knee knock early in the 3rd quarter. His form has been electric though averaging 133 in his last 3 games this year with a lowest score of just 112 in his last 5 games this year. His form is just ridiculous. He did have 124 on them in 2011 which happened to be at Metricon and he should keep his form rolling this week after a smashing 153 and 133 in his last 2 games of the season. Dane Swan didn’t play the Suns last year and had 118 on them in 2011. He had 73pts at half time last week to finish on only 106. Mark my words… he’s not the safest option of Rd. 17, but he could go BANG like we know the pig can. Watch out. Last year when these teams met, Ablett had his personal best DT score EVER of 190pts with 53d. Back in 2011 he even racked up a solid 97 against them. Over the last 3 weeks, Collingwood have given up 12×100+ scores which obviously means that Gaz should be very solid. He has had scores of 106 and 109 in his last 2 games this year (not overly great) and should be good again this week. Keep in mind though that Ablett scored that 190 without Swanny there and with Pendles being subbed out. He went against a depleted Collingwood midfield and will find it tougher this week with Macaffer standing next to him. Yeah, he’s not a great tagger but the extra pressure from him certainly won’t help his cause.

Final Verdict: Pendles gets the nod ahead of Swanny and Ablett here based on his form alone. It’s too hard to look past his form where his lowest score is only 112 in his last 5 games this year. Ablett’s form is questionable with scores of 106 and 109 in his last 2. Yeah his 190 looks tempting but it should be different this time around. As for Swanny, he’s my boy and at the end of the day… it’s Swanny. He had 73 at half time last week in a game where he could have got 150. He had 163 the week before and can never be written off. At the end of the day, Gold Coast don’t tag! He could be massive but it’s safer going with the man who has such great form at the moment.

Just Quickly…

Ryan Griffen Vs Hawks @ Aurora Stadium (Tas): Has scored 5×100+ scores on the Hawks in his last 6 games against them. Had 112 on them in 2012 and plays his first game at Aurora ever.  Should be back to his best this weekend.

Kieren Jack Vs Eagles @ Patersons Stadium: 0x100+ scores in his last 3 games this year but did have 118 and 118 on the Eagles in his last 2 games against them. Should be better this week.

Michael Barlow Vs Tigers @ the MCG: Had 102 last week, his lowest score in his last 7 games this year. Add to that the 122 (31d) he had on the Tigers earlier this year. Get on.

Ryan O’Keefe Vs Eagles @ Patersons Stadium: Had 102 last week but had 142 on the Eagles in 2012 which happened to be at Patersons. His run will continue this week. #ROKstar

Steve Johnson Vs Crows @ AAMI: His highest score on the Crows was only 106 in his career of 11 games against them. Luckily he’s suspended! Was missing my top 5 anyway. Rest up Steven you idiot.

ROUGHIE ALERT: Last week, Tom Rockliff had his first 100+ score of 134 in his last 7 games this year. If he gets the midfield time he deserves he will kill Melbourne like he did earlier this year when he had 125 on them. In fact, he is going for his 6th straight 100+ score on them this week and is a real roughie in my top 5. Tbetta’s best mate, Brad Ebert is another guy who should go well. He had a disappointing 87 last week he has had scores of 137 and 135 leading into that. He had 129 on the Saints last year and might be another interesting option is you are a lucky/unlucky owner like Tbetta.

artcile round 17


Who will you have as your captain for Round 17?

  • Scott Pendlebury (44%, 1,257 Votes)
  • Dane Swan (22%, 613 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (26%, 724 Votes)
  • Michael Barlow (2%, 46 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (4%, 106 Votes)
  • Someone Else (3%, 81 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,825

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  • should i go SJ -> winderlich/roughy


    cox -> roughy?

    theres also blicavs -> 90k guy.

  • you know you’re doing something right when you have everyone in the top 5 in your team!

  • Firstly, nice article Calvin. Pendles was a little unexpected, I thought you were going to go with GAJ.

    Secondly, Jack, you cant be serious! This has been going on all year, everyone has asked you to stop but you are still at it. Your trading questions should go in the My Team thread. Have you made a decision for yourself this season?

  • what about Roughead against WB???? or Stanton VS GWS? im considering them also along with Pendles and Ablett.

    • Stanton is under an injury cloud, will be tagged by Shiel, Palmer or Coniglio and GWS no longer concede big hundreds due to their defensive mindset. Not sure why you would consider Roughead, given the plethora of midfield guns who are set to fire this week.

  • I want to choose Pendles, but I’m a Subs member who will be attending the game, and I will hate seeing Pendles with the ball….. Ablett for me!

  • Aaarrrggg!!! Good work as always Calvin. I’m going Pendles, but be warned, every captain choice I have made for the last couple of weeks has been the worst one.

    • Same. I have a feeling ONE of GAJ/Swan will go beserk (150+ and the other will be average, around 100). But with my luck I couldnt choose the right one, so I’m going with Pendles who is a safe 110-120.

  • I agree with Calvin that Swan/GAJ could go beserk, but I’m playing it safe with Pendles. He is a guarenteed 110+. I might go with GAJ on footytips where I don’t have Pendlebury.

    Also the first week I’ve had all of the top 5 =D

    Thanks Calvin.

  • anyone else considering Goddard
    GWS have 3 main taggers Palmer,Shiel and Coniglio to a lesser extent
    thinking that they would go to Stants,Hep D and maybe Zaharakis.
    Goddard could be let of the leash for a 150+

    • Wouldn’t risk it on someone who *might* crack 120-ish instead of going with Pendles who is practically guarenteed.

    • Not really, though it could pay off!

      • just a thought was always going to play it safe with pendels

        • Half backs smash GWS because they focus on making the gun mids accountable. Could be a huge POD but could also back fire!

          • Palmer tagged jack last week and kept him to 79. Now with Palmer out stanton is likely to cop a crap tag from shiel, who in my opinion won’t be able to contain stanton and won’t damage his score hugely. Stanton destroys weak teams : Melbourne 142 Saints 130 Port 126 ect so I think he could have a day out at skoda. At skoda it’s going to be 23 and fine at metricon according to the forecast it’s going to be 21 with showers. I know people might think well Steve j managed a 156 in the wet but this was because he had 8 tackles. Swan doesn’t get his points from tackles. So I think that with Palmer out stanton has become a much better option.

  • CalVin about time you gave the nod to the DT King Pendles. Backed him in last week and boy oh boy did he salute.
    For those that didnt watch the game the reason Swan hit a wall at half time is beacuse he finally had an opponent. VB went to him and stitched him up big time.

    • And Pirate very short Captains this week .. too busy knocking back copious pints i bet!

  • i have all the top 5

    • Congratulations, sir. I present to you this medal of awesomeness. Now stand over there with the other 50,000 coaches who have the top 5 this week :)

  • Pretty happy with that list! Had 3 of the 5, but this week trading StevieJ and Dangerfield (to avoid risk of not playing or not playing well due to injury) for Rocky and Pendles, giving me all 5.

    Got sick of Pendles being in teams I was against and dominating me the last 2 rounds! If you can’t beat em…

  • Wheres tbetta’s bullets and jeppa’s juniors?

    • … and the Knee Jerk and the Numbers? Writer’s strike!?

      • Numbers is hardly worth a click. However the other three have been missed.. Very dull week so far on DTTalk (until today)

        • Bullets up in 5 minutes and Jeppa is in Bali so will be none.

        • I enjoy the numbers. Much like the knee-jerk, it’s not necessarily of great value when managing your team, but still an enjoyable read.

          • I enjoy all the content on here (except the teams thread) and take my hat off to those who pump it out week after week. It makes for a dull week when the authors go on holidays!

  • A bit off topic but have a dilemma.

    Not sold on Big Cox’s late form and against Sydney I have a few options;

    1) Play Nicholls over Cox in the Ruck

    2) Sub Cox to the forwards (via Roughy) and put Cox on the bench and either play McCaffer (vs Suns) or Staker (vs Dees). Seriosly considering Staker.

    Any thoughts?

    • Macaffer should get a bit of ball if he’s running around in Ablett’s hip pocket, and a few tackles.

      Nicholls is a viable option too. Personally I’m fielding him this week ahead of Maric.

    • Yeah, I’m kinda in a similar position. I have Cox in fwd, but I can put him in ruck easily and potentially play Gawn over him, who has been averaging around 150% of Cox’s score for the last couple of rounds. But just not sure.

      I almost hope they rest Cox for a week, would be easy to cover him, and would set him up alright for the rest of the year, but I’m guessing with the amount of outs that WCE have they won’t be resting any more big names.

    • Glad to see I’m not the only one considering playing Nicholls ahead of Cox. I would’ve traded Cox out if it weren’t for Stokes and Stevie J!

    • Here’s a thought…what the #%$& does this have to do with Captain selection?

  • boyss, my rucks are cox and blicavs. looking to trade blicavs, i can afford any ruck but the problem is, who do i get for the run home. and what are your thoughts on max gawn? thankyou

  • Thanks Calvin

  • Reckon Pendles is a good chance to come down with a case of general soreness.

    • iv just traded him in this week so knowing my luck he will haha

    • Pendles would go close to best player in the league at the moment!

    • I strongly doubt it.

      Pies have got Beams back at the perfect stage of the season. They will be building momentum and fine-tuning a midfield that finally includes all of Swan, Pendlebury, Ball, Sidebottom and Beams.

      They also need the four points to stay in the hunt for a double chance and won’t be disrespecting Gold Coast, who are an improving team.

      A rest next week is more likely but I’m not even expecting that

  • what about montagna against port without cornea?

  • cornes?

  • It’s gonna be wet at the Gold Coast… will be interested to see if that sways anyone?

  • Swanny the pig going to go OINK OINK OINK! Back him in

  • Calvin… Great article mate but there is one thing that I strongly disagree with.
    The fact that you say Macaffer is not a great tagger annoys me.
    We haven’t had a tagger in years so as a Collingwood supporter I have been keeping a close eye on Caff and he has been brilliant in that role.

    Here is how his opponents have have gone with a hard tag.

    Dal Santo: 50 points
    Mundy: 92 (was on 60 odd at half time before they moved Macaffer onto him in the second half)
    J. Selwood (69)
    Kennedy: 50
    Hanley: 35
    N. Jones: 77
    Griffen: 115 (the only one who has beaten him)

    For some crazy reason Bucks has been playing him across half forward the last three weeks but I read today that he will be given the job on Ablett. Look, Gaz is a star and it wouldn’t surprise me if he smashes out a big one because he is pretty much untaggable. Not many guys can go with him. But you have to give credit when it’s due and Macaffer has been fantastic this year.

  • Should i trade Swan for Pendelbury i just traded Franklin for Rockliff

  • Griffen actually played at Aurora in 08.

  • The last time I went Pendles captain he got that 59.

    I’m scarred lol

  • All calm here with the C on Swan. The Pirates No. 2 pick always brings home the bacon. New inclusion (for 1 week?) Winderlich should go big again.

  • So has anyone given a thought to Goddard? I know I’ll be chuking the C on him! GWS leak points through the backline but do a relatively good job of tagging mids as tbetta pointed out.. Although Watson is out and he and Heppel will see time in the middle he will still be massive I think/hope!

  • Should I put Swan or Ablett as captain? I don’t know

  • Going swan captain pendles always performs is games they just win or lose he is a big game player while swan dominates the easy opponent Pendles will get the run with whoever that will be and swan will left to pig it out !