Golden Stubby – Round 16




Golden Stubby – Round 16

Some massive scores this week but who gets your Golden Stubby vote?

As always the players below are selected from the number of nominations received through twitter.


The Nominations are in:

Nick Malceski – 125 – Slotted into a lot of coaches back lines as a replacement for Enright and rewarded them on debut.

Tom Mitchell – 113 – Another impressive score from the rookie gun but more impressive when you consider 67 of his points came in the last quarter!

Tom Rockliff – 134 – No Black or Moloney saw Rocky return to the midfield with a vengeance! Did you follow Roy’s advice a hold him?

Scott Pendlebury – 153 – Ate his spinach at half time and went into Popeye mode against the Crows collecting over 40 disposals for the first time!

Steve Johnson – 156 – Stevie J was always going to kill it against Melbourne. I’m not sure where the extra 20 points in what seemed like the last minute came from but if he was wearing your C this week you wont be complaining!


So who get’s your vote this week?

Golden Stubby - Round 16

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  • Brought in Malceski and Selwood this week. Win win

  • No nomination for Johnno from me. The clown is likely to be suspended for that knee drop. FIRST GAME BACK!!!!!!!

    • Hopefully SJ wont need a rest later in the year for general soreness…Hes had half the season off already.

  • I had all five with Johnson as captain. Probably explains my score of 2234. Great week.

  • Voted for Pendles, 1st week in my side so happy with that.
    I’d like to put in a special mention for Danger too. I’m sure most would be upset at a lowly 70 from him but after looking seriously like being injury subbed very early on, (14 or so), to stay out there taking marks and kicking a goal to scratch out a 70 was a big effort. Very handy points.

  • SJ for me. Captained him and beat top of the ladder in one of my paid leagues who had previously only lost the one game.

  • Sad Fyfey missed out but seeing as that happens gotta give it to Rocky, Vossy unleashed the beast!

  • I nominate myself for the golden dildo, with Titchell (113) on my bench & Sam Mitchell (56) on field.

  • Pendle’s surely deserves it, I don’t think anyone expected him to score more than 110 against Van Berlo and other taggers, as for Stevie J – we all knew he was going to go Bang!

    • Will

      Yeah I noticed VB went from pendles to swanny some time around the second half. Swan had 22 disposals to half time, guess the crows wanted to shut him down a bit. Backfire with pendles going nuts after that

  • pendles. wasn’t even just about the stats/numbers, his game was insane, pure class.

  • How can Stevie J even be nominated when he goes and gets suspended that’s a dog act and a slap in the face more than a stubby award.