DT Talk State of Origin Leagues: Round 15

stateoforiginIt’s been a few weeks so it is time to have an update on how our State of Origin Leagues are going.  We are doing pretty well with the DT TALK WA League sitting 3rd overall!  Well done guys.

It looks like Western Australia headed by TBetta have pretty much got this wrapped up with my South Australian guys firmly holding down second.  However, third place seems to be up for grabs with Tasmania, Vic and Qld only having a difference of 6 points in their league’s average scores!  I am sure that Douth and McRath will do all they can to get their groups to chase down Aki’s Tassie guys!

Great news for Griff as his guys have moved up above NSW!  Whilst Janine and her Rugby lead guys are off watching some other state of origin thing between cockroaches and something called a maroon, is that short for macaroon, they are tasty!



Western Australia 3rd
South Australia 20th
Tasmania 88th
Victoria 99th
Queensland 120th
ACT & NT 209th
New South Wales 313th



DT Talk WA Rd15DT Talk SA Rd15DT Talk Tas Rd15DT Talk Vic Rd15DT Talk Qld Rd15DT Talk ACT Rd15DT Talk NSW Rd15




  • Devo at not getting in to DT Talk SA, would slot nicely into the top 5. Great Job blokes from WA keep at it.

  • Thanks Dunny. Loving being a part of DT Talk WA this season. Massively competitive league, makes for some tight head to head contests. Cheers to Tbetta for giving Daneomite a crack, and bad luck on the Stokes/Franklin sized donut in our vs this week mate!

  • Nice work Dunny. ACT/NT is on the rise.

  • WA boys strutting their stuff! Keep it going Westralia!!

  • Cheers Dunny. Leading the charge for QLD but think we are a bit far back now.

    Go WA though, great rank.

  • Hey!… No mention of DT Talk INTL? Currently ranked 224th, which tops DT Talk NSW and is just one point short of ACT&NT’s average with 1,949. We’re doing this with one hand tied behind our backs with Lockouts and last minute team changes that happen in the middle of the night, no access to popular footy shows, and staying up until 2am (at least for me in California) to watch games on bootlegger websites. Extremely grateful to DT Talk for setting up our league and giving us a go at the comp – just don’t forget about us!

  • I’m also proud of how DT TALK Big V is doing. Currently we are sitting 65th.

  • DT Talk VIC Country is ranked 57th

  • What do you have to do to get into these leagues. This is my second year of DT and I love it. Would love to be in some competitive leagues.

    • I’m ranked 1157 and averaging 2027. So not going too badly. Ironically I am only 6th in my main league, even though I top the points by 300, somehow manage to get huge scores when I play spuds, but mid range scores against opponents who get a score massively above their average to beat me by 10 points lol

  • DT Talk ex pats are currently 36th. Go America!

  • The other DT Talk SA is currently ranked 33.

  • Where’s NIX’s team?