Round 16 Lockout Discussion

lockoutmultiRound 16 lockout is here for the AFL’s Multi-Cultural Round.

The big trades this week involve getting rid of the injured Jobe Watson for a lot of coaches, but for those who dumped Steve Johnson when he was suspended a fortnight should be looking at getting him back in.

Discuss the round as it unfolds… keep everyone updated in the comments on your progress. We won’t be able to update this post like we have the last few weeks, so make sure you post any news in the comments.

Good luck this week!


This is a reminder for those playing AFL Fantasy Match Day that the next game is this round… the Western Derby (WC v Freo). Pick your team of 8 from the match today to take on the DT Talk 2200 DT Talk coaches in our league for your chance to win a $50 voucher thanks to


We are lucky enough to have sponsoring our DT TALK league. They’ll be giving away $50 vouchers to the top unique* team of each match day game in our league.

We have a $50 voucher to give away to the top unique* team in our league for this game of the AFL Fantasy Match Day competition, the West Coast v Fremantle Western Derby.


* Top unique team means the highest scoring AFL Fantasy Match Day team for the round that doesn’t have the same score as anyone else in the DT Talk/Meathead League. Eg. If 10 people finish on top with the same amount of points for the round and the person in 11th is one point behind, but no one else with that score, they will be deemed the winner.



  • Finally, JPK gets some marks and a proper DT score follows. Pity he was benched for me for the first time all year.

  • Going to lose the top of the table clash in one of my leagues because of titchell. When he was on 28 i had a 180 point lead, now i have a 100 point league and it’s Hibberd vs Ibbo and Priddis, fair to say im going to lose. -.-

  • titchell for pig status?

  • T.Mitchell for Golden Stuby 72 points in a quarter and 6 seconds!

  • Stanton must be the biggest roller coaster for his owners. Had 15 pts after about 10 seconds, on 18 after another 30mins. He’ll end up on about 70 or 125.

  • Since i got Kieren Jack at 520, 000 he has scored 105, 86, 91 and now 78… Not a happy man
    Titchell at least didnt make me feel like a retard for benching Cotchin this week.

    • +1 got jack two weeks earlier than you, but it looks like u’ll have to bench jack, jack is going backwards now while cotchin is going forward before u know it cotchin will be around 480k while jack will be 390k. Dt for you.

      • Cotchin has been poor all year, one good game against the Suns is nothing. Besides, Tigers have Freo, Swans and Hawks coming up.

        Willing to bet Jack won’t get tagged next week against the Weagles.

    • exact same as me mate, and only reason I got him as i NEEDED some consistency and was meant to be my safe 100 each week

  • Suban out Sutcliffe in (sub)
    No late changes for west coast :)

  • HROVAT!!!

  • Wow, hrovat 79 not even HT.

  • Hrovat is having a huge game!

    • Aaaaand he’s all on our benches.

      • Atleast he will start to make some decent cash.

      • Should have played him instead of jack. He’s already past his score in a half of footy.

        • Yeah, maybe you should play Hrovat on the field over Jack next week. Tell me how that goes for ya!

          • Yea that wouldnt to wise would it, but jack has being consistent all year and probably best stick to the premos.

  • The vat !

  • I knew the Vat had it in him ….Go you good thing lol

  • Bit of a barmy weekend.

    I have Rowe + Nicholls both outscoring Goldstein + McEvoy. Staker outscoring Bartel, Titch (after a slow start) scoring much better than an injured Dangerfield + K.Jack, Hrovat 20 points ahead of Griffen at half time, and Clisby outscoring both Terlich and Harlett.

    Easily a couple hundred more points! The bench showing my starters how to do it.

  • So is Crowley tagging Priddis?

  • Someone watching the derby?

    Please tell me Crowley isn’t tagging Priddis? :/

  • Priddis seems to be breaking the tag?

  • I’m an idiot… traded out McVeigh two weeks ago, proceeds to get 126 and 132 in the next two weeks while Gibbs who I traded in gets 60 and 78 :(

  • Me: Priddis, Fyfe, Ibbotson

    Him: Griffen + 171

    Who wins?

  • Loving my trade of the year. Naitanui out, winderlich in.

    Top score this week is gonna be huge!!

  • Is anyone else doing really bad this round as well?

  • Hrovat, Crouch and nicholls fattening up on the bench makes me happy!!

  • I dont know how much money Freo paid the umps but it seems to be paying off (no pun intended ;))

    • Lol, that walters Fk decision was outrageous.

      • Silvagni and Dawson were holding Darling and JJK a lot of times. Probably was equated to about 6 or 7 goals which could his won us the match, plus some holding the ball decisions and all 50/50 decisions went there way.
        Plus Waters, Hurn, Selwood brothers, Mcginnity, Sheppard, Kerr, Shuey and Wellingham all in our best 22 are out compared to like Duffield and Mcpharlin for Freo. So fucking pisssssed!

        • Dont want excuses mate we want results hahaha na but seriously there were plenty of calls that went west coast way aswell , if both teams were at full strength would have been an even better match but either way good game of footy to end the week

  • What would par be?
    2200 give or take 25 points?

  • Hutchings with 16 tackles!!

  • Lost my eliminator by 12..


  • 2422.

    Best score of the year for me. Wasted against bottom place in my main league.

  • Freo cheats

  • Whats par around 2100?