Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 16

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What a great week it was and this week could be even better. I was a little gutted when Gaz was pulled out of the game last week, as I really wanted to see if my gutsy head to head battle with my him and my #1 pick in O’Keefe would have paid off. Personally, I think it would have. Either way, enough about me and how talented and good looking I am and more about Rd. 16 captains. This week I have broken down to the top 5 players for the week like MC Hammer broke it down in 1990… check it.

Gary Ablett

Likes: It’s Gary Ablett. He’s a gun and can be massive at any moment. He’s averaging 129 in his last 5 this year and at the end of the day… he’s paying $1.80 for the Brownlow. Star.
He’s sore and didn’t play last week. Gaz scored 128 (33d) on the Tigers last year and avoided all tags as Jackson didn’t play. Jackson will play this week after holding Swallow to just 74 last week. Gaz also had 101 on them in 2011… but will he even play?

Ryan O’Keefe

Likes: It’s the ROKstar who was my #1 last week who dominated Melbourne for a nice 128. He’s averaging 115 in his last 5 games this year and plays the GWS who he had 116 on earlier this year and a nice 125 in 2011. He has a lowest score of 114 in his last 4 runs this year and should be great again.
The tags from the Giants. Many premos have failed Vs the Giants this year. Can be risky.

Michael Barlow

Likes: Over his career against the Eagles, Barlow has averaged 109 from 5 games. He had 126 on them in Rd. 1 of this year and scored 111 last week… his lowest score in his last 6 games. He’s on fire. He’s averaged 117 in his last 3 this year and is an outright jet.
Nothing, he just might be as big as Swanny or Stevie.

Stevie Johnson

Likes: Likes? Try… I love the fact that Stevie is back and meets the Demons. Over the last 2 years, Stevie’s 2 biggest DT scores against everyone are the 2 scores he got against Melbourne. Yep… he had 163 (35d, 10m, 3g) on them last year and a huge 171 in 2011. Watch out!
It’s very minor and insignificant as he will be fine, but he hasn’t cracked the 100+ mark at Simonds in his last 5 games there. Plus, how will he return after having 2 weeks on the sidelines. The latter I see as a positive as he will be fresh and hasn’t been out injured (like Gaz)… but my crystal ball can be deceiving at times. Back him in if you want cause he will be huge.

Dane Swan

Likes: I really like the fact that he scored a mega 163 last week. Yeah he did have 73 before that but let’s not forget the 137, 130 and 130 he has scored in his last 5 this year (avg. 127). Last week, Dalziell (124), Priddis (120) and Masten (112) scored well against the Crows. In the weeks before this, Prestia (157), Gaz (109), Deledio (129) and Grigg (116) all found the scoring easy. Swanny finds himself back at the MCG on a Friday night (again) to replicate the 163 he had there last week. Safe bet!
Will Nathan Buckley sit him forward or will he be played where he loves scoring points? Hopefully he is let free and I’m tipping he will. The other slight concern is that he didn’t play the Crows last year and only posted 94 on them in 2011. This was through the ‘Arizona Era’ where Swan averaged just 96 over Rounds 6 to 11. During this period, Swan was injured and unfit (oinky) and was shipped off to Arizona in Rd. 12. Therefore… there is no relevant history against Adelaide for us to analyse. At the end of the day… I’m on board! Grab the pig and let’s OINK him together!

Just Quickly…

Kieren Jack Vs GWS @ the SCG: Had 91 last week against Melbourne and averages 116 in his last 3 games against the Giants. Should be great!

Scott Pendlebury Vs Adelaide @ the MCG: Carries a lowest score of 108 in his last 4 this year and has only dropped under the 90 mark once this season. Had 88 on the Crows in 2012.

Trent Cotchin Vs Gold Coast @ Cazalys Stadium: Scored his first 100+ last week in his last 9 games. Why am I even mentioning him? DT is not his game in 2013.

Joel Selwood Vs Melbourne @ Simonds Stadium: Didn’t play the Demons last year but had a massive 178 on them in 2011… and had 110 and 105 before that. Back in some form with 128 last week and should be good on him home track Vs Melbourne!

Patrick Dangerfield Vs Collingwood @ the MCG: Averages 108 in his last 3 this year but hasn’t scored over 80 against the Pies in his career of 5 games.

Brett Deledio Vs Gold Coast @ Cazalys Stadium: Scored 141 and 119 against the Suns with both games actually being played at Cazalys. Very interesting.

Jimmy Bartel Vs Melbourne @ Simonds Stadium:  Only had 75 on them last year before being tagged and then vested out of the game. He had scores of 127 and 67 before that against them.

Ryan Griffen Vs Essendon @ Etihad Stadium: Only had 86 last week but is still averaging 127 in his last 5 this year. But wait for it… he scored 67 on Essendon last year and has only cracked a ton against these guys once in 2009… his first and only 100+ score against them in his career of 11 games. OUCH.


Who will you have as your captain for Round 16?

  • Dane Swan (50%, 1,406 Votes)
  • Stevie Johnson (34%, 978 Votes)
  • Michael Barlow (3%, 75 Votes)
  • Ryan O'Keefe (1%, 42 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (8%, 228 Votes)
  • Bartel or Selwood (1%, 35 Votes)
  • Kieren Jack (1%, 27 Votes)
  • Someone Else (2%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,838

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  • Swanning for me this week. OINK

  • where’s jeppa’s juniors this week?

  • StevieJ for me!

  • Dam your tidbit about Deledio’s scores at Cazalys… just benched him for Titchell on the field… but now u got me all rethinking n shit

  • No Ebert?

  • Im thinking about going Brent Stanton against the Dogs, could you give me just a short history of him against the Western Bulldogs? Thanks

    • Don’t go Stanton! He can easily get 50s and 60s if he is tagged and with Watson out Stanton will be first tagged every game.

    • 111, 138, 153, 83 and 118 in his last five. Surely it is not that hard to do your your own research. Takes all of two minutes.

    • he has a great record against them but I would be worried as surely with Watson out one of lower and picken will tag stanton, especially after how well he played against port.

      • Picken hasn’t played the last 2…..depends if they pick him or leave him in the VFL!!

    • mate, stanton should be good assuming he plays and hopefully isnt tagged. in his whole career against them (9 games), he has only not scored 100+ once and that was in 2010. his scores against bulldogs from most recent first are: 111, 153, 138, 83, 118, 101, 115, 121, 106. So his average against WB is 116 across his whole career! Definitely good captain option!!

  • Still deciding between Swan and Johnson.. Hmmmm

    • Me too, how could I bet against Calvin? Bu I think stevie…. Course I went swan as C last week so I guess that’d be twice in a row

  • Pendlebury for me. No risk of getting put forward. Shouldn’t get tagged. Plays against a depleted Adelaide crows at the mcg. Easy choice.

  • Who should i get out of Stanton, ROK, Montagna and Cornes?

    • Montagna or Kornes!

    • This is not a trading article, it’s Calvin’s Captains. Have some respect for the person who gives his time and research to provide you good information.

    • I’m in the same boat and have gone ROK.
      Stanton – on fantasy freako’s article it says he only averages 75 I think. Also with Watson out Stanton should be getting more attention.
      Montagna – I think he should do well and I almost went him myself.
      Cornes – Doesn’t have a high ceiling but gets consistent scores. Only scores well when port play well(I’m a port fan).
      Rok – high ceiling, great form, always does well in second half of the season.

  • Aaarrrggg. Nice work Calvin. Oink oink, Swannie to go back to back – I’ll be happy with a 120+.

  • Good stuff, Calvin! “[Daniel] Jackson has a sore right ankle and will need treatment – he will be limited at training.” GAJ would become a real option if he is out.

    • Not if the wet weather hits the Gold Coast likes its supposed to. Gaz running around on a heavy ground after a calf injury doesn’t sound to promising to me.

      • Not sure the Gold Coast weather will have much of an effect in Cairns…

        • +1, people these days.

        • The suns are expecting wet and greasy conditions. That’s from the afl website. I couldn’t give a fuck where it is being played but that’s enough to scare me off of a bloke coming back from a calf injury you wankers

  • Why doesn’t ebert get no mention. I know there playing the hawks but he has been smashing it. Poor bloke don’t get the kutas he deserves. Lock in the pig.

  • Stevie J for me, as I love Rollercoasters.

  • Got all of the big 5.. happy days. Oink for me

  • Another great article Calvin.
    Cant choose between the pig and SJ this week. Leaning towards SJ because of Nathan Vosskley.

  • stanton should be good this week assuming he plays and hopefully isnt tagged. in his whole career against them (9 games), he has only not scored 100+ once and that was in 2010. his scores against bulldogs from most recent first are: 111, 153, 138, 83, 118, 101, 115, 121, 106. So his average against WB is 116 across his whole career! Definitely good captain option!!

  • Brilliant article this week Calvin! I’ve had a shocking run with captains last 2 weeks, Swans 73 and Watsons 16 OUCH!! For me it comes down to Swanny, Jack or SJ this week and am going to bite the bullet and lock in SJ. Although Lids looks tempting on paper, I locked him in once earlier this year and he scored about 80 so just can’t go there. Bottom line; if you’re planning on locking in SJ this week… DON’T!!! Given my luck with picking captains lately you DO NOT want to follow in my footsteps!

  • Oh btw Calvin I don’t hear you mention Cornes much who’s slaying it. Please consider summarising him a bit more especially if he keeps his form up. Other than that, this article and Jeppas Juniors are by far my faves and are an awesome read each week! Cheers!

  • Do you guys think that with beams back in and being named in the foward line that swan might get a bit more mid time?

    • I think it could mean more forward time for Swan. Doesn’t really matter where they’re named.

  • Flipped a coin over swan and stevie J, Swanny gets the nod #Oink

  • Dammit I still have no idea who to captain…

    Every time I look at a player I imagine some big number like 145 hanging above their heads…

    Stevie J, Joel Selwood, Ryan O’Keefe, Swanny…Argh…

    What do I do? Flip a coin?

  • Put all their names in a hat and pluck one out! ;)