Golden Stubby – Round 15



Golden Stubby – Round 15

Another complete carnage round starting with GAJ getting pulled out before lockout and Watson doing his collarbone on 16 points. So he stepped up to fill those and other voids this week? Who gets your Golden Stubby vote?

As always the players below are selected from the number of nominations received through twitter.


The Nominations are in:

Dane Swan – 163 – Swan came out with a vengeance this week, but lets be honest, in hindsight he always smashes it after a bad score or two! For those who were lucky enough to pick up his score as their VC score I’m incredibly jealous!

Dean Terlich – 107 – This was the 3rd ton in row for Terlich since pushing up the ground more. He’s becoming a very handy points pick up in our backlines!

Tom Mitchell – 104 – For the coaches who heard the GAJ withdrawal news in time, most were forced to play Mitchell on field. This juniour gun fired once again, he’s now one of only 3 Swans to be averaging 100 this year!

Joel Selwood – 128 – Captain courages put on a clinic this week after having his colours lowered to Crowley last week. Leading the way with his usual head over the ball and adding an 7 tackles!

Brent Stanton – 126 – Gave coaches a heart attack after going off injured but played on through injury (obviously for his fantasy coaches) to notch up an incredible score!


So who get’s your vote this week?

Golden Stubby - Round 15

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  • B.Goodes ? IS DA MAN !!

  • OINK OINK!!!

  • Pfft, why would someone who’s owned by almost half the league be the golden stubby winner? For me Stanton getting 126, while injured for the last ten minutes, and who’s owned by only 7% of teams, is far more deserving. So is Terlich.

    Swan and Mitchell are owned by everyone, and J.Selwood is a disgrace to AFL, but meh, democracy shines I suppose :p

    • Everyone ducks these days so get over it. It’s a part of footy and Selwood knows how to take advantage of it. no matter what it still requires strength in the arm to slip the tackle.

      • Like flooding, it’s an ugly part of football and as much as its within the rules IMHO its akin to staging and only something that you would do in the event you couldnt win your own ball. As for everyone doing it, have a look at the stats for free kicks recieved for high tackles over the last 4-5 years. 3 of the top 5 spots are Selwoods and 2 of them are light years ahead of the rest. More than a statistical anomaly for mine.

    • Yeah I dont think Swanny deserves it. Just delivered something that was long overdue. If he does it a couple more times I’ll change my tune.

      • Circumstances. The fact people had him VC when Ablett was C, then that’s worthy of a Golden Stubby.

        • I don’t agree with that rationale at all. Swan owes lots of DT coaches this season. That’s recompense for some ordinary efforts (by Swan standards), in my opinion. Terlich for me, or Stanton under duress to come back out twice.

          • lolwut? Swan doesn’t owe anyone anything. Lay off the shards mate.

          • Slurp! Perhaps D Day, you might want to crawl out of someone’s backside as well. I’m not suggesting he has to get down to the ANZ & sort out some mortgage repayments. Simply saying, that Swan has under performed this year. He has set extremely lofty standards for himself & this season he hasn’t come close to reaching them. Think it’s you who needs to put down the glass BBQ for a while, open a window & breathe some fresh air. People are entitled to opinion, clearly (& very happily), I don’t share mine with you

      • +1

    • Because 163. Is a 163.

      I voted Stanton myself

  • Clearly Stanton would be the most deserving, but ppl getting vc oink oink are going to oink.

    • Agreed RE Swan. People with a$$ luck who had him VC are going to vote for him, but in reality they’re kindve voting for themselves, as if to say it was a stroke of genius on their part.

  • Terlich for me. Third ton in a row (on my field). Means I’ve been able to sit him at D6 confidently and fix up other holes in my team.
    I don’t feel the Pig deserves a stubby for delivering something that was long overdue.

  • Terlich for me having a great first year ….where as we know Swannie is “the pig”

  • It was a great score by Swanny but the truth is we bought him at an average of 130 at the start of the year costing 688,000 and this is the first score that has actually gone over his 2012 average this year. While Terlich has got 3 consecutive tons as a rookie when back stocks are bare.

  • I don’t have Stanton but voted him because got such a great score even though he was injured and with his skipper out as well. Also everyone has Swan.

  • Of the nominees, I had only The Pig & Titch in my team. So I vote for the player who did the most for my team – pure self interest over holier than thou judgements about other players, no matter how worthy. And Warnie, what’s this about those lucky enough to pick up Swan’s score as VC? Sheer brilliance rather than luck (in the same way that my failure to get Terlich at rookie prices was stupidity that could cost me in the end).

  • The pig for me, even though I didnt have him has captain or VC. Was meant to have him as captain until I reversed trades then forgot to change them back. Nek minnit I get Cox VC score :(
    Honorable mention to Jobe. I would have lost if he didnt get injured early on.

  • It was between Pendles (VC) and Stanton for me, which makes the choice easy given Pendles isn’t listed. Got Stanton in for Vlastuin and was worried when he injured himself on 69 half way through the second (!), but managed to get another 57pts despite not playing for the last 8th of the game. Hopefully, he’ll be right for this week.

  • The ROK.
    Just brought him in and slapped the (C) on him!

  • I only have Swan and Mitchell out of those. I was always going to play Mitchell on the field so Swan for me.

  • Can I vote for all 5? Have all of them in my team!