Round 15 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatIt’s Round 15 and this week it looks like most coaches are getting some cash by bringing in Mitch Clisby for either Jackson Thurlow, Nick Vlastuin, Brett Goodes, Grant Birchall or Lewis Stevenson. Other popular trades see Ryan Griffen, Garrick Ibbotson and Jimmy Bartel coming into sides.

What trades have you made for this week?

As for Captains, Calvin didn’t release his Top 5 until the teams were announced and he’s locked in Ryan O’Keefe as his number one option. If you missed the captains, check them out now.

Discuss the round as it progresses and be sure to come back for updates including late outs, subs and other tips.

UPDATE: Saturday 6:17pm

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UPDATE: Friday 5:30pm

Calvin has put out his best AFL Fantasy bets tonight with Sportingbet (gamble responsibly).


  • Having clisby as my D6 until he fattens up :(

  • Just give Terlich the Golden Stubby NOW.

    • +1. I’d rather 22 terlich’s in my dt then 22 buddy’s or birchalls.

      • I’d rather have traded Vlastuin instead of him and Terlich! :(

  • Josh Kennedy 31 Disposals – 4 KICKS! 27 HANDBALLS!

  • Just refreshed my dream team to notice i lost 80 points or so?
    Priddis went from 120>49 and JJK 81>61 is this happening to just me or is dt being buggy atm?

  • Soooo how do I feel that my so called ‘premium’ in Nathan Fyfe, is getting beaten by a 3rd gamer playing as stay-at-home forward for the almighty and empowering St Kilda side?
    Not really that good… Rage trade!

    • He is on 49 at HT?

    • I was watching the game and he was notching up a lot of possessions (just hardly any tackles and no goals). So he wasn’t really getting beaten – 30+ disposals and a DT score of 101.

      Is he a top 8 DT mid? Probably not, but he’s handy.

      • Was good value at the start of the season and has probably done his job… upgrade time!

  • Never should have gone Terlich to Ellis in the bye weeks, killing me now!

    Also Max Gawn my R4 has got 100 and 96 in the last 2 weeks under Melbs new coach, doing better than my R1 & R2..

  • On a side not, im hoping for 2200 with a half left from Barlow and Fyfe, plus Hibberd, Goddard and Hep D to come, currently sitting on 1759!

  • Wow. The umpires love Port today.

  • Jobe Watson subbed out with his arm in a sling!

  • Now Watson has a shoulder injury, arm in a sling. What a f**ked week. Gibbs, Lids, Ellis, Ablett with no cover now, Stokes, Franklin, Jack as captain. Projected for week 2300, actual 1900 now, F**K OFF.

    • Ditto. Griff as C, Watson, subbed, This is the mostf**ked up week in the history of DT.

  • Carn Ibbotson and Fyfe!!! :D

  • Need some big points from ibbo fyfe and barlow now

  • I hope Goddard does not go to big because last week I had the VC on him for loophole and with Ablett my captain this week I think you get my drift.

  • Ellis subbed out, watson subbed out, gibbs shit, stokes shit, swallow shit, deledio shit, nic nat shit, bartel shit, buddy shit. I hate this fricken game!!!!!

  • Does anyone know how long Watson is expected to be out for?

  • thinking about 2014 DT already. Here’s a list of players u should avoid at all cost: Birchall, franklin, ellis, JPK, Murphy, robinson, hartlett, cotchin, burgyone, karnesis,zorko, watts. These guys are muppets. Feel free to add another 12 players and maybe we can develop a starting 22 on so called ‘premos’

    • Ahahaha are you kidding? God, Ellis got concussed…

      • Probably abit harsh considering how defenders have gone this year, but the rest for sure.

    • All those guys will be bargains next year mind you…..

      • Very good point Michael, but picking those guys is very risky. I bet u there pre-season form next yr will lure many into getting them.

        • Birchall will be #1 on my shopping list next season. I didn’t bring him in this year, but in years past he’s been very reliable for a backline player (so this year with his highs and super lows was a bit weird).

          Hartlett has also worked his way back into acceptable form for a cheap D6. You’d never have him in your mids but he’s going OK since his 3 game disaster run before. 86.8 average the last 5, and 92 over the last 3 (though going a bit average in today’s game).

          Zorko has been Voss’d all season. We know what he can do when he plays in the Mids. Rockliff suffering from simialr treatment.

          Murphy? Was in good form early but injuries and Carlton’s average form haven’t helped.

          Ellis is a second year player, enough said. Franklin doing a Cloke, why on earth would you have Watts + Burgoyne, and yeah the rest are pretty average or having a surprisingly poor year (Cotchin)

          • Watts could have averaged 100 this year if he was playing as the loose man in defence. He was averaging 26 disposals a game playing in that position…

        • I think guys like Cotch, Murphy, Ellis and maybe even Birchall and Hartlett have plenty of upside but the others I wouldn’t touch

        • In other words, I think more of these guys could be on the radar if cheap than you’d think. Others, well, you should know better :P

    • Redden? He has underperformed quite a lot this year. What about Greg Broughton?

  • Now Stanton is injured! This is my worst week ever!

  • WTF is up with Ibbotson???

  • 16 from Jobe…. Faaaaaark.

    Feel sorry for the bloke who had Ablett as C and Jobe as VC D:

  • this week my uniques were
    me with
    Neade (emergency for Ablett)

    O’meara (emergency)

    I need 13 points more from neade to win and I feel like he might not do it. I’m really annoyed considering my team is much better and many small things went against me.

  • Jeez, I thought Ablett out and Griffen’s poor score as captain vs my opponent’s Swan VC + having to play Ben Kennedy (SJ & N.Roo on bench) was a bad week. However it seems 2007 with a half from Harlett, Heppell, and Goddard to go is a decent week afterall!

  • Goldstein – 85
    Deledio – 75
    Franklin – 57
    Roughhead – 78
    Ibbotson – 76
    Gibbs – 60
    Swallow – 74
    Stokes – 67
    Bartel – 76
    Cox – 66
    Kennedy – 83
    Watson – 16


    • 85 for a ruckman (Goldstein) isn’t bad. 78 from another (assuming roughy is in the rucks for you) is pass.

      The rest? Yeah, that’s a dud week.

    • Ellis -18

  • Have gone from a projected score of 2407 to a projected score of 1999.

    And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what really grinds my gears.

    • Even I was projected for 2374 this week, and my score will likely be about 2100-2150, so you can’t take much out of the projections.

  • Par this week?

  • 2125 with a half from stanton, heppell, hartlett, goddard

  • Gabblett my C
    Watson my VC

    Oh Boy Wowee!!
    I Love DT!!

    • That’s actually pretty funny… but don’t get me wrong, I feel for ya! I’ve pulled a Homer and got Goddard as VC.

  • I’m feeling your pain Mark!

  • Stanton you are a legend!

  • Buddy,Watson,Ellis shocking….buddy to inconsistent gotta go…Watson to go as well

  • What’s par? I am thinking about 2100-2200 or so.

      • …I am a lot off, right?

        • Lots of scores will go under 2000 and those who avoided most of the carnage will go 2100+. I would say 2050-2125.

          • I was hit with a 34 from O’hailpin and a 19 from Mckenzie. I will still hit 2100. One person who avoided the carnage is going to hit about 2500. Basically, people who were hit with carnage will still hit 2100

  • Stanton for Golden Stubby, what a legend for standing up like he is when injured, you go son!

  • Watson trade for Stanton this week

  • Par score for this round?

  • need 25 points from neade to win… he’s on 15 with less than 2 mins left.

  • Any point in bring Terlich back in this week? Seems as consistent as any other defender!

    • I’m thinking Grimey… good return to the fray really

    • I think I’m going to go MJ instead, Dockers have a good run and it just pains me to have to trade terlich back in.

  • Ellis f#ck you and Watson I bought u in this week for the first time ever.… A SERIOUS F#CK YOU !!!!!

  • Goddard,Hep D,Gibbs,Ibbo,Hanley,Ellis (Clisby)
    GAJ,Swan,Pendlebury,Jack,Stanton,Jelwood,Priddis,Tichell (McKenzie)
    Cox,Kruzer (Nicholls)
    Bartel,Martin,Rockcliff,JJK,Buddy,Macaffer (Staker)

    Help with trades: Buddy > Steve J
    leaves 285 500 for second trade what do you think?