ESPN Fantasy… looking ahead to Round 15

espnfootyfeaturedWith 14 rounds down, I thought we’d take a look at where we are in the EPSN Footy Tips competition. Personally, I’m currently ranked 165th with a total score of 21,282. This sits me a fair way off the overall leader who is sitting pretty on top with a total of 23,957.

Yeah… I’ve come to the realisation that I won’t be catch Mark Davey anytime soon but I can set myself up to make a charge at a top 100 ranking by the end of the season and this is how I will do it.

A Good Run Home

Get ready to load up on teams who have an easy run home and start your recruiting with some Gold Coast and Fremantle players. These guys have a nice run home and should score many points. In their last 4 games of the year they both play the GWS, Melbourne, Port and St Kilda.

If you are after an instant quick return then maybe look at Essendon players who have a nice run over the next 3 weeks with Port, Bulldogs and GWS. Brisbane have a nice run from Rd. 15 onwards too with the Suns, Roos, Melbourne, Port, St Kilda, Richmond, GWS and the Bulldogs.

Rookie Watch

Over second half of the year, we will see many teams who can’t make the AFL finals start throwing forward some rookies to give them a taste of the big league ready for 2014. As we are well aware, these guys can be bought for just $1. So dumping a rookie in your team for these guys and using that money to upgrade an existing player is vital.

The Star (Captain)

Obviously, a captain scores you double points.  Staying tuned to this site for the greatest article written by yours truly (wink wink) is the best way to get the ‘heads-up’ on who to go with each week is very important. So why don’t we have a sneaky look at the main man Gary Ablett for this week.

Gary Ablett plays the Lions who he had 105 on earlier this year with 4 scores under 110 against them in his last 5. He usually finds the tag of Raines difficult. But… Raines hasn’t played in the last 2 weeks so watch Thursday night teams to see if he’s named. Ablett might be free against them for the first time in years.

Ryan Griffen is another man who might be awesome as well. He had 124 on GWS last year at Manuka Oval where he plays this week. He had 136 last week and has averaged 138 in his last 4 this year. Wow!

All the best for the remainder of the year and make sure you’re cheering me on as I attempt to make a run at the top 100.


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  • Cheers Calv.

    I was doing pretty well at 62 overall, until I spent a week away on holiday and asked my brother to manage my team (in a bye round with 5 trades..).. Nek minnit, he forgot to hit ‘save’ and I’m back to 108 :(

    I’ve slowly clawed my way back to 86 overall.
    I’ve brought in Tippet for Nick Riewoldt this week, giving me a few dollars to upgrade the injured Duffield to Malceski.

    Current team value $191, almost double the starting budget. Got to love $1 rookie system on there!