Round 14 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatWith the partial lockout this week, we had to be onto our teams from Thursday – subbing back on our Bombers and making sure the Eagles players were in position (unlike my Dad… oops!). With popular selections Grant Birchall, Steve Johnson and Michael Barlow all out, this trading week has been very interesting. Discuss the round in the comment.

Over 15% of trades this round have involved getting Grant Birchall out with Bryce Gibbs, Garrick Ibbotson and Dyson Heppell the popular choices. Brett Goodes (wrist injury) and Steve Johnson (2 week suspension) have been dumped by coaches this week too.

Discuss the round as it unfolds.

UPDATE: Sunday 3:34pm

The Champion Data servers are down… pretty crazy Sunday of no DT stats. Pad and pen anyone?

UPDATE: Sunday 3:20pm

UPDATE: Sunday 11:44am

UPDATE: Sunday 10:22am

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UPDATE: Saturday 6:33pm

UPDATE: Saturday 3:15pm

UPDATE: Saturday 1:11pm

UPDATE: Friday 7:41pm

UPDATE: Friday 6:33pm

UPDATE: Friday 6:00pm

Final ins and outs for Sunday teams.

Hawthorn Vs Brisbane
Sunday, 1:10pm (AEST)
Aurora Stadium

In: Brendan Whitecross, John Ceglar, Isaac Smith
Out: Grant Birchall, Brent Guerra, Max Bailey

In: James Polkinghorne
Out: Sam Mayes

North Melbourne Vs GWS
Sunday, 3:20pm (AEST)
Etihad Stadium

North Melbourne:
In: Robbie Tarrant, Jack Ziebell
Out: Liam Anthony, Sam Wright

In: Stephen Gilham, Liam Sumner, Nick Haynes
Out: Josh Bruce, Stephen Coniglio, Lachie Plowman

Richmond Vs St Kilda
Sunday, 4:40pm (AEST)

In: Orren Stephenson, Jake Batchelor
Out: Ivan Maric, David Astbury

St Kilda:
In: Nathan Wright
Out: Tom Simpkin


  • Burgoyne Subbed.

  • All the stats have at 19 minute mark, what’s going on?

  • The AFL website fails again! It has been half-time for a while now and the AFL site (and DT site) stopped updating at the 19:03 minute mark of the second quarter. :(

    I hope they fix it soon.

  • to go from a projected 300 point win in eliminator to a loss- unbelievable. Unless Buddy, Montagna and Goldstein can beat mitchell, zorko, staker, roo and 60


    Richmond: Matt White
    St.Kilda: Sam Dunell


    In: Matthew Arnot
    Out: Nick Vlastuin

    • Well that’s my score hammered for the weekend, a zero for vlastuin out. 3 times this year now where I’ve had 4 or more defenders out the same weekend.

      • Richmond are f**kwits first Ellis now Vlastuin why don’t they just say they are out on Thursday because they clearly know both we’re sore

        • Knew*

        • Had a feeling vlaustin was gonna be a late withdrawal , +his huge BE so I traded him out for gibs , then a again I maybe I should have f**ked off Burgoyne

  • I might not get 2000 Vlastuin out Rockliff is f**king shit, Lewis, Selwood, Duffy and Jack under par anyone else been so lucky.

  • Swallow doing shit.

  • Have Stevie J, A. Goodes, & Barlow on the bench (had other things to do this week). Had to play B. Kennedy (22), copped Duffield (51), Fyfe (76), Captain Swan (146 total), Rockliff being played as FF by that F&$#@@% Voss (63) + a few other under par scores (e.g. K. Jack/Goddard/Heppell with 96-89, Caff with a 60, etc).

    Will be lucky to hit 1900 this week. Hasn’t been a kind few weeks in DT land for me (byes were planned decently well structurally in terms of numbers, but late outs + injury bullets almost all hit). Was around the top 400 overall, now floating around the 2500 mark and sinking fast despite allegedly having full premo slots in all positons except for 1 mid and arguably a ruck (though that’s always a shot in a dark).

  • Cotchin having a great start, FINALLY! Been so long since I could be proud of paying 570k for him at the start of the season!

  • I’m going to have to do something about my back line. Vlastuin’s withdrawal left me with a donut (I have Goodes and Thurlow on the bench). I’m looking at bringing in Clisby for Thurlow and Ibbotson for Goodes. Then again I may also need to trade Mayes out to give me cover in the forwards.

    • Almost identical backline tale for me, except Scotland > Ibbotson probably for me.

  • Lift, Deledio! It’s an easy win, this is meant to be your speciality!

  • What do you guys reckon is par?

    • 2200-2300

      • 2300..not a chance in hell. I swear people don’t know what the meaning of par.

        • +1. more like 2100-2150. 2300 for those with the right combination of players not what everyone is expected to get.

        • Did u not see the “2200 “. To 2300 it was a guess ffs but hard to gauge when still a game going on

          • I’m just raging because I’ve fallen 350 below my projected score this week :) But seriously, the definition of par is really odd, par for a top 100 is different to a top 10000.

      • hope not i want to move up the rankings abit!

  • Are you serious Tom!

  • Made some rookie mistakes in DT this year bringing in players like ellis once a spud always a spud has 2-3 great games the rest crap abit like birchall/ hartlett.

    • +1 ellis was a crap get. I just needed him to score 74 to win a league match and he doesnt look like getting close

  • Well I’m looking at 1800 – 1825
    Only had 5 players equal or beat their predicted score, and have two donuts down back and forgot to do my second trade on Friday
    Think ill go from about 5000 to about 20000 at rounds wnd

  • Cotchin 65 HT ,85 FT piss weak useless 2hrs till he’s out of my team. i’ll take T.mitchell as my M8