Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 14

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This week we have the luxury of a LOOP HOLE. When the Thursday game starts, all West Coast and Essendon players will be locked in (You can not reverse trades after this time either).

EXPLANATION:  Simply… put your VC on someone playing in this game, such as Stanton/Cox/Watson/Priddis and if you like their score, place your ‘C’ on a player NOT playing (maybe Barlow/Currie). This will score you a 0 and the score from the VC is doubled and stays. Make sure you have also selected an Emergency in this position so their score replaces the 0 as well.  If you don’t like the score from your VC, then place your ‘C’ on another one of your superstars as you normally would. Easy hey!

Let’s check out your options from the guys who are playing in this LOOP HOLE game.

Loop De Loop Options

Personally, I’m looking at someone who has the ability to put my Captain option to shame. Someone to go BOOMSHAKALACKA and to make my decision to “Loop it” a no brainer. The score I’m looking for… is something around the 125 mark! We have a few that might do that. Goddard had 153 on the Suns last time he played this year but only had 87 on the Eagles in 2012. Heppell has been flying with back2back scores of 122 but he too struggled in 2012 against West Coast with 61. Watson scored well on them in 2012 (114pts) but hasn’t cracked the 100+ mark in his last 3 games this year. Stanton could be big. He had 140 on the Eagles last year and has posted a solid 109 at Patersons already this year. He’s had 3×140+ scores this year and can go BANG at anytime. Ummmm who else do we have? Priddis has only one score over 120 this year but is mega consistent with 6 score between 90-105. His team mate Dean Cox might be worth a thought though as he had 123 and 102 in his last 2 games this year and even had a nice 131 on the Bombers last year.

Top 5 VC Options

#1 – Brent Stanton
#2 – Brendan Goddard
#3 – Dean Cox
#4 – Dyson Heppell
#5 – Jobe Watson

Just Quickly…

Jimmy Bartel Vs FremantleHad 115 last week and carries a lowest score of only 98 on the Dockers in his last 8 games against them. He scored 111 and 110 on them last year and is a real smokie this week.
Ryan Griffen Vs Melbourne – The man is in hot form with scores of 133, 115 and 166 in his last 3 this year. He only had 66 on Melbourne last year but did have 115 and 115 before that. Even though he’s more of a SuperCoach scorer… his form is too hot.
Leigh Montagna
Vs RichmondKilled Melbourne last week for a huge 146 to average 116 in his last 3 this year (121 in his last 5). He had 111 on Richmond when these teams met in Rd. 2 of this year.
Andrew Swallow
Vs GWSScored 73 and 94 on these guys last year but did have 129 last week. He has only cracked the 120+ mark 3 times this year and when you compare that to Gaz (7) and Swanny (6) it doesn’t quite cut it.
Sam Mitchell
Vs BrisbaneHad 113 on Brisbane last year and scored 119, 105 and 132 on them before that. They are one of his favourites to score DT points on with 6×100+ scores in his last 7 games against them.
Kieren Jack
Vs CarltonHas a lowest score of just 99… in his last 9 games this year. Plays at the SCG this week where he has averaged 113 there in 2013 from 5 games. Tempting.
Scott Pendlebury
Vs PortMissed the tag of Cornes last year when they met as he went to Harry O who stood on the wing. Pendle might get the tag this time around though. He scored 124 that day and posted scores of 120 and 121 before that. With scores of 133 and 117 in his last 2 games this year, the great man will be good again.

Yes Sir, Yes Sir… Three Bags Full

These guys could all have a full bag of points this week and I’m talking around the 140+ mark.

Matthew Boyd plays Melbourne.

Do I need to say anymore? Montagna had 146 on them last week and most all players dominate them. But… that wasn’t the case in Boyd’s last 3 games against them as he has failed to crack the ton on each of these occasions. Amazing. I will turn my back on ‘history’ this week as I expect him to continue his hot form that saw him have 152pts last week.

Dane Swan has scored 137, 130 and 130 in his last 3 games this year and is the king pig of DT. He averages a massive 144 on Port in his last 5 games against them with scores of 134 (36d on Cassisi) last year and 155 and 137 in 2011. He scored that 155 at AAMI where he plays this week and even if it’s wet, he’s still like a pig in mud! OINK!

Gary Ablett had 136 in his last game this year and is still carrying a lowest score of 119 in his last 6. He had 110 and 136 on the Crows last year and even did better in 2011 when he had 142 and 156 against them. The last time the Crows played… the Sydney midfielders killed them. O’Keefe (145), Mitchell (144), Hannebery (136) and Jack (130) all had a day out which makes you wonder what Gaz will do to them at Metricon Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Will be big!

Swan averages 132 in his last 3 this year and averages 142 in his last 3 Vs Port
Ablett averages 132 in his last 3 this year and averages 129 in his last 3 Vs Crows

As you can see… splitting Swan and Gazza was near impossible this week (again). The deciding factor was how these guys came back after they had time off and missed a game due to an injury/bye/rest. Since 2011, Swan has averaged 127 when returning. Ablett just 101. But seriously it’s a flip of the coin. Both have form and history in their favour and both (along with Boyd) should be massive this week.

All the best and hook me up on Twitter anytime @CalvinDT


Who will you have as your captain for Round 14?

  • Dane Swan (42%, 1,089 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (45%, 1,169 Votes)
  • Matthew Boyd (7%, 170 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (1%, 15 Votes)
  • Ryan Griffen (2%, 55 Votes)
  • Leigh Montagna (1%, 30 Votes)
  • Someone Else (2%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,579

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  • Oink Oink!

    • hey Calvin, this may be stupid. but can you trade out a player playing on thursday night fro someone who is playing the enxt day and have both scores count? is this a genius idea or stupid!

  • Awesome article as always Calvin, it very much is a flip of the coin. Round 12 Gaz had 136, Swanny had 137 it doesnt get any closer than that. I’m going with Gaz he has let me down all yr.

    • Gee, bit harsh on GAJ there. Averaging 123 and that is classed as a let down. Boy, oh boy, WOWEE! :P

      • Lol sorry mate grammar error was meant to say hasnt let me down all yr had the C on him since 8. Lol only just noticed my typo.

      • Lol that is an awesone quote out of Brain Taylors notebook.

        • Haha, knew it was just a typo. Dion Prestia, the human meatball, from the Calder Cannons Football Factory is tackled by Big Boy McEvoy. Boy oh boy, here they come, Richo! Wowee!

          • lol mbrucie, i love when he and richo are at it. Lol don’t know if u watched the GC vs NM game where Richo suggested that NM concede a goal because they couldn’t get the ball past the centre circle hilarious.

          • Best commentary team going. By far

  • I like stanton for VC, has the potential to go BANG – hopefully a big 130+ from him
    otherwise keeping calm and locking swan

  • Thanks for the article Vin. Interesting read as always. Have the top 5 VC options and the Top 4 Captain options…sure most would!

  • thoughts on bringing in Stanton this week even though he has a high b/e just for the loophole?

  • news alert: appaz daniher in doubt for tommorows game!

    • Well things couldnt possibly get any worse then could they?.. Could they?

      *braces for all hell to break loose*

    • Said on twitter that he didnt board the plane he’s out.

      • i watched Daniher in the VFL a few weeks ago. He isn’t up to AFL standard by any stretch of the imagination. If Essendon want to do well this year best to keep him in the 2’s.

  • Cheers Calvin. Should have trusted you last week, my unique captain in Lids was a bit of a letdown. Minor typo by the way, Swallow is playing GWS (it says GC Suns) if you wanna tidy that up.

  • Thanks Calvin!

    Goddard VC, Swan C.

    Pretty easy choice for me with no Stanton and no Ablett!

    • No Gazza, ouch!

      • Yep, got put off by pre-season talk of him going forward. Since then I havent been able to reach his price to upgrade.

        • I actually avoided him as well due to those exact rumours. I picked him up after round six and his lowest score has been 119. Exquisitely timed trade (probably my only one of those).

  • IN
    Simon Tunbridge, Mark Hutchings, Brad Sheppard, Ashley Smith
    Blayne Wilson (Omitted) , Andrew Embley (Suspension) , Shannon Hurn (Ankle) , Scott Selwood (thumb)

    Tom Bellchambers, Courtenay Dempsey
    Joe Daniher (Omitted) , Heath Hocking (Calf)

    • Could be a massive DT game with the #1 tagger for each (Scooter/Hocking) injured.

    • Daniher out means I’m already reversing trades.. back to the drawing board.

    • IN
      Kevin Rudd
      Julia Gillard (Omitted)

      What are the Western Bulldogs going to do without their full forward this weekend? ;)

      • Hopefully kick it to my man Stringer. I would like a solid 100 from him this week.

  • Serious question Calvin. Can you give some justification for ignoring Boyd’s history? I can’t recall you ever doing this, even with Swanny or Gazza.
    Personally I thought Stevie J’s history should’ve been ignored last week.

  • Would go Stants if i had him for the Loop de Loop. Tossing up between Cox Hep God. Probably go Goddard.
    Cant wait for Cornes to go to the Fat Pig and grind him into the turf!
    First Vote for Pendles, how can that be?

  • Wow u must really hate swan or that u dont have him in ur team ?

  • Welcome to my team Mark Hutchins.

  • Any worry about Cornes tag for the pig? Or pretty certain he will go to pendels?

  • Does anyone know when we find the full teams for the whole weekend?
    plz help

  • 6.25 PM tommorrow night.

  • only because you said it was a coin flip Calvin, i am going with assistant coach and locking in Gazza, just so my projected score makes me a little happier!

  • I have Scooters Selwood, Stevey J, Barlow, Vlastuin(DEF) and Macaffer. Who should go this week and who to bring in? Thanks

    • selwood should be sideways swapped to jack, pendlebury or boyd or downgraded to hunter/kmart.
      i’d go selwood>jack/hunter depending on if u want points or money

  • If port come close to colling wood and cornea tags swan that could be trouble. Cornea tagged hannebery and he only got 13 touches. Could that be a worry?

    • hannebery is not as good as swan at breaking tags, i would not be worried im locking in the pig

  • Is Boyd a straight swap for scooter?

  • No Swan, no Ablett, looks like its Stanton for VC with Birchall for C. If that doesnt work than Swallow/Pendleburys my man.

    • Are you allergic to points or something? No swan or GAJ :/
      Also, Birchall is injured.

  • I know you have explained it perfectly, but just in case I manage to still stuff it up, is this what I should do?

    Use the loophole and put VC on Stanton/Goddard, and C on SJ

    If I like Stanton/Goddard’s score, I don’t need to change anything come Friday

    If I dislike Stanton/Goddard’s score, I then put the C on Swan/GAJ?

    thank you very much!

  • does anyone know if steve johnson successfully challenged his suspension?

  • I can still make trades after the rolling lockout right?

    Just cant reverse them

    Can someone help.

  • DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Scotland, Goodes, Vlastuin (Laird, Thurlow)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Barlow, Jack, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Priddis (Mitchell, Martin)
    RUC: Cox, Kreuzer (Blicavs, Nicholls)
    FWD: Bartel, Johnson, Rockliff, Kennedy, Franklin, Naitanui (Staker, Macaffer)

    190k remaining I need help with trades or improvements this week… I am ranked just outside the top 1000 and I was thinking of trading Thurlow to Clisby and Laird to Enright. However, now I have Barlow, Goodes and Johnson who may all not play, I also have Vlastuin, Goodes and Macaffer who are ripe for trading. What do you guys think???

    • Laird to De Boer using Staker (especially with Stevie J out for 2), Vlaustin or Goodes to Ibbotson. Haven’t done the maths to see if you can afford it, but that’s what I’d do… stock up on Freo, they have a dream run home!

  • Hi Kalvin,

    How does the loophole work?

    Jks – Stants v/c with the big C on GAJ if he misfires :)

  • Heya guys. I haven’t done the loophole for a fair while so just re-checking all will be ok.

    My reason for questioning is that I can’t guaranteed anyone will not to play except S.Selwood and Stevie.J.

    I have Goddard, Priddis and Cox so I think I will go Cox for VC but who out of B. Goodes (injured), Laird, Thurlow, K.Martin, Rowe, B, Kennedy should be my first game C and where on the ground should they go.

    • From my understanding as long as you put a C on someone not playing tonight then you can always change the C tomorrow night when the full teams are named.

  • Can you make one of your two trades that will include a player plaing tonight and then make the other trade after tonight’s game? If that is the case then after tonight’s game will I be able to reverse the other trade as it does not include a player from WCE or Dons?

    • No reversals after lockout tonight.

      • So I can make one trade now and one tomorrow? Just won’t be able to reverse tomorrow’s trade?

        • Thats right. The trade involving WCE or ESS players do before partial lockout tonight.

          You will then have one non reversable trade to make tomorrow.

          Also note that the positions and C or VC you put on any WCE or ESS players will also be locked in after partial lock out tonight.

  • Still the best article on this website.

    Going with Watson for the Loophole. I think Jobe is a dead set champion and I expect him to have a huge game after all of the drug controversy this week.

    Swan as captain if Jobe scores less than 130.

  • Riewoldt or cloke ? Money isn’t an issue

  • Can’t wait to see the awesome score my loophole captain, Darren Glass, pumps out…predicting a massive 164×2 from him

  • Thank god the two trades I did last night are actually yet the ones I want to do… Wake up to see there is no reverse trades button… Rookie mistake