Round 13 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatmbrHave you got Tom Mitchell in your team? If not, what rock are you living under?! If you didn’t get him a couple of weeks ago, then he is priority number one this week and thousands of DT coaches have brought him in to be one of the most traded in players of all time!

Mitchell is brought in via 8 of the 10 most popular trades with premium midfielder Kieren Jack and Michael Barlow the next best options. Almost 10% of the trades completed this week see Jaeger O’Meara departing teams.

Discuss the round and your decisions in the comments. This post will update over the weekend with subs, late changes and other DT things.

UPDATE: Saturday 6:24pm

UPDATE: Saturday 3:40pm

UPDATE: Saturday 12:19pm

UPDATE: Saturday 12:19pm

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UPDATE: Friday 5:25pm

In: Jonathon Brown, Daniel Merrett, Brent Moloney
Out: Andrew Raines, Rohan Bewick, Niall McKeever

In: Harry Taylor, Taylor Hunt, Steven Motlop, Mark Blicavs
Out: Jackson Thurlow, Mitch Brown, Trent West, Billie Smedts

In: Michael Walters, Matthew Taberner
Out: Hayden Crozier, Alex Silvagni

North Melbourne:
In: Liam Anthony, Levi Greenwood
Out: Will Sierakowski, Scott McMahon


  • LAD anyone who got Mundy i told everyone to stay away but some ppl wouldnt listen.


    Brisbane: Ryan Harwood
    Geelong: Jesse Stringer


  • 13 minutes in… barlow on 0….

  • Barlow 28 already? wasn’t he on 0 halfway though the first quarter?

  • Should i trade Brandon Ellis to Pearce Hanley depending on how he goes today or Macaffer-Daniher?

    • Hanley is struggling as he has been copping a lot of attention!
      Keep Ellis and Go Macaffer to Daniher.

      • Voss has moved Hanley as far away from the action possible – The Brisbane Lions forward line!!

    • I don’t think Daniher is a must have. He is a rare fwd downgrade.

  • Going Stevie as Captain over Barlow is going well so far…
    Barlow already on 65 and it’s not even half time

  • I was getting worried with Barlow(C) on 0 with 8 mins to go in 1st qtr. Now on 65 with 8 mins to go in 2nd.Good there Barlow

  • Cheers to the mong that convinced me at the 11th hour Barlow would not have a good game against North. Captain Jack instead :/

  • Narrowed down my trade choices to
    Thurlow > Ibbo
    Jom > Boyd
    Jom > Martin
    Jom> Hrovat.

    Went with the last one. FMDT.

    • Yeah I got sucked into Hrovat as well. My trade would have been Robbo > NRoo.

  • Is Rocky being played as a deep forward again?

  • Who brought in Duffield over Enright in R10? Yep, that’s right, this guy! For Terlich who has scored 73 & 101 since then, Enright has scored 85 & 103 since then, yep still stoked!

    On the other hand, Stokesy is killing it along with Barlow, SJ and Fyfe isn’t doing too badly either:)

    • Yep, I’ll put my hand up for that one, although it was after R11. Between Duffield and Ibbotson for me :/

  • Possible broken jaw for Barlow!

    • I was thinking he didn’t look like he was to sore… then I remembered that he tried to stand up after he had broken both bones in his lower leg…

      • Was looking good for 150 too… 124’s not too bad, though, just annoying if we have to make a sideways trade this week.

  • Looks like Stevie will face at least a week on the sideline

    • What did he do?

      • Bumped Hanley high, there is footage of it on the AFL website. Doesn’t look good for him.

        • Looked like a fairly safe hip and shoulder to me, no arm raise, braced for impact.

          • Not sure how you can call it a safe hip and shoulder when it collected Hanley high.

          • The little grab by Corey prior to impact put SJ’s bump off target. If he gets time he’ll be unlucky.

  • 53 pt quarter from Blicavs there, great stuff for those who needed to start him.

    • Was just about to post the same thing, he had 54 points in that quarter i think though, I’m a bit picky hahaha.
      Only better feat in a quarter that i can remember in one quarter was Gaz, he had a 54/55 point last quarter against the Roos I think sometime ago…

      • Boyd had 62 yesterday in the last quarter. Not uncommon. Gotta wonder what Buddy did to get the 200+ last year too

    • was thinking about who to get rid of in the next few weeks between him, Nicholls and keeping Berger but is very tempting to keep him and get rid of Nicholls. Seems to have established himself in their best 22 Blicvas?

      • I’m going with Blic and Nicholls as R2 and R3. No point ‘upgrading’ them when they pump out 80+ every week

  • Sam Mayes is spudding it up. Only 8 at Half Time.

  • How can mayes literally not get the ball?? He is a gun but he has the most dumbest coach.

  • par this week gentlemen?
    im on 1605 with a half to go with 5 players
    1800 looks about right.

  • Should I get rid of Hanley this week or just ride out the storm? Is there any chance of him bouncing back and making a bit of cash back?

  • can anyone shed some light on the spud that is burgoyne. What is going on???

  • mayes subbed off for 17 to top it all off for everyone :)

    • Mundy’s late withdrawal means I get his score now along with birch’s and vlas’ 32s. FMDT

  • Staker 44 points at half time was a nice surprise.

    Staker 47 points at three quarter time was not.

  • Rocky killing it again

  • Jimmy is saving my ranking…

  • so far this round i have copped these bullets – Jed lamb – 14 don’t ask why i have kept him. hrovat – 15. birchall – 32. Vlastuin – 32. rocklike so far – 49. and brandon ellis and brett goodes – 58 and 60 based on their recent form is a let down. to top this all off i went with sam mitchell as captain who smashed out a massive 136….yes that was his score as captain.

  • what is par this week for a top 5000 team?

    • 1700 if you want to move up i guess

      • I’m going to get something in the high 1700’s even with the help of Birchall, Vlastuin, Hrovat, Cotchin, Spuddy.. At least Hrovat’s score didn’t count.

    • I’m top 200 and will score low 1700’s. I’d say 1750 for most good teams though, as I’ve copped a fair chunk of carnage. A few teams who’ve skipped some avoidable picks will score over 1800, while others will be sitting on 1600 xD

      All over the shop this week.

  • I love how Vossy trolls Rocky (and DT coaches) by playing him for 3 minute bursts in the midfield before making him a deep forward again. Rocky is the new Greg Broughton

  • is pearce hanley being tagged?

  • Thinking I’m gonna lose unless the Blitz scores like 50 points in the last qtr. It’s me with Blitz vs Rocky, Selwood and Bartel. Only if McEvoy didn’t get injured with a 30. :/

  • Seems I made the right call to go Stevie J as captain even though Barlow got injured halfway through the last.


  • Jelwood repaying the faith last couple

  • Oh my Jesus!

  • What just happened at the gabba? Fffffffffffffff

    • Ummmm…. Well you know… *cough cough* Lions beat the Cats *cough couch* this that…

  • Hawks are outright on top the ladder now! I think that Brisbane might be my 2nd favourite team now! But Voss is still the shittiest coach out there! ;)

  • WTF….
    If only that was the eagles winning…
    First Port now this, Brisbane, from nowhere, restricting the facts to like a goal or so in a quarter!! It’s the byes

  • where are the voss haters now?

  • Finished on 1850, well above par?

    • Yep. I got 1629, with Ellis, Goodes, Mayes, Vlastuin and Hanley being absolute potatoes

  • when will lockout end

  • So, last year being my first year I started with several players who were considered poor picks in the end. Enright, Riewoldt, Masten, Montagna, Cornes, Cloke. Avoided them all this year; this is a cruel game.