My Team: Round 13 (Bye Round #3)

myteam_seasonDue to popular demand, here is a ‘My Team’ post where you can post your teams, discuss your trades and your decisions that you want help with from the DT Talk community.

This is in an attempt to help other readers and active users of DT Talk be able to enjoy articles written for this site – and for your entertainment – without comments just being all ‘Generation My” and just wanting help with their teams.

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  • Who would be the best downgrade this week out of:
    Blayne Wilson
    Mitch Clisby
    Lachie Hunter
    Nathan Hrovat (probably won’t play)

    • Hrovat is the only one on the bubble and they all have fairly poor JS. Hrovat probably has the best JS out of all 4 and he is likely to miss this week. It really depends on your reasons for trading down and which position of rookie would allow you to make your best 2nd trade. If I had to rate them though, I would go Hrovat, Wilson and then Clisby and Hunter a draw for last.

    • hrovat if he is named. unlucky not to play last week IMO… but i would need someone with more dogs knowledge

    • I would go the Blayne Train! Had an awesome debut and has shown he has scoring ability. Is rated highly at the Eagles due to the fact he held his spot with the lengthy list of inclusions this week.

      • I call bias on this one. Plus, Blayne Wilson isn’t going to make you any cash this week, Hrovat will. I know that isn’t as important at this point in the season as it has been up until now, but it’s still a clear advantage.

  • DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Ellis, Hartlett, Vlastuin, Goodes (Staker, Thurlow)
    MID: Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow, S.Selwood, Watson, Swallow, Priddis, T.Mitchell (O’Meara, K.Martin)
    RUC: Minson, Goldstein (Nicholls, Blicavs)
    FWD: Johnson, Martin, Stokes, Rockliff, JJK, Macaffer (Mayes, Neade)
    $412, 200

    Through rounds 8-11 I downgraded to each rookie that was available. This gave me huge money to spend over these MBR, so my rankings have rocketed up and unlike other teams, I won’t be desperate for rookies which usually dry up around this period.

    My trades for this week have been: Robinson > Stokes, and Terlich > Ellis.

    Next week, I’m planning to go: O’Meara > Ablett, and Neade > Daniher.

    When my team is completed, the planned emergency options will be: Vlastuin, Mitchell, Nicholls, JJK. Hopefully I’ll have the luxury to move Priddis to M9 and get in another super premo.

    What does everyone think about my team and strategies?

    • overall ranking?

      • 10 727, I was nearing 20K earlier in the year with a poor start. Still very disappointed with my ranking, but at least my team is forming pretty well now.

        • Great team, might have cost you earlier in the season though as it is harder to move up as the season progresses. Should be a massive few weeks for you though.

  • What is your team looking like post byes mine
    The Benchwarmers:

    Def: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Hartlett, Vlastuin, Goodes (Terlich,
    M.Talia (Dogs one))
    Mid: Swan, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Barlow, Stanton, Jack, Priddis, Cotchin (T. Mitchell, Blicavs)
    Ruck: Naitanui, Cox (Nicholls, Gorringe)
    Fwd: S.Johnson, Rockliff, Martin, JJK, Zorko, Macaffer (Dwyer, Staker)

    Cash: $92,800

    I like the look of this team comming into round 14 – dwyer to daniher, caff to riewoldt :)

    • What’s your overall ranking? Pretty solid team, I’d be looking to treat Zorko as a rookie and upgrade him (that’s what I did with Robinson).

  • Need Help!!!
    O’meara to Kane Cornes (has a tough draw), Montagna, Scotty Selwood, Boyd or Joel Selwood
    Please Help!

    • boyd has the potential to average 110 if healthy
      corne’s numbers wont get better
      montagna is solid
      the selwood brothers have the potential to average 105+
      have you considered redden, hannebery and Jack?

      • Already have Jack and don’t want the other 2, i’m thinking boyd, cornes or Scooter
        Your thoughts

        • boyd as hes a pure midfielder who doesnt get tagging jobs like the other two

          • +1 The only reason people aren’t going crazy about Boyd is because he has calf problems. If it wasn’t for that, he would probably be the most traded in midfielder by people on this site. I think with 2 trades a week you can afford to have a guy with niggling injuries like Boyd in your team. If you are worried by the potential of him getting injured again, then go with Scooter instead. I wouldn’t recommend Cornes because he scores much worse in games that Port lose, and I think they will lose a lot more than they will win from now on.

  • 19 Playing including Docherty, Staker and Bartel. A little nervous.

  • DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Hanley, Birchall, Hartlett, Vlastuin (Staker, Thurlow)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Watson, Cotchin, Barlow, Mitchell, O’Meara (Mitchell, Martin)
    RUC: Cox, Natanui(Nicholls, Blicavs)
    FWD: Bartel, Johnson, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy, Macaffer (Neade, Dwyer)

    Need some help
    Option 1
    O’meara to Jack
    Dwyer to Franklin
    33k left

    Option 2
    O’meara to Hrovat
    Dwyer to Riewoldt/Stokes
    270k+ left

    basically it comes down to whether or not Franklin is worth getting at the moment.

    • option 1

      you can downgrade to Wilson and/or Daniher next week to cash up again

      I’d hate not to have Buddy in my side, if he stinks he can be F7

    • Buddy’s not out of form; they’re practising using other avenues to make themselves less predictable so they don’t get exposed on GF Day again.

      His scores will ramp up towards the finals IMO.

  • Who should I trade out of JOM and Murphy? I imagine most think Murphy, but if he only misses one game + he’s worth less than JOM, I could well hold him in m9/m10 while Mitchell plays. Trading Gibbs out (despite the length of time out) is a regret of mine, considering his form.

    So.. JOM/Murphy > either Jack or Lids or even Boyd (could be the highest averaging POD ever), who do you think?

  • DEF: HANLEY, HARTLETT, VLAUSTIN, WEBSTER, (Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Sierakowski)


    R: COX, CLARKE, (BLICAVS, Nicholls)


    $292, 100 Bank

    Overall Rank: 2914

    At the moment I am thinking:

    Sierakowski —> Birchall
    Caff —> Franklin

    I don’t want to fall away from the pack and am kind of banking on Birch and Franklin to refind their form and be premos for the end of the season.

    Any advice?
    Thanks :)

  • Boyd or jack

  • I am considering getting Corey Enright in Defence for Scotland. Wondering why he is getting no love on this forum? Any suggestions as to why it would be a bad trade?

  • DEF: Hanley, Birchall, Terlich, Goodes, Vlastuin, Thurlow (Goddard, Laird)

    MID: Barlow, Sam Mitchell, Priddis, Fyfe, Moloney, Tom Mitchell (Pendlebury, Swan, Ablett, Kyle Martin)

    RUCK: Naitanui, Goldstein (Blicavs, Nicholls)

    FWD: Bartel, Cox, Lewis, Johnson, Kennedy, Franklin (Neade, Dwyer)

    First trade was O’Meara > Tom Mitchell, no loss of points there and banked another 300K = win win situation.

    Second trade I am stuck on, what should I do? Money isn’t a problem, I have 600K to splurge.

    Thinking Laird > premo defender, but I am stuck on who to get?

    Thoughts would be awesome and much appreciated, cheers lads!!! :) :)

    • How about Enright? Great POD, has played every game this year and is smashing it. 3 of last four games (DT Finals) at Kardinia Park.

  • Do I trade out rory laird or JOM

  • How many ‘premiums’ is everyone fielding this week?

  • Does anybody know how good Dreamteam scorers/disposals Mitchell Clisby, Lachlan Hunter and Tom Sheridan have in their local leagues?
    Not sure if it is worth selling Jack Frost for any of them or whether to buy Blayne Wilson instead?


    • I would wait till any of them are on the bubble before even considering.

  • Boyd in this week and gets the big ‘C’. #yolo

    • Not so crazy really. If he avoids injury from here on out, this will be a great trade for you.

  • Plz help!!!
    O’meara to Scott Selwood or Matthew Boyd

    • Of those two, I’d say Boyd. Selwood plays 4 of the top 5 in the next 5 weeks, there will be a few sub 100’s there i’d imagine, considering his previous.

  • Trade Options this week


    Staker–>Blayne Wilson

    1st obviously better but logic behind 2nd option is that I am looking to get in WIlson and Daniher over the net fortnight because they are on the bubble but if I pass on Wilson this week then he is on the bubble next week along with Daniher which would then mean me missing out on Gibbs! Thoughts/Comments appreciated as well as possible other defenders instead of Houli

    • Ellis/Ibbo. Might as well keep Birchall by now, trade out those completed rookies like Caff, Dwyer, Laird first.

  • DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Hanley, Hartlett, Vlastuin (Thurlow, Frost)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendles, Barlow, Stanton, Watson, Priddis, O’Meara (T.Mitchell, Crouch)
    RUC: Cox, Kruezer (Blicavs, Nicholls)
    FOR: Martin, Johnson, Cloke, Rockliff, Franklin, Macaffer (Staker, Rowe)

    Thinking of going Crouch to Hrovat then O’Meara up to K.Jack. Haven’t got that much in the bank. Next week probably downgrade Priddis and start T.Mitchell then upgrade Macaffer or something.

    But thoughts on trades for this round?

  • who to field this week out of vardy or blicavs???

  • Bringing in Kurt Tippett, call me crazy but I have 20 player on field and feel like taking a risk. At least a very low score won’t affect his price and it should drop out of my score. I feel there is massive upside with Port, GWS and Melb in the next 4 weeks. Wish me luck.

    • Usually worth waiting 1 game but he will have something to prove so could really pay off for you.

    • I actually really like the sound of that idea. Quite low risk and quite a good chance of reward. It just means that if it goes poorly you’ve cost yourself 2 trades that could’ve been used to finish of your team. If you’re ok with that then I say go for it.

  • Hi guys this might be a bit long winded but I really need some feedback. My team for this round is as follows, bye players marked with *:

    DEF: Hanley, Hartlett, Goodes, Vlastuin, Terlich, Thurlow (Goddard*, Heppell*)

    MID: Pendlebury*, Ball*, Scotland*, Barlow, Boyd, Jelwood, Bartel, O’meara* (Swan*, Ablett*)

    RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Nichols*)

    FWD: D Martin, S Johnson, JJK, Franklin, Neade, Staker (Dwyer*, B Kennedy*)

    CASH: $130,100

    The 2 trade scenarios I have come up with are as follows;

    Ball>K Jack
    O’meara/Scotland>T Mitchell

    19~ on field and emergency in rucks

    OR (to cover bartel)

    Dwyer>C Moeller (89k ruck)
    Scotland/Ball>T Mitchell

    19~ on field and emergency in forwards (Neade).

    Does anyone have some thoughts advice? Also having trouble choosing 2 to trade out of Scotland, JOM and Ball.


  • Backs- Hanley, Terlich, Goodes, Vlastuin, webster, thurlow (Goddard, Heppell)
    Mids- Barlow, priddis, selwood, o’meara, sam mitchell, kane mitchell, swan+ablettforced (watson, stanton)
    Ruck- Cox, Roughy (nicholls, o’halpin)
    Forwards- Stevie J, bartel, Josh Kennedy, staker, franklin, macaffer (paparone, daniher)
    $289,300 left

    I have 17 playing without trades, all backs, only 4 mids, both rucks and 5/6 forwards. Need some trade advice. I obviously need t mitchell, and was going omeara to him.

    My second trade, however. This would leave me with only 5 mids this round, then when my premos come back i’d have to sit titchell on the bench which i dont want to do. I was thinking something special like stants or watson to hrovat as well (double downgrade), which would give me a nice spread for the bye as well as having t mitchell on field after the byes with kane mitchell and hrovat on the bench, before upgrading forwards/ backs next week. My head to head are all pretty safe wins this week so might be a good option.

    The other option is macaffer to someone like martin. this would get me more points in the bye but leave only 5 mids.

    Please help out, I’m torn.
    Thanks, Ben.

  • who to trade in so i can play on field either of these combinations
    Nick Riewoldt have to field Jackson Thurlow
    Grant Ibbotson have to field Brent Staker??

  • This is my team after I’ve done my trades tonight. I’m going O’Meara and Laird (excellent contributions from both of them so far, but it’s time to let them go) to Deledio and Daniher. I’ll be doing this by moving Staker into defense.

    DEF: Birchall, Goddard, Heppell, Vlastuin, Goodes, Terlich, (Thurlow, Staker)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Barlow, Jack, Deledio, Jelwood, Sloane (T. Mitchell, Blicavs)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Kreuzer (Nicholls, Currie)
    FWD: S.Johnson, Martin, Bartel, Cox, Kennedy, Franklin (Macaffer, Daniher)

    Cash: $120,400

    What does everyone think of these trades? I really wanted to move Currie out and put Blicavs back in the rucks but I couldn’t find a good way to do it. Now my main focus is to get Gibbs back into my defense.

    • I like the trades. I am a big promoter of getting in Lids this week. I think he will go large on the Bulldogs (I have him captain ahead of Barlow).

      My plan is to keep him until round 17 when the rest of my team is finished and when he comes up against Freo, Sydney and the Hawks. Up until then he has a nice easy run. He has averaged about 40 ppg more in the games that Richmond have won this year compared to the games they have lost. I predict that he’ll go up about $40k and average about 115-120 over the next 4 weeks. When round 17 comes along, the top 8 midfielders will become much clearer and you will be able to make an informed decision on who to trade him to.

      That’s just my plan at the moment anyway.

      • I also understand your reason for trading in Daniher this week because you already had 7 starting forwards. It is still a bit risky because he isn’t certain of getting a game, but after the performance in the first half of last week, there would have to be something major happen for him to get dropped. Just remain wary of Bartel, he may still be a late withdrawal, but I highly doubt it. If he is though, you can just adjust your trades accordingly (maybe look to get in Hrovat for Currie and trade Blicavs back to the rucks instead of doing the Laird trade).

  • Post Bye Team – bear in mind my trade to get gibbs in is being counted

    Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Hart, Ibbo, Gibbs (Thurlow, Goodes)

    Swan, Pendles, Gary, Boyd, Barlow, Joey, Jelwod, T.Mitch (Hrovat, Saunders)

    Goldy, Krooze (Calves, Rowe)

    StevieJ, Bartel, Martin, Rocky, Buddy, Cloke (Daniher, Staker)

    I realise that my rookie cover isnt the best but ill probably swap Goodes as mid (e) through saunders dpp as there are more people in the mid and thus a greater chance or a LW. Saunders needs to go but I may hold for now due to his dpp and allowing me to move goodes around. But yeah I agree need greater cover but that will come as the season progresses

    Peoples thoughts?

    • sorry didnt realise i mentioned gibbs twice, one of those is Hanley

      • Looks alright. It’s a shame you missed out on Nicholls, if you had him instead of Rowe you could’ve traded out Blicavs once he tops out and made yourself some cash to get another premo mid with an upgrade/downgrade involving your 2 bench rookies or an upgrade for Hartlett if his form slumps again. Other than that though it’s looking good. Not too many problems I can spot with it apart from some slightly underperforming premos.

        Make sure you stay on the lookout for downgrade options for your bench rookies. If you can pick up Blayne Wilson on the bubble for Thurlow for example, you should be able to pocket an extra $100k cash for other upgrades and side swaps of premos (which is the main type of trades that will happen in the last few weeks this year).

        • I had to sacrfice not getting nicholls for eliminator purposes which ended up working out well. Yeah I plan to upgrade those under performing premos at some stage by getting in new rookies (eg wilson, clisby) Rowe will be able to become an 89k rookie giving me cash and similarly with staker at some stage probably. That will leave me with enough cash to upgrade those under performers.
          I feel once you have a ‘finished’ team then only one decent cover on the bench is needed if you are willing to sideways premos for one week rests.

          Thanks again for the feedback Jarrad

  • Def: Goddard* – Gibbs* – Heppell* – Hanley – Ellis – Vlastuin (Terlich – Staker)
    Mid: Ablett* – Pendlebury* – Barlow – S.Selwood – Hanneberry – J.Steven – O’Meara* – T.Mitchell (B.Goodes – K.Martin)
    Ruc Cox – Kreuzer* (Blicavs – Nicholls*)
    Fwd: N.Riewoldt – Stokes – Martin – Johnson – Rockliff – Franklin (Macaffer – Dwyer)

    121.3k left for next week. Need to get swan in for steven and dwyer out for anyone.

    Any other ideas here??? I think my rucks and fwds are pretty much set

  • Already have Cotchin and Vlastuin, would it be stupid to get Dusty and Deledio this week?

    My other option is to go Rockliff/Stokes (if he’s playing) with Boyd.

    Is the first option valid and if so, is it a better option than either Rockliff/Stokes + Boyd?

  • is nicholls worthy of R2 ?

    • with 300k in the bank, do i upgrade blicavs to a minson? (already have cox)

      or downgrade to a shitty bloke to fill R4 and then use the $$$ for upgrades elsewhere e.g. terlich, staker etc ?

    • Not yet.

  • Jimmy should have stayed in the States for Game 7…gonna be a cracking finish!

    • +1 But DTers would’ve gone insane. I don’t have him, otherwise I wouldn’t have said +1

  • Nic Nat, Minson or Goldstein??

    • I think Natanui is the best option, I currently have him and am very happy with his output. If you take out his sub affected 34 he is averaging 93 which is higher than both minson and goldstein. Also Nic nat has been much more consistent with a low score of only 80. I would go Minson over Goldstein as goldy is an erratic scorer.

      • Nic Nat vs Stokes?

        • firstly depends if stokes plays (which he should). To me Nat and Stokes is very close. Natanui has played less games then Stokes which makes it more difficult as well. I would probaby go Stokes over Riewoldt though. I’m gonna say Stokes just, he’s been pretty consistent this year with his worst two scores being 60 and 79 and can do well against the top teams as well as the bottom teams. the strongest teams Natanui has played this year are Richmond and Kangaroos (that game was very close and Natanui won it). Also Geelong have a better run then Eagles.

  • Josh Kennedy (WCE) & O’Meara for Stevie J & Barlow


    LeCras & O’Meara for Stevie J & Scott Selwood