Round 12 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatmbrIt’s round twelve which marks the half way point of the season… and the second of three multi-bye rounds. We’ve got six games this weekend and six teams on the bye (Cats, Demons, Roos, Saints, Swans and Eagles).

As lockout approaches, the most popular traded in player is Thomas Nicholls. He is part of the top 5 trades for this week as every man and his dog are jumping on the Gold Coast ruckman. Michael Barlow now has over 11.5% ownership, almost double what he was heading into the byes, and he is now the second most traded in player for this week. Dustin Martin, Jordan Lewis and Kane Cornes are the other Round 11 premiums who have been included in a few teams this week.

How are you set up ahead of Round 12? Do you have 18 players playing? Discuss it all in the comments.

Stay tuned to this page for updates over the weekend.


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IN: Sam Dwyer, Jamie Elliot
OUT: Alan Didak, Adam Oxley

Western Bulldogs:
IN: Matthew Boyd, Adam Cooney, Lukas Markovic
OUT: Nathan Hrovat, Tom Williams, Mitch Wallis

IN: Zach Williams, Toby Greene
OUT: Stephen Gilham, Gerard Ugle

Port Adelaide:
IN: Matt Thomas, Matthew Lobbe, Paul Stewart
OUT: Kane Mitchell, Campbell Heath, Jarrad Redden



  • I need Brett Goodes to have a 61 or less to win my league game. What are my chances?

  • Boyd in, instead of Birchall.

    God damn I’m good at this game.

    • Don’t know why anyone would have brought in Birchall anyway.

      • Don’t see why people would want to avoid a donut, bring in a fallen premium, upgrade rookies etc?

        • There were far better options than Birchall.

          • Hanley with a BE in the 130’s? Ellis who averages 68? Duffield who is a yoyo? Hartlett?

            Birchall was a solid pick, and probably the best defensive upgrade option.

            By the sounds of it, you’re better than me though. Any chance you could give me a few tips?

          • I don’t claim to be better than anyone. That was just my opinion. Even though he was at a good price he wasn’t showing any form at all to give me a reason as good trade in target.

    • Nekk minnit, Boyd injures his calf again

      • +1

        Ellis -39 BE and matched Boyd with a 112, not a bad trade but Ellis was a steal this week.

  • Why bother holding onto Dwyer – should have traded him out two weeks ago.

    Will he reach his BE of 25 before he gets subbed out?

  • Picked up Cloke in round 11 because I realised I needed another round 13 forward. Fairly happy so far.

  • What’s par looking at? 1900?? 1850??

    • maybe around 1875…?

      I’m on 1920 now, looking at close to 2000 with 4 in play

      • Yeah, ~1900 would be par I reckon. Could even be a little bit higher. There’s a fair few sides cracking 2k, and most good sides are cracking 1900 without much of a problem.

    • 1800-1850 rould be about right. No monster scores from Mitchell/Nicholls this week, Staker/Rowe/Murphy/Birchall/Ball/Dwyer/Macaffer all hurting a few teams.

    • I’d say around 1850.

      Some big scores, but also some pretty poor ones on players people would have relied on to cover some gaps plus a few popular Dockers being underpar (Fyfe, Duffman, etc) among others.

  • Am I the only one here who would happily cop the donut if it means hanging on to O’Meara?

    • I got rid of O’Meara this week for Barlow…I couldn’t care less that O’Meara tonned up, he’s not going to average enough to justify staying in my team for the rest of the year going by his first 12 rounds. I’d prefer Mitchell as M9. I already have him, he’s $300k cheaper and is likely to average more than O’Meara.

    • Depends on the range of what you consider your other 3-4 weaker MID players. Hanging on to JOM after he gets you a hundred after he’s already made you 300K isn’t going to benefit you greatly compared to, say, if he got a hundred after making 200K.
      You’re not making much more cash, and if by holding on to him, you wait an extra week to bring in round 11/12 fallen MID premiums, it might cost you more cash if they go up in value more than JOM does.

      I might hang on to him, since it’s likely most round 13 opponents have 4-5 MIDS out either way.

    • I wouldn’t be eating a donut for O’Meara, and he’s not going to be in your best 8 mids much longer, or shouldn’t be at least.

  • is Caff trying to remind us that he is not a long term keeper? Anyone watching the game? Who is he tagging – Boyd?


    • I was thinking of bringing him in this week and he looks like he’s going ok DT wise, but he’s been completely anonymous in terms of effect on the game. I honestly have no idea how he’s on 83 currently.

      • He’s always been a bit like that to be honest. I remember watching a game a couple of years back where he got 40 something possessions and I hadn’t even noticed him.

        • Yeah no doubt. It’s also why he’s been one of the top Premos for years. Racks up the stats, but doesn’t really do anything with them so he’s allowed to keep on doing what he does (which is great for DT). I think earlier a stat that was mentioned was he had 16 disposals or thereabouts, but at a 44% efficiency…

      • lol, I spotted him! He kicked a goal!

  • One sausage roll to complete the pig’s feast?

  • The late-out of Ball doesn’t hurt that much when your three other Collingwood players crack 100’s.

  • Anyone know anything about Michael Talia? This is his second game of the year, he’s a backman worth $218k and he has just tonned up. That’s about all I know.

  • Just broke 2k. Funny week, a lot of average and huge scores.

    • +1 Very up and down. I managed to make it to 2032 this week with a big finish from Cloke, Pendles and Swan (C). Should go up a bit in the rankings with that.

      • Nice work. Yeah it was great watching Swan/Pendles go mad like a couple of years ago.

  • is it worth trading macaffer in rd 14 for daniher?

  • Dwyer and maccaffer playing crap just won me my eliminator by 10 points :)

  • 2008 dont know if its good ??? however was the top in my league

  • Should i trade out cotchin now before he loses more money to boyd?? Or keep him as he vs’s WB,ST.K,NM,GCS in his next 4. and from memory he dominated the dogs and saints. Or trade jack frost to houli or hanley and trade cotchin next week for a even cheaper price. :/ scored 1916 this week but have to minus staker’s 35 so i scored 1881 not sure if that’s enough to go up a tad in the rankings.?

    • I was just thinking the same thing..or maybe cornes

      • Tough decisons man, cotchin just isn’t right since he hurt his knee against the dockers. I believe he can regain his scoring and form but is it worth losing say another 60k in the next few weeks.

        • keep cotch
          he had similar numbers last year maybe 95 average. he got two 110 scores so I bought him in

          averaged 120-125 for rest of year….

  • don’t want to swap premo for premo really either,my mids swan pendles cotchin Watson barlow ablett priddis smitchell (evans Mitchell)

  • didn’t*

  • draw!
    now 6-1-3

    • Wow, First draw i have seen all year. is that with both of your lowest scores out or did use both play the bare minimum 18?

      • i had 20 he had 19
        used excel to work it out. they already subtracted the scores

        • 2 guys in my league of friends in round 6 got a draw. It was 1st vs 6th in that really bad round with all the injuries.

  • is it worth bringing in hanley this week at 397k? or waiting for him to fall another 35k with his BE of 146

    i have no other real pressing upgrades

    currently sitting at 5/7/2/6 premo structure so he would complete it

    otherwise looking at

    o’meara to jack
    lonergan to R11/12 player (any suggestions)?

  • D. Talia from the Dogs anyone? Probably too expensive at $218,400 however he has scored 65 and 106 in his first 2 games and is on the bubble next round.

    • Sorry it’s M. Talia, not D. Talia

    • Scores almost all his points from marks and subsequent possessions. Watching the game today, the ball was in the Bulldogs defensive half A LOT especially in the first half of the game. I think his 65 last week against Port Adelaide is his normal range. Hasn’t tackled enough and I doubt he’ll get that much ball regularly. Awkward price too as you point out.

  • How are people looking for next week? With my mooted trades, I’m looking at 19 playing (only 3 premo mids, but a full strength forwardline where Adam Goodes will be my lowest averaging forward). It does rely on Hrovat and Thurlow playing though, and there won’t be any emergencies.

    • Could bring it up to 20 though if I use my dpps a bit differently. Depends on what I decide is best going forward in the future.