Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 12

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Welcome back to Calvin’s Captains. Last week was a very interesting one and I must say… big congrats for those who took the pig against the struggling Demons. Yep, he was the pick of the bunch and grabbed you an extra 11pts. Not disastrous for pirates like me who went Gaz. But, hey… we’ll take all the bonus points we can get in the byes. So well done, I tip my hat.


#1 – Gary Ablett = 119pts
#2 – Dane Swan = 130pts
#4 – Stevie Johnson = 101pts (inj)
#5 – Scott Pendlebury = 117pts

This week is the last chance we get till Rd. 14 to battle Swan and Ablett head to head. Next week will be bloody interesting and of all weeks, I will be your savour. I have already started crunching my numbers to make sure I am on the money. In the pirate we trust! But… before we get too far ahead of ourselves we still have this round to get through. Check it out and enjoy my friends.

I like you OINKER

I like Jobe Watson this week because he plays the Gold Coast Suns under the roof of Etihad Stadium. He had 94 on them last year and 115 before that. Watson has also had 119 and 112 in his last 2 games at Etihad and should be very good there this week.

I like you Brent Stanton… because… you… scored… me… 52pts last week. WHAT? You useless wanna be pig. Arrrrrrgggggggg. Who put him in here? Ok ok ok… I’ll start again. I like you Stanton because you can knock up massive scores like the 149 and 144 you had before last week’s disaster. You have had 6×115+ scores this year (same as Swan) and you can go massive on teams like this at anytime. It’s just that you’re so hardtop predict. He’s had 93 and 116 on them in the past and I’m hoping he can bounce back this week.

I like Scott Pendlebury because he had a nice 117 last week and plays the Bulldogs this week. He had 133 on them last year and avoided the tag of Picken who went to Swan. He won’t be that lucky this time as Lower is a 99.9% chance to go to him here. I’m not too fussed though and I think he can be great at Etihad where he has had 124 and 121 this year.

I like Swanny because you’re a pig. Yep a DT pig. The one and only! You allow me to oink the pig on shows and yes, I over do it, but I love you! He has had 130 and 130 in the last 2 weeks and is well and truly back on track after those poor scores of 85 and 90. Swan averages 123 on the Bulldogs in his last 3 games with a nice 117 last time he met them even with a tag from Picken. Will Picken go to Swan again? I don’t think so, he may run with the likes of Shaw, Harry O or Sidebottom… but yes, Swan is in some danger. Although, he managed ok last time against him didn’t he? Swan has already had scores of 109 and 123 at Etihad this year and should dominate again this week on Sunday afternoon.

Oh and to the other sites/twitter accounts using the word ‘PIG’ to talk about Swan or other players like him… C’mon muppets. Yes, it just a word, but it’s a concept and our concept. I’m not saying don’t OINK, oink hard, we love it… but don’t claim it. Think for yourselves! #tryhards #headshake

I like Gary Ablett because even in the wet slosh at Metricon, he still got the job done. He had 119 last week, which happens to be his worst score in the last 5 weeks. The dude is flying and is averaging 133 in the last 5 games this year. Last year, Ablett graced Etihad just on the one occasion. He had 143. Add to that the fact he had a massive 160pts on the Bombers last year with a tag from both Hocking and Howlett. Now, Hocking will go to him again (ha ha ha) and although Gaz only had 81 on them in his first year at the Suns… he is running far too hot at the moment.


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Who will you have as your captain for Round 12?

  • Gary Ablett (65%, 1,650 Votes)
  • Dane Swan (28%, 702 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (1%, 36 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (3%, 70 Votes)
  • Jobe Watson (1%, 38 Votes)
  • Someone Else (2%, 53 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,549

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  • Cheers Calvin, Gazza for me!

  • Its next week that is going to be interesting.

  • Would it be stupid to the Andy Walker the C?

  • Barlow for captain?

    • Don’t compare Barlow to Gaj,Swan,Pendles!

    • Next week!

      • Next week he plays North Melbourne, he has never got over 90 against them… Making the Pirate’s job even harder for him next week, but i am sure he can manage

        • Was thinking Stevie J… but he’s only got 1×100 in his last 6 against Brisbane. Will be really interesting.

  • hey Calven, is it worth putting Tom Mitchell Captain. ive got a really tough matchup adn a similar team with only a few different players. it would be a great POD!

    • Are you joking?

    • Lol.. that depends who your VC is, because Tom Mitchell is not playing this week ;)

    • haha that’s a good one hotties

      • oh woops! forgot he ahd the bye this week. what abotu next week though! sorry been inundated with work, my mind is not wiht fantasy atm.

        • Even though he has proven he can score well it would be too risky.

        • Serious talk even though you now know he’s got the bye…

          I wouldn’t do it. Too risky. You have to consider he was the sub in his first game but played most of it anyway because of Walsh getting injured. Last week was a slaughtering, so most Sydney players had an inflated score (A. Goodes being an exception). He’s a gun no doubt and his high number of tackles in the thrashing of Adelaide says a lot about his work ethic, but a rookie nevertheless. Guys like Swan and Gaz have similar ceilings but have history and consistency to back them. Would be a risk not worth taking imo at this stage.

  • sneaky option would be Goddard i reckon. don’t think anyone would go near him and he should see a lot of uncontested ball against GC. but Swan or Gaz just to be safe

    • I don’t see why not, last few 141, 82 and 154 as a Saint. He could very likely have a field day. I’d put him above Stanton. A big smokey, along with Kornes and Barlow. Maybe even Heppell might 130-up.

      • Any score against GC in the past 2 years irrelevant. Completely different side this year and we should start putting WB, Bris, SK above them in the “easy to play” category.

        GC 8th in DT points conceded with those teams + Fremantle! and Geelong!!! conceding more (along with Melbourne and GWS of course).

  • Swan all year!

  • Thanks Calvin. GAJ for me. Giving Swan one more week to convince me.

  • Thanks Calvin. Gazza it is.

  • Gaz… Swan… Gaz… Swan… ?
    Gazza’s 160 under the roof where he had 143 in his last sold it for me.
    Predictions… GAZ = 153pts SWAN = 141pts

  • Forget the pig, GAJ should be given his own GOAT status! Have taken it off GAJ twice this year for Watson and GAJ – big mistake. GOAT gets permacaptain duties for rest of the year. Well except for round 13 obviously.

  • Always appreciated, Vin.

    Swanny’s average is horrible by his standards at the moment and I’m tipping him to start sorting that out this week. I’m not missing him when he goes bang which is inevitable at some stage, so I’m Keeping Calm for a few weeks I reckon

    • i wouldnt go as far as “horrible” hes the second highest average in the league.

  • No pressure Calvin, but next week is tge most important captain week for the year. Whoever is number one (depending on if I have them, then 2 etc) is quite likely going to be my upgrade choice.

  • Anyone else notice a beautiful football juxtaposition this week.

    Just as Barlow slots into ultra premo category, along comes Tichell to challenge his rookie records.

    • I admire, and as of this week, own both :) It will be interesting to see if Titch can beat Barlow’s first year average. I think it was about 111. I reckon he has a decent chance, and I think Barlow will average 115 from now until the end of the year, going to be epic.

  • No mention of Cornes vs GWS Calvin?? Why? Averaging 112 and playing GWS in a bye week. What are your thoughts on him this week?

    • Could be a smokey for sure. He averages extremely highly (120+ from memory) in Port wins but only 99ish in Port losses this season. I think he’s a chance to do very well against GWS this week.

    • and Westhoff? joke, no one still has him right? And GC are gonna smash poor Port.

  • You earned an extra 11pts – Not disastrous for pirates like me who went Gaz. Well I went Gaz instead of Swanny – 11 points x 2 = 22 extra points. Lost 3 league games by 5, 10 & 18 points – was disastrous for ME :-/

    Only had 18 playing then got a ZERO for JJK & injured Dixon didnt help either but those 22 points would have made a hell of a difference.

    • You mean a loss of 11 points

      Gaz 119×2+swan 130= 368
      Gaz 119 + Swan 130×2=379

    • yeah having swan as captain would have won you 2 of those league games

    • Also, if Calvin had’ve said Swan, then your opponents probably would’ve gone Swan as well and you still would’ve lost.

  • Calvin are you underestimating the Suns again?

    cough* SJ cough*

    • Good point, as much as i love the number work of Calvin, the suns are seemingly a whole new side… i would stay well clear of Watson and Stanton

      • Competely and utterly agree.

        Teams conceding more points than GC this year: Melbourne, GWS (no surprises there), WB, Bris, SK (not too shocking), Freo (!), and Geel (WTF?!).

        All points scored by players against GC prior to this year should be ignored. They are not the same team.

        Moreover, if we’re going to consider GC an easy opponent then we should add WB, Bris and SK to the list (as I said in an earlier response).

        • Top 3 absolutely spot on though and that’s what matters! (Or at least top 2 does).

  • Swan for me

    Back in the middle, back in form, does well against the Dogs.

  • hands down the greatest article on dt talk, love ya work calvin

  • There’s going to be some interesting names in there next week. Early votes for Dustin Martin and Riewoldt to sneak in, aka who is playing WB and Melbourne in RD 13.

  • Oink Oink.

  • Nearly everytime i dont go with gazza i fail! should i stick with him or go Barlow who i picked up this week??

  • Next week Calvin’s Captains should rise above Jeppa’s Juniors again. The juniors are usually so tricky with about 20 of them all vying for selection/hoping to hold their places, while the captain choice is usually down to Swan or Ablett. Next week there’s one obvious junior for 80% of DTers, while the captain choice will be a complete mystery.

  • It’s going to be really interesting next week to see who comes out on top in terms of scoring. There may be some big winners and big losers in round 13 just because of captain choice.

  • Barlow will be a popular captains choice next week, besides him I will be looking at consistent scorers like s.mitchell or kjack. Not many choices when it comes to glutinous type players, so a reliable player will be the go IMO.

  • Why are so many people talking about captain choice for next week? Pretty sure this article is about this week.

  • Is Brandon Ellis gonna get a run?

  • Still haven’t decided between Swan and Gazza… Will probably go with what the pirate says

  • Can’t decide every week…either Swan Or Ablett…it’s a no brainer…the only time it will be hard to choose is next week.