DROPPED – Heineken sponsored post

What happens when man is taken from their comfort zone and thrown into a battle against Mother Nature?

Well Heineken would like to find out in their new YouTube series – DROPPED.

Meet the next Bear Grylls; with a twist.

Spanish bartender Rikar Gil’s dream of visiting the sunny tropics are dealt are harsh blow when he is DROPPED in the middle of Alaska by the Heineken team, far from the streets of his home town of Madrid.

Watch as he must battle the elements, a fuzzy grizzly bear, and his wits to survive; all while travelling through the Alaskan wilderness and sharing some very frosty Heineken’s and a few tales with the locals along the way.

In true Bush Tucker Man style, Rikar dons his brand new tuxedo and must learn to survive off what nature provides him, with the aim to find an airport and make his way home.

It’s time to get inspired for you own weekend escapades with Rikar and his inspirational story of triumph; and be sure to wash down the adventure with some oh so sweet Heineken. To infinity and beyond!


  • I would prefer to see an advertising guru DROPPED
    into a sewerage dump.
    That association works better for me.

  • I’m completely fine with advertising as it helps the guys run the site. Even turned off my adblock to post this.

    • My post wasn’t about advertising on the site, it was about
      the “genius” of admen…
      and your not completely fine with advertising or you wouldn’t have adblock.