Round 11 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatmbrLockout for the first of the MBRs is upon us. Not only do we have all of these blue dots (make sure they’re on your bench), but we also don’t know the final teams for the Monday game between Melbourne and Collingwood.

There’s a few different ideas for trading this week. I am going with a double downgrade which not only helps me with cover (seeya later to some of my non-playing guys), but also cashes me up! The most popular trades this week are:

  • Viney to Tom Mitchell
  • Wines to Tom Mitchell
  • Moloney to Tom Mitchell

This helps make Tom Mitchell the most traded in player this week. Following that, the next most popular trades are going from Matthew Leuenberger to Matthew Kreuzer and Thomas Nicholls respectively. With Blicavs ‘managed’ this week, Nicholls actually comes in as the second most traded in player.

Discuss the round in the comments… Do you have 18 players playing this week? How have you traded? Be sure to check this post over the weekend for the updates as they come in.

UPDATE: Monday 2:01pm

UPDATE: Sunday 3:19pm

UPDATE: Sunday 2:50pm

Tbetta has found a bit of AFL Fantasy value on Centrebet (gamble responsibility).

UPDATE: Sunday 1:53pm

Bit of an update of our scores heading into the Sunday game.

ROY – 1286/11 with JJK, Ball, Cox, Cloke, Macaffer, Pendlebury, Swan, Terlich to come (playing 19 so will lose Watson’s 77).
CALVIN – 1184/12 with JJK, Priddis, Cloke, Cox, Swan, Pendlebury, Terlich to come (playing 19 so will lose Hutchin’s 10).
WARNIE – 1378/13 with JJK, Swan, Terlich, Cox, Macaffer, Pendlebury to come (playing 19 so will most likely lose Kommer’s 49).


UPDATE: Sunday 11:05am

We had a great night hosting the Hodgey/Guerra sportsmans evening at Aurora Stadium. We’ll have an interview with Hodgey this week on the live show!

UPDATE: Saturday 6:21pm

UPDATE: Saturday 3:15pm

UPDATE: Saturday 12:48pm

UPDATE: Saturday 12:21pm

UPDATE: Friday 11:09pm

Our scores after the first game of footy.

ROY – 291/3 (Goddard, Heppell, Watson)
CALVIN – 389/4 (Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Stanton)
WARNIE – 318/4 (Goddard, Heppell, Hibberd, Kommer)

UPDATE: Friday 6:50pm

UPDATE: Friday 5:23pm

The Sunday ins and outs have been finalised with Mark Hutchings omitted. Remember that we won’t know the Melbourne/Collingwood final teams before lockout.

St Kilda
Int: Jones, Ross, Dennis-Lane, Dunell
Emg: Siposs, Saad, Saunders

In: Maister, Jones, Dennis-Lane, Dunnell
Out: Fisher, Ferguson, Siposs, Saad

West Coast
Int: Brennan, Embley, Gaff, Sheppard
Emg: Cripps, Hutchings, McGinnity

In: Hams, Brennan, Wilson
Out: Glass, LeCras, Hutchings


UPDATE: Friday 5:00pm

Final teams for the St Kilda v West Coast game will come through soon, stay tuned. Apparently Mark Hutchings didn’t travel with the team.


  • I thought I would be right for zeros with 19 playing but nek minute majak daw and jjk are out and I have a zero

  • Hi guys can anyone tell me why in my match centre at the top my score reads 1298 but in the blue arrow underneath it reads 1217 …

    which in my calculations it is subtracting 81 pts which was scored by Thurlow .. BUT this is not my lowest score i have Hibberd who scored 55..

    Oh and 81 pts is also showing a deduction on my opponent as well ???

    • Not 100% sure because there seems to be some weird variations but I think it deducts the player who had the lowest projected score originally

    • Explanation:
      The top row is the score of the 22 players you name (as per normal DT weeks)

      The bottom row is the best 18 scores, with adjusted emergencies (for zeros within the best 22).

      This is why for some matches, the bottom row is a higher number than the top row, since many coaches are fielding less than 22, but with a replacement available in one or two positions.

      If the top row is the larger number, it just means that player likely has more than 18 that have already played – which is awesome. I’ve seen it in a couple of my leagues already.

    • The Thurlow vs Hibberd case is strange – i’d wait till lockout and see if that gets fixed. It might be that it’s only temporarily adjusted based on predicted scores, and then fixed and finalised after the last game. i.e.,once any remaining defenders who haven’t yet played do play.

    • I agree it’s messed up.

      The top row is the scores of the 22 named players as per normal.

      The bottom row is the best 18 scores….BUT there seems to be glitch in how it’s calculated, and the DT site should work on this for next week:

      In one of my league matches, for getting the best 18, and eliminating the worst 4, it seems to bypass who don’t have byes, but who don’t take the field, and then culls the weakest registered scores, which is wrong. Presumably, the setup is “waiting for emergencies to play, to replace to replace those zeros with imaginary emergency scores”. I know this doesn’t address the Thurlow issue you have Ticonderous, but it is an explanation for some of the scores i’m seeing in my league.

      Lets hope all the scores are corrected before lockout ends. I’ll certainly be checking..

      what a shitty setup

  • 1298/12 still have Swan, Pendles, Macaffer, Cloke, Blair,Terlich and B,Kennedy to go

    • Yeah i still have 7 to play today but just seems strange (pardon the pun) that it is not taking off my lower score ???

  • who will win eliminator

    me: terlich + 40
    him: cloke

    it is going to be very close….

    • Close but I think your in trouble.

    • Very close indeed. I feel you are going to win though.

    • I think you and him are going to be neck and neck the whole game an extra 10 points on top of the 40 would be very handy, just have to hope cloke cant take a mark…

    • Ohhh soo close I think you will need about an 80 from terlich to have a very good chance , still hope because I think alot of collingwoods goals will come via the midfield , cloke should still kick between 4-6 if he kicks 4 ur safe imo just …. exciting though

  • 1292 with Swan X2, Pendles, Macaffer and Terlich to come. 1800+ Hopefully.

  • 1326 with

    Swan (C)

    to come.
    JJK late out gave me a donut, so I could have been on more points but cant complain really.

    • you must have a good ranking jim, seem to make all the right moves

      • Currently ranked 680.

        Hope to improve on that over the bye rounds. Should hopefully add more firepower to my squad with over 500k in the bank.

  • 1454/15 with two 0’s from kennedy and Lamb

    Still have Shaw,Swan,Macaffer,Pendlebury,Kennedy,Terlich and Evans to play

    Should be a good round for me. Im afraid of the next two rounds though

  • 1645 with pendles, terlich and macaffer left plus take out my lowest score which is currently laird’s 70

  • 1382 with Swan(C), Pendles, Caff, Terlich. Pretty happy with that. Will get the win in both my paid leagues.

  • 1486 with pendles,macaffer,kennedy to play. Hibberd,Watson,A.Swallow all sucked for me

  • Not sure if this has been asked and my apologies if it has.

    Are all scores totaled and the extra scores for your 19th, 20th etc players only deducted once lock out is over?

    If this is the case scores can obviously be a bit misleading. For instance i could have 22 players and score 2100 but my 4 lowest are then deducted and i get say 1800. My opponent has the bare minimum 18 so his score is correct at all times and he could end up winning.

    • Not sure. Very confusing. Because how can they know if its your lowest score, is all your players havent played. So pendles could get 50. Then your previous lowest score of 70 would count.

      So im guessing they get deducted at the completion if the round.

      • Yeah as to my post a bit earlier my score is messed up i have 19 taking the field and still 7 yet to play but for some reason it has deducted Thurlows score of 81 off my total and Hibberd has a lower score of 55 which i am getting in my total as my running score is 1298 and my adjusted score underneath is 1217 …Pretty screwed up system guys

  • What’s par?

  • me: evans +235
    opponent: swan(c), cloke, ball
    who wins? our projected is 4 apart but i think he will do better than that

  • LOVE hearing a couch saying they won’t tag…. Even though it is Mark Neeld.

  • Great to see the dees playing with spirit. Melbourne fans will never ever have a problem with a young upcoming side if they play with heart and desire the way they are this first quarter

  • Come on Pendlebury!

  • Can someone tell me evans BE plz

  • Can someone tell me evans BE plz ???

  • Thanks

  • swan cmon… you’re playing great… but junk it up!!! get those extras!!

  • fair few points Clokes missing from balls flying over his head, Lynch getting a few grabs, and free kicks to Pendlebury instead of a paid mark to Cloke. He’s still got 39 at HT.

  • 48 Point quarter from Pendles!

  • bye bye evans hello barlow

  • Oink goes the piggy :D

  • 1825 so far, still got a half of footy to go from swan, pendles, macaffer and terlich. Come on 2000!

    • Easy 2000, are you sure that’s from just 18 players? Not sure how the predictor is working it out if you have more than 18 players.

      You’ll fly up the ranks either way.

      • i only have 18 players playing this week after the JJK withdrawal so they definitely all count, lowest score is watson and everyone else either tonned up or got very close to it

        • Excellent stuff, a lot of players stepped up this week. JPK will be my lowest score.

  • Assuming Pendles, Caff and Swan (c) mimic their scores in the second half, that’s a score of 1876 this week, no scores able to be dropped.

  • Why is the whole team so useless at hitting Cloke on the chest??

    Unbelievably frustrating!

    • Expect him to have a big 2nd half when the fight goes out of Melbourne. Could easily be on 60 though.

  • Kennedy better get some junk time footy in the last

  • Need b Kennedy and Pendles to get under 102 for me to survive my eliminator this week!

  • COME ON DEAN TERLICH winning eliminator by 3…
    travis cloke needs to do worse than him, for rest of game

    • YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! home by a kick…
      hope adjusted scores dont screw me over now

      • Told ya lol congrats mate wasnt looking great fo you near the end there but good old terlich came good for ya

  • cannot wait, round 11 was clearly my worst, still got 1730 with 16 players

    leuey -> roughead
    lonergan -> barlow this week

    meaning i can field 21 players for the next two weeks barring injury

    • just calculated that trade costs $456,200

      and in the bank i have $455,600

      $600 off…

      and thats why DT shits me…

  • Only to be traded next week lol

  • when does lock out finish

  • i dont know

    • probably will be later – after 10ish even.

      They have to get it it right, and a lotta coaches have miscalculated best-18 scores with the automatic programming currently in place.

  • Whens lockout end? its been over 2 hours since the game finished whats the hold up