Round 10 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatAnother huge weekend of AFL Fantasy Dream Team is here with a whole heap of carnage to navigate our way through. If you’ve got some green lights on your bench this weekend, you’ve done well.

While Brent Staker is the most traded in player this round, the most popular trade has been the 3-4 week injured Matthew Leuenberger to Fremantle ruckman Zac Clarke, completed by over 6000 coaches. Nic Naitanui and Matthew Kreuzer are the other popular options for the ‘Berger.

Discuss the round in the comments below.

UPDATE: Sunday 7:20pm

Our scores after the first 8 games of Round 10:

ROY: 1809 with Vlastuin, JJK and Cox to come.
CALVIN: 1600 with Vlastuin, Priddis, JJK and Cox to come.
WARNIE: 1676 with Vlastuin, JJK, Dusty Martin and Cox to come.

UPDATE: Sunday 3:15pm

UPDATE: Sunday 1:54pm

UPDATE: Saturday 6:18pm

UPDATE: Saturday 4:00pm

UPDATE: Saturday 3:25pm

UPDATE: Saturday 1:37pm

UPDATE: Friday 10:38pm

Massive game from the Pig tonight… he’s back! 130 DT points.

UPDATE: Friday 6:43pm

UPDATE: Friday 6:03pm

Check out Calvin’s Centrebet tip for tomorrow.

UPDATE: Friday 5:51pm

It seems that Travis Cloke will be withdrawn from tonight’s team.

UPDATE: Friday 5:40pm


Melbourne V Hawthorn:

IN: Jack Fitzpatrick, David Rodan, Joel MacDonald, James Strauss, Cam Pedersen, Dean Kent
OUT: Max Gawn (Omit), Neville Jetta (Omit), James Magner (Omit), Shannon Byrnes (Wrist), James Sellar, Dan Nicholson

IN: David Hale, Grant Birchall
OUT: Jack Gunston (Calf), Max Bailey

North Melbourne V St Kilda:

North Melbourne:
IN: Will Sierakowski, Taylor Hine
OUT: Jack Ziebell (Suspension), Majak Daw

St Kilda:
IN: Jackson Ferguson, David Armitage, Nathan Wright
OUT: Lenny Hayes (Calf), Clinton Jones, Beau Maister

* Final squad of 22 for West Coast Eagles and Richmond for Monday night won’t be finalised until tomorrow.


I received an email this arvo from Josh (give him a follow on Twitter: @Pearcey47) after he spent half an hour putting together a starting team, under the salary cap, that would have you leading the competition right now with an average of 2200… without using any trade! Boom! He used the mighty NixTrader spreadsheet to help him compile this.

DEF: Goddard, Hibberd, Enright, Burgoyne, O’Brien, Malceski, N Wright, Terlich
MID: Cornes, Pendlebury, Barlow, Boak, Douglas, O’Meara, Wines, M Jones, S Dwyer, J Growden
RUC: Cox, Goldstein, Blicavs, Currie
FWD: N Riewoldt, D Martin, Stokes, Rockliff, JJ Kennedy, T Cloke, J Neade, B Kennedy
Salary Cap left – $5,400

No trades needed, no emergencies needed, just put the ‘C’ on Kane Cornes and set and forget! This team would be on 19,807 and 631 points clear of the overall leader!


FXD-logo_smFXD are the new kids on the block and our friends at are giving away a $200 pack from FXD which includes pants, shorts, hoodie, hat and sunnies. As said on the show, entering is simple.

Just tweet us at @DTTALK and @workwearhub with your answer to the following question – including the hashtag #FXDnewkid.

Who is your favourite NEW KID you’ve brought into your team this year and why.

Entries close on Monday 3rd June at 6pm AEST and the winner will be selected by the DT TALK and Workwear Hub team and then announced on the next DT TALK Live show… next Thursday at 7pm AEST.


  • Not sure what to do with my mids: (Have $219,700 sitting in the bank)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Watson, S. Selwood, M. Murphy, Molony, Hodge (Whitfield, Viney)

    Viney – Not doing anything at the moment sitting at 8th mid.
    Whitfield – Looked like he reached his price rise peak, but with a 96 this week he could stay on my bench for a couple more weeks though.
    Hodge – Ahhh I bought him in a few weeks back just when he was gonna face the trio-MELB, GWS and GCS hoping for 110+ but was not expecting less than 90’s.
    O’Meara – Oh boy this guy does it week in week out still going up in price but will trade him when his bye comes or after.
    Moloney – Was a certain all preseason but never thought he would be a keeper. At most m6. He does get the job done but I will eventually have to offload him sometime. And a shitty 24 just fucked me up. There is also speculation that he got injured friday night? Did not watch the match so i am unsure.
    M. Murphy – Even though i am a blues supporter this guy has pissed me off tooo much. I bought him in round 6 and being the only blue left in my team after getting rid of Kruezer, Gibbs, and Rowe after LOSING $100,000+ after this week and getting back to back 70’s i think now is the time to wave good bye.
    S. Selwood – Not much to say here he has been up and down and after last week’s 81 he is trying my patience we will have to see what happens tonight though versing the Tigers he SHOULD get 100+ right?
    Watson – Should be a keeper from now. Picked him up last week and copping and getting most of the attention from sydnet instead of stanton and a 85 hmmm….
    Swan – The pig has finally racked up a solid 130 and with thoughts of trading him out before this week’s lockout i am glad i chose to keep him.
    Ablett – Gazza is a jet straight forward he has big highs (140) this week and will be one of the more poular candidates for my captaincy. I AM NEVER LISTENING TO YOU EVER AGAIN CALVIN!!!!

    So now i’m stuck with these dickheads:
    1. Hodge
    2. Murphy
    3. Selwood
    4. Molony (injured?)

    And looking to get in:
    1. STANTON!!!
    2. Lake! (by bringing goddard in the mids-DPP)
    3. Barlow
    4. Minson (by bringing blicavs in the mids-DPP)

    Who to trade in and who to trade out. ($219,700 in the bank)
    SORRY ABOUT THE LENGTH!!!!!! If you took the time to read this then please answer.

    • Downgrade one of Moloney/Viney and upgrade the other for sure. Depending on your bye structure it might be worth the risk to bring in Tom Mitchell as your downgrade this week if you are short of coin. Stanton and Barlow seem like good options.

    • 1. I’d wait to bring in Stanton after the MBRs – you have quite a few Rnd 13 mids
      2. I’d stay away from Lake.. would be better to have Goddard in DEF.
      3. SSelwood is a keeper IMO .. many premos will have their bad rounds (just like Swan)
      4. I’d trade Moloney and Viney.

  • 234 behind my Eliminator opponent with Cotchin, Nic-Nat and JJK in hand. Will be close!

  • 55 + Cox + Lids vs Maric + Cotchin + NicNat

  • 1635, Cox, Selwood, Priddis, Martin, Vlaustin, Kennedy. Do I have potential for 2200?

    • You definitely have the potential to get 2200 however if one or two spud up you most likely won’t get 2200

  • On the Afl website the news has been announced that Embley and S. Lonergan are the subs meaning that if anyone such as myself traded in Hutchings and put him in on the field you would be very happy. Also, think of his price rise! :)