The Sunday Knee-Jerk – Round 9

Well… for most that weekend was a disaster. This is the place to be tonight. Forget bye planning, trade planning. Leave your worries behind. It’s time to vent. Yes, there were a few great highlights, but the ramifications due to injury will be huge. Why? Because the AFL came up with a genius invention. Let’s have three weeks of half-hearted footy with six games per weekend while ruining DT! And late withdrawals… don’t get me started. Yet. It’s time to knee-jerk!

The Legends

Scores will once again be quite high this week as there were so many heroes! Where to start? Johnson (144) is reaching must-have status and plays Gold Coast and GWS in the next 2. Hold on to your buts! Watson (122) is pure class. The definition of elite. Always great to watch him rack up, get him in while he’s cheap! His teammate Stanton (144) is ripe for the picking this week. A classic DT slut costing only 495k? Yes please! Then we remember this strange invention called byes. Sh*t. I can finally include Goddard (131) in the legends category! One of few defenders to just get it done week in, week out. Goodes (147) handled the racism incident with pure class. Not to mention he is back to his best form! An absolute bargain if you have the balls to pick him up. O’keefe (136) keeps on keeping on past the age of 30. Don’t write him off. Boyd (142) is another midfield premium ripe for the picking. 480k for a proven elite mid? Sold! Hibberd (113) was in my team right up until lockout in Round 6, where I swapped him to Waters. That’s turned out well. Gun! This list seems never ending, however Ablett (139) has to make the cut. Legend of our game. Ball (123), Masten (126) and Montagna (126) could also provide great POD’s in our midfield for reasonable prices. Who said we would all end up with the same team? Rubbish! Adelaide provided a legendary comeback to beat North, Dangerfield (121) once again amongst it. Douglas (123) is sneaking under many radars up forward, sensational pick if you got him. Boy did the dockers hand out a shellacking. They had a team average of 97 with 11 players cracking the ton!!! Barlow (149) was the pick of them, he is really hitting his straps now. There’s midfield options everywhere! Ibbotson (134) is providing a very handy POD in defence, while Mundy (134) was brilliant. Finally for the rooks, none better than Kerridge (123). I missed the boat on this guy! His price will soar. Hrovat (80) will be my saviour during the byes it seems, while Jones (95) is my true rookie legend. He will hand the M8 reins to O’Meara (86) with an unblemished record!

The Sunday Chops

Honeymoon over. I wish I could go to sleep and my injury problems would fade away. Not gonna happen! The DT gods dropped their dacks this weekend and decided it was time for my team to suffer. A severe case of bullsh*t hit my squad. 2 rounds out from the sickening byes, Ellis (-), Lonergan (22), Leuenberger (65) and Terlich (67) get hit by injury. The early word is that Terlich (Broken ribs) should miss at least a couple, Ellis is out until at least after his bye, Lonergan has done a hammy (we all know what that means) and Leuenberger could miss up to six with a broken thumb (unconfirmed). I happen to have all of them. Shoot me. Just on Ellis, here’s a funny story. Funny for you. Gibbs went down injured, so he became Waters to avoid a donut. Waters then becomes a late withdrawal and misses 2 weeks. He finally returns to the field replacing Terlich, before being outscored by 44. He is then announced out AGAIN this week, so he became Ellis. NEK MINNIT. Well, you know the story. My D4 will have played once in the last six games. Yeeaaahhhh… ****. Birchall (-) hasn’t gone much better. What a ****ing disaster! Let’s hope he will be better for the rest. Yes injuries and late withdrawals were a problem for us. HOWEVER, as our teams are filling with mostly premiums below par rookie scores are not expected. Step up Zorko (46). Two kicks in a full 120 minutes of football is all that needs to be said. You had one good season. Now please remove yourself from planet Earth. Quite a few people got on board the Kennedy (50) bandwagon. He looked ripe for the picking. A score of 153 against the pies last year and he loves the big stage. In fact Collingwood are his favourite team to play! What a piss take. Jacobs (22) has been an absolute spud this season and got subbed midway through the 3rd term. That’s ahead of McKernan. Sando doesn’t take any sh*t, just ask Matty Wright. Get him out! Deledio (53) also let down the coaches who backed him in to transform back into 2012 Lids. Bucks and Voss are also on the chopping block after their teams sucked and they like to play their best players as far away from the ball as possible. Logical.

The Clown

Ok seriously I’m at my wits end with this late withdrawal business. What is the game plan in having an injured player, but not naming them as out until an hour before the game. Brandon Ellis does a hammy at training on Thursday. I trade him in on Friday. Named out on Saturday. It seriously sh*ts me off, if you know a player is injured then just name them out god dammit. Birchall was probably never going to play on the weekend, rumours were circling about a Hawk out as early as Friday. But no, they must be tactical when playing the Gold Coast and say he’s playing anyway. Cheers d***heads. Could the AFL crack down on this? It’s not a big issue for clubs, let’s be honest. There’s no real advantage by naming an injured player. Make the call by friday arvo for god sake! If not then name them with a late fitness test at least… Dream Teamers sanity would never be the same again. Some transparency please!

What we’ve learnt?

  • The DT gods have taken the term ‘taking the piss’ a little too seriously. We are now getting pissed on.
  • I know I bash Melbourne a bit (a lot) here, but I don’t see anyway out unfortunately. Ugly.
  • Voss finished 2nd in a year of DT. He is clearly bitter.
  • The new move of playing your elite ball winners at full forward is working really well. Brisbane and Collingwood are just reaping the rewards. Perhaps they should take a leaf from the best 2 teams in the comp.
  • The byes represent a DT sh*tstorm.
  • The biggest flat track bully known to man faces GWS and the Gold Coast in the next 2 weeks, averaging 127 in his last 5. He may soon transform into Mila Kunis.
  • Don’t let the Kangaroos take your dog for a walk, they can’t hold a lead. (Boomtish).
  • I’ve reached my limit. As the injury reports come through this week, here’s my reaction. Oh, ok.

This game sh*ts me

My god… Ok what else can I say. 4 injuries to big name players this weekend, I own all 4. Sh*t, sh*t, SHIT! What is that you say? Byes are 1 week away? **** you Demetriou. Oh is that right Andrew, you placed teams with 70% of the top quality premium midfield population in round 13? That helps (No I do not believe Dream Team is his highest priority, although it should be). Injuries are a pain in the *** at the best of times, multiply that with the sh*tness that is 3 rounds of byes and you have a ****ing big load of bull**** **** my dream team **** ****. And that’s why this game sh*ts me.

The other bits and pieces.

Well thank god I escaped this week with a great score, I get the feeling I may need my head start over the byes! 2257 for me this week, lifting my ranking to 92. I reached this position last year, let’s hope I can keep it going, at least I won’t run out of trades after the byes! I started planning for the byes last week but sh*t has already started to hit the fan. My bye plan? Spread my numbers as evenly as possible, then hope. Hope being the key word. I also planned to stash some cash in the bank, which I still hope to do. A few quality rooks look to be coming through, a full kitty will be priceless during the Byes. That’s all from me this week, good luck trading! Cheers.

If you enjoyed my raging and want a hittable punching bag when sh*t goes tits up, follow me on twitter @MattCraigDT. My views are honest, mostly helpful and occasionally entertaining! Also hit me up with any suggestions for who you thought were the Legends, Losers and Clowns, plus what you’ve learnt the past week. I value everyone’s opinion!


  • Decisions decisions !???????
    Who to trade out ,
    Terlich ?? What is his injury ?
    Yarran . Will he be back next week? Huge brake even !
    Evans he may stay for another week .
    Lonergan, did he do a hammy will he play next week ?
    Majak daw , has he reached his ceiling I think so he has to go but for who jack hannath ?

    • can;t remember his name but a demon ruck got 80 something on debut, Gorrindge from the suns scored all right aswell, both rock bottom price

    • At least you won’t have to worry about Daw losing money next round…….Can’t lose money if you don’t play!!! Surely he will be back in the VFL.

      • Mmmmm actuly that’s a very good point

        • I know….haha. Grimley would be handy if he keeps getting games as he has round 11 bye, perfect fit to be on the bubble in round 12 BUT can’t see the Hawks continuing to play him when Hale is back. Might have to be Gorringe.

          • Gorringe is only just winning the ruck spot over Tom Nichols and it wouldn’t surprise me if the two were interchanged a lot a bit like Lobbe/Redden

  • great read as always, but how the f**k did you get such a big score with all those injuries etc?

    • The rest of my team is going great guns! Plenty of great picks carrying my few failures/injuries I guess

  • haha great article again matt, you’re so raged up and then you got 2257 and you’re ranked 92! can’t be all bad :)

    whatcha gonna do with ellis? i think i’m gonna hold him, trade leuy for gorringe or hannath maybe. ugh, my stomach is turning just thinking about it. planned to go mayes > staker but perhaps terlich has to go. damn this game!

  • Good read. My knee has already hit near my face region a number of times. I have Lonergan and Terlich, both of which could be on the chopping block. What do you think:

    Lonergan to Hutchings or Hrovat ?
    Terlich to Staker?
    Other trade for Lonergan and Terlich.

    • Hrovat over Hutchings I reckon. I’m making the same Terlich trade at this stage

      • Thanks. Hrovat however is good r12 trade. Why no confidnece in Hutchings; 94 in 3 quarters of footy albet GWS is not bad.

        Do you have Lonergan? What to do with him?

        • As an Eagles fan I’m always cautious… we never seem to blood rooks for too long, however day by day he is looking more likely I won’t lie. If I was to pick only 1 however it would be Hrovat.

  • I had the perfect trades for nexr round, Then I read this…, Should I put Blicavs on field (vsing GC and trade luey next week) and trade ellis and terlich?

    • Wait on confirmation of the injuries before trading seriously, however I’m hoping to play Blicavs and trade Terlich, my other trade an upgrade to Boyd. Holding Ellis at this stage

      • Is it defiantly a hammy and out for 2-3+ weeks or is that unconfirmed and who would you pick Montagna (Plays NM Will do well) or Boyd who will kill port but has a tougher run and is more inconsistent?

        • Lonergan???
          I was watching the game. Lonergan was running down the wing with the ball and then he clutched his hammy. For some reason the boundary rider said it was just muscle cramp. Next thing you know Lonergan is subbed out.
          It’s a hammy.

        • Boyd plays Melbourne twice this year. Just a thought

    • Sounds like a plan.
      Terlich to Staker perhaps?
      Ellis to a premo defender – hard to pick. Enright?

      • ye I moved staker to the back for ellis and vlaustin to back for Terlich and brought in Montagna but i’m still going to wait on injury reports

    • possibly a big question for this week. who to hold, leuy or ellis. leuy was topping out anyway and 6 weeks is too long. really wanna keep ellis and just gotta hope that this hammy doesn’t drag on like some do.

      blicavs just seems to keep rolling on. i’ve had him all year and will definitely field him if left with nothing else. i’m only looking at ruck trades to have as many available for byes as possible. still got sinclair sitting in R4 for example. and chappy. but let’s not go there.

      • Berger has the first bye anyway, may as well get a replacement after then.

  • I’m thinking this weeks trades are
    Terlick –> Staker
    Luenberger –> Goldstein or Niknat

    • You could keep luey for this week and play blicavs (vs GC) and trade next week? if you have other trades to do

      • +1, that’s my plan. Blicavs is just coming off his best ever game. Cats are playing him into form, as they know he us ludicrously fit. He,could be an absolute star.

  • great read mate. with bloody Daw getting 6 and now being a must trade as his b/e is 112, is it too early to jump on Gorringe?

    • Also look at Grimley. $108k rook ruck who scored 81. JS is questionable however.

    • He’ll get dropped or “rested” so I be keeping for another week I’d say

    • Gorringe>Grimley

    • Gorringe is only just winning the ruck spot over Tom Nichols and it wouldn’t surprise me if the two were interchanged a lot a bit like Lobbe/Redden

  • Bugger, it looks like my trading plans were short lived. I was going to ditch Birchall for Hanley and Mayes for Bartel. Now I have to consider the injuries to Leuenberger, Lonergan and Terlich!

    Will probably trade:

    Berger -> Jarryd Roughead
    Lonergan -> Hutchings

  • Great read Matty, Good work on the 92nd ranking! :D

    I have finished my first trade of Sinclair to Staker which leaves me with $133,900.

    My Backline is: Goddard (Round 13), Scotland (Round 13), Heppel (Round 13), Birchall (Round 11), Terlich (Round 12), Goodes (Round 11), Pittard (Round 11) and Thurlow (Round 12).

    What trades should i go with?? Terlich injured so i can upgrade but who to without stuffing up my byes?

    • Anyone thinking about Sam wrigley from hawks 81 on debut today

      • Trade him in round 12 when he’s in the bubble if he plays this upcoming round and if he’s playing well. JS questionable.

      • No……Sam Grimley perhaps. Will struggle to hold his spot when Hale is back.

        • Sam Grimley is a top bloke, knew him growing up!
          However as far as I’ve heard his not likely for a lot of game time this year.
          Be warned

  • hey mate, what priority should i trade out leuy, terlich, and lonergan in (bench cover for all, lonergan not in top 8 mids)

  • should i be trading out harbrow, he has topped out?

    • I have Harbrow also and am holding. His form has been down the last 2 weeks but who is the reliable and consistent premium defender you would replace him with? If you have had him from the start you got him priced at an average of about 60, so 70ish scores from time to time are not so bad.

      • they way i look at it, i should have gotten rid of him when his priced peaked after that 59 when he got tagged. he was 410k then. that was almost 100k profit. now he is languishing at 380k and going to drop even further. his last three scores have been his worst all season. i am going to cut and run. gibbs is sitting in my MID anyway, so can slot him back in DEF and cash in to someone like hutchings.

  • no one seems to be talking about the pig(Swan) or should i say piglett is he injured or what has a huge BE next week and will drop another SH** Load what to do? Trade him out and bring him back after the byes?

    • Right now he’s in the middle of his most severe price drop – hold or trade depending on your bye structure. But if you drop him to save money lost, he probably won’t drop that much, and certainly not below 500K.

      I’m grateful for Buckley for playing him out of position, as it drops his price well below the the once 585K I was prepared to pay for him!

    • his price drop is a worry but surely you have more pressing issues than considering trading out the pig. ur just gonna have to ride the ups and downs and leave him in ur team for the season

      • I am soooooo looking fwd to bringing him for close to 500k his friends Gary Scott jobe jäger Nathan and Trent will be soo happy to see him hahaha

    • i traded out Ablett in rd. 4 for the same reason. (to Hodge)
      Hodge turned into Hartless in rd. 6 (back pain week)
      i still havent got Ablett back and regret it. be warned/

  • Lonergan to Hutchings, Berger to Z. Clarke. Wanna have some money in the kitty for the byes and Clarke should do well with Sandilands not available until about round 14 and Griffin and Bradley out for the year. Thoughts. Trade 1 suits my bye structure.

  • Love the article Matt!
    Mate I don’t care if Birchall goes on to average 200 for the rest of the season, or next season, he is on my DON’T TOUCH ME IM A PU$$Y list. Srsly GTFO of the team on Friday if your not going to play! So many under-performing Premo’s cost me an easy 2200+ … Swan, Jelwood, Rocky, ROUGHEAD U LAZY FKER!!! Y U WAIT TILL Q4 TO START MOVE UR BUTT EH?!?!?!? Somehow I’m averaging just over 2k for the year but I am yet to hit 2100 even once…


    So Terlicker – Staker and Leuy – Buddy (Sub Roughy into Ruck)

    Been a great run from Terlickah but can’t afford 2 weeks on the pine, wish him all the best though he’s one of few worthy Melb players. Leuy another unfortunate set-back, he has had a pretty good run.

  • Luey for who? Im thinking kruezer. 322000 and fits well with my byes

  • The Ellis late call sucks. Anyone who made a gutsy decision to pick him up last week at 380K is being punished as everyone else, who went for softer trades will now pick him up after the round 11 bye. Advantage lost. Bullshite

    • Good point, he won’t be a POD as everyone gets time to jump on board. FMDT!

      • As you said, these selfish and late withdrawals are ruining DT – seriously would anyone who had brought in Ellis before round 9 have brought him in if he was named as injured?

        Current owenership rate at around 4-5% makes him amassive POD, and if he played, his increased price by round 12 would have made him unlikely to be picked up. Now most decent DTers will jump on him after round 11 bye – still at 380K..

        I feel as if Hardwick/Richmond owe me a serius trade refund…f**kers

        • If you looked on DTT on Friday I mentioned the rumours of Ellis being out with a hammie!
          I know a lot of this can be trolling but sometimes it’s on the money.

          • Pretty easy to come out with this after the fact.

            Unless you produce any evidence or strong logic to back it up at the time it’s not useful; I can’t imagine why people would make decisions like that given all the trolling crap that flies around Friday evenings.

            Actually, none of this changes the fact that Richmond are douches for the circumstances mentioned above. If a player is known to be injured, don’t fraking name him to play.

  • Great read as always! Really need a round 13 Bye Forward as I don’t have any besides Macaffer… Any suggestions?

    • That is interesting; I’ve only got him and Dwyer. I can’t think of any.

      Don’t think it will be a huge is because you mid and backs are probably stacked with them

      • Cloke seems the best option. Waite if you have balls of steel. In fact that’s probably just stupid, so Cloke.

        • Cheers mate, was also thinking Ryder as I have 4 round 12 rucks (although I will probably be rid or daw and Blicavs by the byes). I guess I’ll decide over the week haha

  • Macaffer > Staker
    Evans > Stanton and put Leuey on the bench and Blicavs on the field?

    Macaffer > Staker
    Leuey > Roughead/Goldstein

    • Stanton isn’t in that great form so 2 on face value. I’d rather Swan or Boyd in the Mids in a couple weeks

      • that great of form? scored 144, averages 110 and has a B/E of 90…

      • before he had his tweak for 50-odd a few weeks ago, he was racking in the 100s, but playing in poor form – quality of disposal and form doesn’t need to translate to great DTing.

        • he can miss targets all day if he pleases, aslong as he’s getting his hands on the footy

  • trading Whitefield and either Rock or Birch for Stevie J and Staker.

    Who should I cut out of Rock and Birch?

    • If your in a position to cull your premos then I envy you…

      • I have to cut that to get Stevie J. otherwise I could get Swan (high b/E) or Boyd (1 game till bye

        My team is okay; there are about 6-7 almost ripe players asking to be culled over byes

    • I would trade out Birchall, but mainly because he cost me 2300 this week :P also, his break even is like 140…If he’s out again this week that’s your decision made ;)

  • O’Meara -> Stevie J
    Goodes -> Gibbs

    My opponent this week has both. Which trade will get me more points?

    • Do you not have anyone else you can get rid of For stevie J? You definitely have to get him in!

      • Would certainly keep omeara if possible

      • My forward line is full with premo’s and O’Meara is the last non-premo in my mids. Backline suffering though.

        DEF: Goddard, Birchall, Harlett, Goodes, Vlastuin, Thurlow (Laird, Frost)
        MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Watson, S.Mitchell, JPK, Fyfe, O’Meara (Evans, Neade)
        RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Daw)
        FWD: Riewoldt, Martin, Bartel, Rockliff, JJK, Franklin (Macaffer, Rowe)

        Opponent has my backline covered with Heppell, Gibbs and Duffield

        • Dayum you have a really good team! I Think Leuenberger is gonna be out for a few so you could trade him to stevie J and move Rowe to the rucks if you are willing to play blicavs for a week

        • Very similar team to mine haha, instead of birchall, hartlett and frost I have Heppell, Ellis and Hanley. I’d be fixing that backline ASAP, more points to be gained than by getting SJ over O’Meara.

          • Yeah this week’s a must win for me, Laird > Gibbs is on the cards, thanks mate.

  • I have Terlich, Lonergan, Berger. Lonergan hurts the most, as I seem to choose the injured rookies. Terlich is about prime anyway. Berger is annoying. But then I remembered how much he started as. main annoyance, might have to play Blicavs on field this week as other trades more important to me. Berger has first bye anyway.

    • Terlich > Staker and Lonergan > Boyd. Will check Lonegans injury reports tho.

      • how many players have a round 11 bye in your side shags? bringing in boyd is ok if you dont have too many players sharing that bye.

        • I’m pretty good for round 11. Indeed I don’t have enough mids having a bye that round. It’s round 13 I have issues.

  • terlich > staker
    mayes > hutchins

    gives me 529k in the bank and ellis on bench thurlow on feild for the round until i can upgrade ellis next week?

    never had luey so no need worry with him. and wines will have to wait another week but ball is looking ripe for the picking would have loved him this week but no can do!

  • these injuries are killing me

    will have to risk blicavs in a starting role this week

    might just trade in a dud non scoring player this week in order to stay up with all my wanted bye trades

    i know its a waste of two trades effectively, but i really wanna keep up a good bye average and at this point (before teams are released) i see no other real good alternative

    • I noticed Blicavs scores are much better against weaker opposition + playing in Geelong first time this year. Perhaps he’ll score well enough and surprise us. Been considering starting him on the field too…all for 3 seconds.

  • Any news if crouch will be brought in next week

    • He statistically had a quiet day for West Adelaide on the weekend (52 DT points). Many of his Westies team mates scored much higher.
      No mention of him in the write up.
      Is Sanderson likely to drop anyone after their win on Sunday????
      I have Crouch on the bench and eventually he is going to play but….

  • word of warning for people wishing to trade hutchings in. West Coast play Richmond on bloody monday, so we will have no idea if he is playing or not. He would most likely be named on the seven man bench.

    • Unless by chance he’s named on the field, and not extended bench.

      • It will be interesting to see if that works.
        Ben Kennedy was named to start in the forward pocket against Geelong a couple of weeks ago.
        Started the match on the bench with a colorful green vest.

        • Most of the time, playes named to start on the field do start on the field – the ben kennedy case is not ‘most of the time’.

          I wonder how most people’s DT teams would look if decisions were made based on cases of exceptions to the rule.

          • Play the probabilities, Brett

          • Huh??
            He probably wont play.
            Embley, McGinnity and Nicoski all played well in the WAFL and must be considered for selection.
            All I’m saying is be cautious with a fringe player in a strong team with players in your best 18 returning.
            Especially with Worsfold in control.

    • Oh wow. Who has big balls?

  • i was considering the double downgrade option of terlich to staker and evans to hutchins, but with that stupid monday game i mentioned above, it is a horror scenario for DT’ers looking to trade in a rookie. i may upgrade evans for someone with the round 12 bye as i already have 11 players with the round 11 bye so boyd isn’t an option.

    • The bye rounds are better for upgrades and not downgrades…you need the best 18 scores, = there is a reduced pool of players that will contribute to a score, = the role of each player in getting a score is increased (relatively) in the bye rounds.

  • Great write up to by the way. Very funny.

  • This article is a good laugh until I get to the bottom and see that you scored 2257. Then I realise the joke’s on me. You have nothing to complain about!
    I had Jesse Lonergan, Birchall & Thurlow on the field (thanks to Heath Shaw). Not mention Dane Swan as Captain.. #2 my ass Calvin! Right now he’s well behind Ablett, Watson, Stevie J, etc. But it’s my fault for not having Ablett.. go me!

    I too have all of those injured players, except I have Pittard/Heater/Crouch instead of Ellis. FMDT.

    • Hehe, all for the laughs! Most of it was legit this week, I copped a fair whack! All the holds that looked ok a week back now look like disaster haha. Good luck dumping them all :P At least heater will be back (temporarily)

      • Haha, yep need about 5 trades this week :)

        atleast my footytips fantasy team is surviving the carnage, still ranked 62nd overall.

  • Also have to disagree Goodes handled that incident well. Stormed off because a little girl called him a name. The AFL/media’s overreaction was disturbing.

    • Little girl calls me an ape I wouldn’t stand there and do nothing. He had nothing to do with the media crucifixion, she sent him an apology and he doesn’t blame her… The game will hopefully be better for it

      • +1. Like Goodesy said himself, it’s about education.

        • Closer to indoctrination than eductation sadly. ‘Racism’ is code word for anti-white. But Goodes probably doesnt see the bigger picture so nothing sinister on his part. The media on the other hand..

      • I’m more concerned by what the relief must say in their own time, usually the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Love how this puts rude teenagers on notice.

      • Goodes’ personal reaction wasn’t so bad but I think storming off in tears is a tad unprofessional / thin skinned.
        Crowds hurl at abuse at any & every player who gets near the fence and if a white player stormed off like that I think we’d be calling him immature & unprofessional.
        Mostly referring to the media/AFL/everyone elses reaction. The media circus that “racism” has become has deeply concerning implications in the bigger picture.. atleast to the 5% of people who actually understand such things.

        Anyway not meaning to go too far off topic sorry. Just my little crusade to educate people about the other side of the argument. Too many people just gobble up the media’s anglo-bashing propaganda.

  • I’m finding it difficult to work out trades for this week. The health and wellbeing of certain athletes will need to be clearer.
    Birchall (back spasms?)
    Terlich (ribs?)
    Berger (“rushed” to hospital with a dislocated thumb?)

    Then I have to consider: Stevenson (Norwood had the bye), Mayes (just couldn’t get the ball) and Thurlow (17 points with 5 minutes to go on a beautiful day against a week opponent. Marked and goaled late to end up with 29), Crouch (mediocre against Sturt).

    The reality 4 of them will be with me into the next round……

  • Matt I really like the value of these discussions. Your Knee Jerk article is great. What makes it better is your responses, even at 11-30pm, that add further value, which I really appreciate.

    Well done mate.

  • Great Read matt, i also got done bringing in Ellis!! and have Terlich and Luey, but can someone fill me in what happen with Jelwood, Fanfooty said he got injured and subbed off?? anyone confirm that injury for me.. cheers

    • Cheers, it sounded to me like a precautionary rest, but if there’s any doubt going into the next couple of games he could easily be rested. Personally I expect him to play.

  • I heard on MMM on Friday that Birchall would probably miss, (for some reason DT Talk not working on chrome so couldn’t give a heads up, finally got logged in with ie now) but just left the E on L. Brown (28 pts), then Ellis doesn’t play and I get a 0. Thurlow only scores 29 but points lost are gone forever.
    Biggest FMDT moment this round (bigger than JPK only getting half his score) has got to be that i reverse my trade of Wines to Stevie J and get J Selwood instead, thinking I will neeed that 100K come bye rounds, doh!

    Oh, got beaten in Elim by roughly 250pts and dropped in the rankings a lot.

  • Terlich, Ellis, Pittard, Viney, Currie are INJURED!!

  • Great article Matt and congrat’s on your ranking