Golden Stubby – Round 9


Gotta be quick with this (one of those days and nights)… I put the call out on Twitter for nominations for this week. It was tough to limit it to 5 with some great performances, but here we go.

Adam Goodes – 147

No only did the dual Brownlow Medalist do a lot to stamp out racism in this country on the weekend, he also had a pretty handy game. 30 disposals and 3 goals was a great effort to kick off Indigenous Round. His actions and how he handled himself deserved another 100 DT points. Respect.

Steve Johnson – 144

With Swanny the Fantasy Pig having a bad time of it, Stevie J is being touted as the new Pig with his DT sluttery on the weekend. 33 disposals, 9 tackles and 7 marks to go with his goal. Massive return after being a late out last week.

Michael Barlow – 149

In the last game of the round, the Freo ball magnet was just that… racking up 32 touches with a massive 11 tackles. Absolute machine. He would have got a few coaches over the line, or in my case, helped them to a respectable score.

Sam Kerridge – 126

The rookie that a few coaches took a punt on delivered this week with a very nice score of 126. It wasn’t just his beast score, it was the way it came – 6 second half goals helped him get his price heading further north.

Jobe Watson – 122

It’s not the biggest score going around for a premium but a lot of coaches threw him up there for a nomination and he makes the 5. With a lot of us wanting to look elsewhere because of his Round 13 bye, he was a great option to bring in with his price bottoming out.

Honorable mentions: Mark Blicavs, Garrick Ibbotson, Matthew Boyd, Koby Stevens, Gary Ablett, David Mundy, Jordan Lewis, Paul Duffield.. and some more – write them in the comments.

Golden Stubby - Round 9

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  • Stanton for me

    • +1 I seriously can’t believe a guy with 144 points doesn’t get a mention… ahead of paul duffield? Seriously?

  • Barlow. His massive effort this week got me over the line by a few points.

  • Jobe cause he was my captain :)

  • Barlow – brought him in for Wines and he killed it!

  • Don’t have any of the 5 but my vote goes to Kerridge but not because I’m a Crows supporter or anything ;)

  • kerridge for me! needed 92 to win my game and he put in a huge second half to get me over the line!

  • kerridge for me! needed 92 to win my game and he put in a huge second half to get me over the line!!!

  • Took the punt and upgraded Wines to Boyd, risky with his DT breakeven still at 141, he gets 144, Ibbotson another punt I took 2 rounds ago for Harlett gets 130, the Gablett with C does his usual, and Stevie J definitely the crowd favourite.

    Very happy with my uniques… but not happy with JPK, Swan, Rockliff… would happen crack one with Stevie J

  • I don’t really care if teams win or lose as long as they get good DT points for me. Leigh Montagna keeps flying under the radar racking up good scores!

  • ibbotson for me!

  • wheres koby?

  • Barlow. Had him all year and he’s getting back to his slutty self. Averaging 26 disposals a game 6.5 tackles and 5 marks a game. Love the guy

  • Although i don;t have him I’m voting for Goodes and he stared on what is his special round and barlow was only playing melbourne

  • Jack

    Who should I get Barlow or boyd

  • worth getting Stanton if i have Watson?

    • depends if you have people such as Ablett, Pendles, Swan, Murphy, O’meara because you will have no midfield come round 13

      • I have
        Swan, Pendlebury, Watson, Mitchell, Swallow and Cotchin
        Kommer – Viney – Kennedy

  • Barlow. come into my side with a big C next to his name. Took Ablett on in all 5 of my leagues, and got me over the line

  • Mayes to hutchings or hrovat.

  • I have to go Steve Johnson as I traded him in this week because I seen what he averages against his next 2 opponents. Then he went boom against Port aswell. I think he will average 140+ for next 2 weeks!

    • Hrovat you may as well wait until after his bye in round 11. Hutchings JS is a bit iffy and with the Eagles playing on the Monday you aint going to know final teams when lock out starts, so will be a gamble

  • Where’s Boyd?

  • First time not haveing someone for the golden stubby :/

  • I’m goin with Barlow.
    I only had him to come, on even points with my opponent who had three players yet to play.
    I won by a couple points!

    He’s pretty good, even if he does play for Freo…

  • Stuart

    Stevie J for me.

  • where is gary ablett !!!! 38 doposials and 139 points ads captain for me !!!

  • kerridge for me! came up big as a unique and got me over the line in more than one league!

  • Stevie J for me.
    Fuck Barlow. I was sitting pretty going into the Freo v Melb game. If Barlow got 147 I win. Yep, no worries I should be sweet with that. Buh bow, Barlow gets 149 and I lose by a point.
    Actually I dont know if I should be blaming Barlow or Melbourne.

  • Barlow for me. Traded him in, made him captain and he delivered big time. Special thanks to Glen Luff for calling it!

  • Has to be Goodes! Stepping up in Indigenous round scoring 147 including 3 goals. Not to mention he did this against one of the best teams in the comp.

  • goddard