AFL Teams: Round 8



Friday May 17, 6:40pm, Patersons Stadium

West Coast
B: Brennan, Glass, Schofield
HB: Hurn, Mackenzie, Waters
C: Rosa, S Selwood, Gaff
HF: LeCras, Darling, Masten
F: Hill, Kennedy, Kerr
Foll: Naitanui, Priddis, Shuey
I/C: Sheppard, Wellingham, Cox, A Selwood
Emg: Brown, Dalziell, Hutchings

In: Kerr, A. Selwood, Waters, Masten
Out: Brown, Dalziell, Smith, Hutchings

North Melbourne
B: S.McMahon 42 S.Thompson 16 J.Macmillan 34
HB: D.Wells 8 N.Grima 17 M.Firrito 11
C: S.Gibson 43 S.Atley 18 R.Bastinac 3
HF: B.Cunnington 10 D.Petrie 20 B.Harvey 29
F: L.Thomas 12 M.Daw 38 L.Adams 13
Foll: T.Goldstein 22 A.Swallow 9 J.Ziebell 7
Int: L.Hansen 6 S.Wright 19 A.Black 35 A.Mullett 41
Emerg: K.Harper 23 T.Hine 26 W.Sierakowski 28

In: Grima
Out: Sierakowski

Saturday May 18, 1:45pm, Etihad Stadium

B: Jake Carlisle, Dustin Fletcher, Cale Hooker
HB: Elliott Kavanagh, Michael Hurley, Michael Hibberd
C: Brent Stanton, Jobe Watson, Dyson Heppell
HF: David Zaharakis, Patrick Ryder, Brendon Goddard
F: David Myers, Stewart Crameri, Jason Winderlich
Foll: Tom Bellchambers, Heath Hocking, Ben Howlett
Int: Nick Kommer, Jackson Merrett, Jake Melksham, Mark Baguley
Emerg: Nathan Lovett-Murray, Will Hams, Tayte Pears

In: Stanton, Ryder, Kavanagh, Merrett
Out: Lovett-Murray, Davey, Gumbleton, Hardingham

B: Mitch Golby, Daniel Merrett, Ashley McGrath
HB:Joel Patfull, Justin Clarke, Elliot Yeo
C: Jed Adcock, Brent Moloney, Pearce Hanley
HF: Dayne Zorko, Jonathan Brown, Ryan Lester
F: Jack Redden, Jordan Lisle, James Polkinghorne
Foll: Matthew Leuenberger, Tom Rockliff, Simon Black
Int: Andrew Raines, Rohan Bewick, Brent Staker, Sam Mayes
Emerg: Patrick Karnezis, Josh Green, Sam Docherty

In: Staker
Out: Green

Saturday May 18, 2:10pm, Aurora Stadium

B: Duryea Lake Hodge
HB: Burgoyne Stratton Birchall
C: Smith Mitchell Hill
HF: Osborne Franklin Shiels
F: Hale Roughead Breust
Rucks: Bailey Sewell Lewis
IC: Spangher, Simpkin, Gunston, Puopolo
EM: Cheney, Guerra, Grimley

In: Spangher
Out: Gibson

GWS Giants
B: Stephen Gilham, Joshua Bruce, Aidan Corr
HB: Adam Kennedy, Tim Mohr, Toby Greene
C: Lachie Whitfield, Callan Ward, Mark Whiley
HF: Tomas Bugg, Adam Tomlinson, Rhys Palmer
F: Taylor Adams, Jeremy Cameron, Devon Smith
Foll: Jonathan Giles, Tom Scully, Stephen Coniglio
Int: Dean Brogan, Anthony Miles, Tim Golds, Dylan Shiel
Emerg: Curtly Hampton, Kurt Aylett, Samuel Frost

In: Miles, Bugg, Golds, Whiley
Out: Reid, Treloar, Townsend, Williams

Saturday May 18, 4:40pm, Metricon Stadium

Gold Coast
B: T. McKenzie, S. Day, D. Stanley
HB: D. Swallow, R. Thompson, G. Broughton
C: M. Shaw, G. Ablett, J. Harbrow
HF: H. Bennell, T. Lynch, J. Lonergan
F: B. Matera, S. May, A. Hall
R: Z. Smith, J. O’Meara, D. Prestia
INT: J. Hutchins, C. Brown, J. Brennan, L. Russell
Emergencies: T. Nicholls, C. Cameron and T. Sumner

In: Russell
Out: Murphy

Western Bulldogs
B: Jason Johannisen, Jordan Roughead, Dale Morris
HB: Adam Cooney, Tom Young, Brett Goodes
C: Clay Smith, Matthew Boyd, Ryan Griffen
HF: Robert Murphy, Liam Jones, Daniel Cross
F: Luke Dahlhaus, Jake Stringer, Daniel Giansiracusa
Foll: Will Minson, Liam Picken, Tom Liberatore
Int: Lukas Markovic, Koby Stevens, Jack Macrae, Nick Lower
Emerg: Mitch Wallis, Tom Williams, Tom Campbell

In: Goodes, Stevens, Stringer, Macrae
Out: Addison, Austin, Tutt, Wallis

Saturday May 18, 7:40pm, MCG

B: Nathan Brown, Ben Reid, Harry O’Brien
HB: Jordan Russell, Nick Maxwell, Marley Williams
C: Steele Sidebottom, Dane Swan, Luke Ball
HF: Jamie Elliott, Quinten Lynch, Brent Macaffer
F: Ben Kennedy, Travis Cloke, Sam Dwyer
Foll: Darren Jolly, Scott Pendlebury, Jarryd Blair
Int: Andrew Krakouer, Jarrod Witts, Josh Thomas, Paul Seedsman
Emg: Alan Didak, Ben Sinclair, Caolan Mooney

In: Ball, Russell, Witts, Williams
Out: D. Thomas, Shaw, Clarke, Mooney;

B: Mackie, Lonergan, Enright
HB: Guthrie, Taylor, Corey
C: Duncan, Bartel, Motlop
HF: Stokes, Johnson, Smedts
F: Christensen, Hawkins, Podsiadly
R: West, Selwood, Horlin-Smith
IC: J Hunt, Schroder, Thurlow, Blicavs
E: Caddy, Kersten, Burbury

In: Corey, J. Hunt
Out: Kelly, T. Hunt

Saturday May 18, 7:40pm, SCG

B N.Malceski, T.Richards, N.Smith
HB M.Mattner, H.Grundy, D.Rampe
C L.Jetta, R.O’Keefe, D.Hannebery
HF J.McVeigh, S.Reid, J.Bolton
F T.Walsh, A.Goodes, B.McGlynn
Foll M.Pyke, J.Kennedy, K.Jack
I/C M.Morton, S.Mumford, C.Bird, L.Parker
Emg T.Armstrong, A.Everitt, J.White

In: Morton, Mumford, Walsh
Out: White, Armstrong, Lamb

B: Lee Spurr, Zac Dawson, Michael Johnson
HB: Garrick Ibbotson, Luke McPharlin, Alex Silvagni
C: Danyle Pearce, Ryan Crowley, Paul Duffield
HF: Michael Barlow, Chris Mayne, Nathan Fyfe
F: Matt de Boer, Zac Clarke, Michael Walters
FOLL: Jack Hannath, Clancee Pearce, David Mundy
I/c: Cameron Sutcliffe, Hayden Ballantyne, Hayden Crozier, Nick Suban
EMG: Tom Sheridan, Tanner Smith, Tendai Mzungu

In: Clarke, Fyfe
Out: Griffin, Mzungu

Sunday May 19, 1:10pm, Etihad Stadium

B: Mitch Robinson, Michael Jamison, Lachie Henderson
HB: Zach Tuohy, Dennis Armfield, Simon White
C: Kane Lucas, Chris Judd, Kade Simpson
HF: Ed Curnow, Andrew Walker, Jeff Garlett
F: Brock McLean, Jarrad Waite, Matthew Kreuzer
Foll: Robert Warnock, Marc Murphy, Heath Scotland
Int: Josh Bootsma, Troy Menzel, Tom Bell, Shaun Hampson, Sam Rowe, Aaron Joseph, Jaryd Cachia

In: Waite, Rowe, Joseph, Menzel, Bell, Bootsma
Out: Betts, Ellard, Yarran

Port Adelaide
FB: Lewis Stevenson, Alipate Carlile, Cameron O’Shea
HB: Dom Cassisi, Tom Jonas, Andrew Moore
C: Kane Cornes, Travis Boak, Brad Ebert
HF: Matthew Broadbent, Justin Westhoff, Angus Monfries
FF: Robbie Gray, Jay Schulz, Chad Wingard
Foll: Jarrad Redden, Hamish Hartlett, Oliver Wines
Int from: Sam Colquhoun, Jake Neade, Cameron Hitchcock, Matthew Lobbe, Kane Mitchell, Paul Stewart, Tom Logan

In: Cassisi, Logan, Lobbe, Stewart, Hitchcock
Out: Stewart, Heath

Sunday May 19, 3:20pm, MCG

B: Morris, Rance, Chaplin
HB: Newman, Ellis, Houli
C: Grigg, Cotchin, Jackson
HF: Deledio, S. Edwards, King
F: McGuane, Riewoldt, Martin
R: Stephenson, Foley, Vlastuin
IC from: Nahas, Batchelor, Arnot, Dea, A. Edwards, Vickery, White

In: A. Edwards, White, Cotchin, Vickery, Arnot, Dea
Out: Tuck, Knights, Maric

B: Neville Jetta, James Frawley, Dean Terlich
HB: Daniel Nicholson, James Sellar, Colin Garland
C: Jack Trengove, Jordie McKenzie, Michael Evans
HF: Luke Tapscott, Lynden Dunn, Jeremy Howe
F: Max Gawn, Chris Dawes, Jimmy Toumpas
FOLL: Mark Jamar, Matt Jones, Nathan Jones
I/C (from): James Strauss, James Magner, Dean Kent, Aaron Davey, Troy Davis, Jake Spencer, Rohan Bail

In: Jamar, Magner, Trengove, Jetta, Davis, Toumpas
Out: Byrnes, Sylvia, Viney

Sunday May 19, 4:10pm, AAMI Stadium

B: Andy Otten, Ben Rutten, Luke Brown
HB: David Mackay, Daniel Talia, Brent Reilly
C: Brodie Smith, Scott Thompson, Nathan van Berlo
HF: Patrick Dangerfield, Shaun McKernan, Brodie Smith
F: Sam Kerridge, Josh Jenkins, Tom Lynch
RUCKS: Sam Jacobs, Richard Douglas, Rory Sloane
INTERCHANGE FROM: Ian Callinan, Ricky Henderson, Matthew Jaensch, Rory Laird, Jarryd Lyons, Jason Porplyzia, Matthew Wright

In: Jaensch, Callinan, Henderson
Out: Nil

St Kilda
B: Jarryn Geary, Sam Fisher, James Gwilt
HB: Sean Dempster, Dylan Roberton, Jack Newnes
C: Farren Ray, Nick Dal Santo, Arryn Siposs
HF: Terry Milera, Rhys Stanley, Leigh Montagna
F: Tom Hickey, Nick Riewoldt, Stephen Milne
Foll: Ben McEvoy, David Armitage, Jack Steven
Int From: Clint Jones, Seb Ross, Ahmed Saad, Sam Dunell, Jason Blake, Jimmy Webster, Beau Maister

In: Blake, Maister, Jones, Dunell.
Out: Wright

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  • The Round V8 is on private.. why?

  • How many people are in the same boat as me with owning Daisy and Hartlett? What are you guys doing?

    • i have thomas and will trade him to priddis using DPP. Don’t have hartlett but would keep him and try to get rid of neade/stevenson if have them.

      • Do you honestly think you would keep Hartlett? Keeping in mind he has burnt people with 30 odd scores 2 weeks in a row and his BE is a hugeeee 187. I want to keep him… But damn he is tempting to trade out.

        • I have him and I’m keeping him. Port rooks have peaked and I’d rather bleed cash on a potential keeper than on cows who aren’t.

          • Stevenson, Neade could lose about 5k each. Hartlett pulls out another 30 and loses something like 60k.

            Hartlett > Hanley = 40k difference this week
            Hartlett > Hanley = 120k differnce next week.

            If you keep him, you are sure he will recover and be a 90 average defender years end.

          • If Neade/Stevenson get a decent 60-70 score this week, they’re back to making some chump change for a couple weeks, rather than bleeding at all.

          • PS. I’m trying to convince myself and others that trading Harlett isn’t a ill-thought sideways rage trade

          • Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Hartlett was “must have” 2 weeks ago. I’m backing him to bounce back and repay the faith.

  • have to keep Wines and Lucas for one more week due to long term considerations. But who should I field? it’s probably a 50/50 call for me but what do people think?

    • mate thats a doozie. playing each other too. probably wines. only veocz of track record, not including last two weeks

      • Cheers. yea was leaning twds Wines. But will probably come down to a coin flip tomorrow

  • Slightly off topic I realise, but doesn’t seem to be an appropriate thread to discuss… does anyone know if those chicks from the ads on the right are still single?

  • Sadly am stuck with Burgoyne and Hartlett in the back line. One of them will become Vlastuin…..who should stay?

  • hi all, i am in quite a PORT hole who would you suggest to trade out. 2 of Hartlett, Stevenson, Wines or Neade
    please help i cannot decide. only got $11000 in bank coz of big upgrades last week.

    • Stevenson and Wines this week, and Heath the next. Although if you’re hating Hartlett’s BE then sideway him and keep wines but he still could be a keeper.

      • On another thought, dump hartlett unless you are absolutely sure you’re gonna keep him for the remainder of the season and take his 80 average. So probably it’s a good idea to trade him out now.

  • Whats everyones thoughts on Ibbotson? worth the risk?

    I am gonig Wines to Ablett but tossing up between

    Hartlett -> Ibboston $700 left
    Grime -> Ibboston $20k left (not holding just not losing money on the bench)
    Neade ->Lonergan $100k left.

  • To all those keeping hartlett:

    Get him out now, all he will do is lose a crap load of money and you will regret not trading him out for someone like Hanley. Hanley is so much more reliable and actually goes for the ball, and he will be an actual keeper. Why would you want to have a premium priced player who scores 100 and he bleeds so much money. you will regret keeping him

    • Burger

      +1 – 1st trade I thought of last Saturday afternoon. Only got Hartlett in 2 weeks ago to cover the carnage.

    • what i was meant to say was less than 40 and occasionally over 100*

  • heath to vlastuin
    wines to priddes

  • do u reckon i get hodge or priddis

  • Plan was to either:
    Evans > Lonergan
    Then Wines > Jelwood
    Or possibly Hartlett > not sure

    Now Daisy is out so thinking direct swap to Buddy
    and possibly trade out Hartlett as he will decrease quite a lot this round. Then Wines next week as he shouldn’t decrease too much compared to Hartlett


  • Dwyer, Neade or Mayes, need to field 2, Mayes vest chance maybe ??

  • Wines for Priddis locked but Sinclair for Luey or Neade for Franklin

  • DEF:Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Scotland, Goodes, Laird (Terlich, Heath)
    MID:Swan, Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Wines, O’Meara, Vlastuin (Crouch, Evans)
    RUC:Cox, Burger (Blicavs, Daw)
    FWD:Bartel, Rockliff, Robinson, Kennedy, Mayes, Thomas (Neade, Macaffer)

    122k Im really stuck with trades/trading strategies or improvements??
    I have Wines, Heath, Neade, Daisy and Gibbs

  • Get rid of Thomas who got injured as I predicted +1 to me.
    Wines/Neade/Heath to Franklin, StevieJ, Priddis, and cash cow. (Don’t know if you can make the above happen through swapping from Fwd/Mids)

  • Looks like Brodie Smith has been cloned- one of them is named on the wing and the other on the half forward flank!