Fantasy Freako Rave – Round 7

freakoThe Round 7 Fantasy Freako Rave is here thanks to our friends at Champion Data. This is a must have document for all AFL Fantasy coaches to download and read every week of the season. It is released every Wednesday of the season via email. To sign up to the email list, click here.

With scores, time on ground stats and a whole heap more, you’d be silly not to download the PDF via the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Rd7.pdf



  • Wow. The amount of work that has gone into this. Great resource for the real serious Dream Teamers…………..
    So my reading begins…..

  • cheers great read

  • Good read. Sold me into snapping up Hanley in defense. I also snapped up Lonergan in my mids… Should I grab Vlaustin instead? Seeing as this is probably my last chance to get Vlaustin into my side? However… This means he will be sitting on my mids bench. Any opinions? Advice?

    • Lonergan hasn’t really demanded us pick him with 2 scores of 50 odd and hasn’t looked to have settled well. I’d personally go Vlastuin as he is in great form and look to Lonergan in a week or two

      • actually sorry didn’t realise the bit about the bench… i’d lean to lonergan as should make just as much money and saves you 100k
        can you go vlastuin in def?

        • consider the bye rounds though… GC is rnd 13 which is looking like carnage in midfield with Ess, Coll, etc. Richmond is rnd 11 which may be easier to handle

  • Still reckon Hodge is a better option than Priddis for the sake of 20k. Higher Cceiling, easier draw.
    Your thoughts ?

    • Priddis has been consistent, Hodge hasn’t…

      • Priddis loves playing the Kangas then follows up with GWS. Hodge even hints he’s got a sore knee then the Hawks won’t let him play.
        Bias confirmation. That is, I’m trying to convince myself Priddis is the way forward.

  • no because priddis never gets below 80. He gets 90 every week basically and can occasionaly pump out a huge score (140). His ceiling is higher and his consistency is A LOT better. Hodge’s min is 50 and max is 120. Priddis is also a safe midfielder. Hodge can play different roles

    • take out Priddis’ one of score of 4 and his avg this yr is 97, not bad at all

      • i bought in hodge for 390k and bringing in priddis this week for the same(ish)

        cant really now boys can we….

  • Well that’s cleared that up ! I’m in no doubt now. I’m going Jelwood ! :-)

  • Crouch from the Crows confirmed as playing for West Adelaide this weekend.

  • Have to say I like the new format and green shading Freako is using this year.