My Team – Round 8

myteam_seasonDue to popular demand, here is a ‘My Team’ post where you can post your teams, discuss your trades and your decisions that you want help with from the DT Talk community.

This is in an attempt to help other readers and active users of DT Talk be able to enjoy articles written for this site – and for your entertainment – without comments just being all ‘Generation My” and just wanting help with their teams.

If you are wanting help with your team, then make sure you are joining in on the discussion with other coaches with theirs.


  • who should i get for neade? i have $383,000

    • Its real tough if you dont have the link to mid, but your options would be Kerridge, Gray, Winderlich and Tom Lynch, and they arn’t great options long term. Take your pick ;)

      • motlop?

        • wouldnt say so, pretty reliable on his goals, im pretty sure he doesnt get much possies as a small fwd. too much potential to lose money, esp at 378k

  • who should i get for neade??? i have $383,000

    • Priddis

      • yeah i can really afford that fuckhead and its in forward line

        • Ease up mate

          • Sorry mate. A mate of mine thinks its funny to make a dt talk account under my name and be a dickhead.

        • You weren’t specific were you? You said you have $383,300 and you want to trade Neade? I thought you were adding the price of Neade onto the $383,000 so before you call me a F**khead maybe you should learn to phrase your words better??? The whol time I thought you had about $600,000 + So you would be able to afford him. Also the “forward line” You can Dpp Neade to midfield aswell. You didn’t say you couldn’t do that either. So don’t ask questions if you’re gonna be smart about it okay?

        • …keyboard warrior

          • I’m a keyboard warrior? Umm okay then even tho I was trying to help and he called me a D**khead???????? Yeah you make real sense because I’m “acting tough” I’m simply pointing out his lack of intelligence.

          • Are you calling me a keyboard warrior or him?

          • him man not you lol should of made that clearer…relax

          • Sorry boys. It’s wasn’t me just a mate thinking he’s funny under my name

          • Sorry dude haha. There are alot of weird people on the internet that you don’t know what they are saying these days haha

  • Gibbs

    Which 2 do i get rid of??? and for who?
    Im looking at Hanley and Ibboston

    • I guess it depends on your DPP’s and what it gets you. Hanleys a good keeper..Priddis is best value. Ibbotson gets you two weeks of holding his price. You can also do a Thurlow(or vlastuin?) as a plan b to score you $$ for an upgrade.

  • I’m in a situation where I need to get rid of Maric and Neade I picked Roughead for Maric but I’m not sure if I should get Priddis or Tom Lynch??? I got Scott Selwood last round by accident and I’m trading him to swan so still not sure if I should get Priddis b/e of 43 or Tom Lynch b/e of -31 So Clueless someone give me idead :)???????

    • Y dont u just keep scott selwood he has been better than swan this year

    • Keep selwood, he has been great. Either priddis or lynch would be good trades

      • Because Swan was $700,000 at the start of the year and is now in the $589,000 mark and going lower So going Selwood to swan would be a good trade unless selwood keeps getting high scores.. I don’t really know Selwood but I know for 3 years Swan has been the top scorer..

        As for Trading Neade out still don’t know, because I cant have Selwood and Priddis.. Not sure if there’s other options or if Lynch will keep scoring well or not

        • Selwood to swan is not a good trade. Upgrade and downgrade your rookies at this time of the year. Now is the time to start completing your teams and getting rid of rookies of the field

          • Yeah I know… Do you think Lynch is a good trade? He has done well over his 4 games I could ride his b/e and upgrade him to a premo later???????/

          • Some people are talking him up. I try not to chase break evens though. I use my rookies to generate cash and prefer to bring in proven premos.

            Could be a good catch but I think it is too risky.

          • Well is it too late to get in Kerridge?

          • What’s the rest of your team look like?

  • have $383,000 and have to trade neade?

  • DEF: Goddard,Birchall,Hartlett,Goodes,Terlich,Vlastuin (Stevenson,Frost)
    MID: Swan,Ablett,Pendlebury,Swallow,Cotchin,Priddis,O’meara,Mayes (Evans,Kommer)
    RUC: Cox,Leuenburger (Blicavs,Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff,Johnson,Bartel,Franklin,Kennedy,Macaffer (Dwyer,Neade)

    Trades this week
    Jacobs>Franklin (Swapped cox into rucks)

    Good trades? if not, what trades should i do?

  • Plan was to either:
    Evans > Lonergan
    Then Wines > Jelwood
    Or possibly Hartlett > not sure

    Now Daisy is out so thinking direct swap to Buddy
    and possibly trade out Hartlett as he will decrease quite a lot this round. Then Wines next week as he shouldn’t decrease too much compared to Hartlett


    • Trade out daisy before Evans. He is playing and should increase in value. Daisy could be out for a while.
      Daisy to buddy would be my priority

      • Does buddy have another price drop next week or will it go up if he gets his be?

        • Yes apparently he has a BE of around 140 this week, prob worth waiting a week…

          • Won’t drop much this week. Might as well get him in for the three good scores before the byes. Gws, gc and melb coming up. Get the points this week rather then a potential saving of a couple of $

          • Goddard,heppel,hartlett,goodes,terlich,vlastuin (Heath,pittard)
            Swan,pendles,danger,fyfe,lids,JPK,JOM,rocky (wines,Evans)
            Luey,gawn (Rowe,donut)
            Cox,jkk,lecras,Mayes,monfries,daisy, (wright,macaffer)

            200k in bank what’s people’s thoughts on wines out, shift vlastuin to mids and getting Hanley. Swap monfries and rocky around put monfries on pine in mids with Evans as emerg. Swap cox and Rowe, so gawn on pine sell daisy and bring in dusty put macaffer on field and wright and Rowe on pine as they are named on extended bench,

      • That was the plan! What do you think my second trade should look like? Might lean towards getting rid of Hartlett as he will drop in price massively. Current rank is 546

        • Wines to Jelwood is a good trade. Geelong has an easy run coming up and he has a good bye

  • traded neade to buddy and now either stevenson to kerridge via dpp with goodes or upgrade wines to priddis and potentially cop a price drop with stevenson…..however i still have john griffin on my bench seeing as his price will stay and i don’t want to loose much cash on the “portlets” so I’m thinking that cash boost next week will ease any loss on stevenson and hartlett who will be my next outs…..any other thoughts on trades?

  • Really in a bit of a pickle this week guys. Need your help. What should I do here? I’ve got Daisy and Hartlett and I also have Neade and Wines who need to be ditched. I also need to move Goodes back to my defense and one way I can do that is by trading Hartlett out. But if I do trade Hartlett out and bring in a premo DEF, then I will have a pretty weak defensive line with only three premos and no bench cover. But… The rest of my team will be pretty damn strong. Any trade suggestions?

    At the moment I am most leaning towards Hartlett and Thomas out for Priddis and Franklin. Anyone think these are good moves?

    This is my team.

    DEF: Goddard, Birchall, Heppell, Hartlett, Terlich, Laird (Heath, Pittard)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Jelwood, Sloane, Wines, O’meara, Evans (Goodes, Kommer)
    RUC: Cox, Goldstein (Blicavs, Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff, Martin, Bartel, Thomas, Kennedy, Mayes (Macaffer, Neade)

    Cash $17,700.

    So my moves will be Hartlett out, Goodes back to defense, Priddis into mids, Thomas out and Franklin in. All good? Or are there better options? Let me know.

    • Correction : “But if I do trade Hartlett out and bring in a premo MID*”

    • I would trade Heath before hartlett.
      Finish your team then sideways trade your under performers during the bye rounds.
      Daisy to buddy is a good trade but I would trade Heath to vlas. Or if you want to stick to your plan then bring lonergen in and swap goodes into defence

      • You not a fan of bringing bottomed out Priddis in? The reason I am not touching Heath for now is because he is just gonna sit there and do nothing, better getting rid of a guy with a 187 BE than a guy who won’t drop any cash at all. Lonergan and Vlas have definitely been part of my several different plans, but as much as I want to bring in the right rooks and make loads of cash… I also don’t wanna fall behind and I wanna earn points. That’s why I am thinking Franklin and Priddis. But to be honest… I am now leaning towards just the one premo in Franklin and bringing in Lonergan so I have a bit of cash in the bank. Tough decisions. What are your situations this week? What are you doing Hook?

        • Me, I’m sitting 7th atm so I’m just trying to sure up my position in the top 10 so I am staying pretty vanilla with my trades this week. I’m bringing in Buddy for wines and goodes for Campbell Heath.

          • So you reckon I should leave Goodes in mids and bring Vlas into my defense? Bench Evans for Goodes?

          • Ideally u would have him on the field in the back line for Terlich lining up next to vlas but I don’t see any way to do that. The dpp link might come in handy for the byes anyway.
            So yes I would bring in vlas and then play goodes on the field for Evans. He should do well against Gold Coast

        • Yeah priddis is a good trade target and if you were upgrading a rookie for him i would say go for it. But hartlett could score as much as priddis. Sure he has had a couple of bad games but you can bet port are working out a way to get the ball in his hand. They are a much better team whenhe is playing well

    • I had similar trades with wines and daisy, thought about leaving daisy on bench but decided against it (re people who held Gibbs) I have no def bench cover with heath and pittard but it doesn’t bother me this week. I ended up going wines to Hanley dpp vlastuin to mids and daisy to dusty Martin (v Melbourne his going to kill it) I’m not sold on franklin this year but ill get him in next week if he blows it away, priddis I rate him think his good for 90 – 100 avg but its looking like rain on Saturday same as last week so you might be looking at 80 this week. So I’m holding off until next week along with Watson,birchall etc

      • Just so you know. Priddis is playing tonight, not Saturday. Is it gonna rain tonight?

        • Oops my bad, I’m here now the forecast says showers clearing its looking fine right now so I’m going to predict a rain free game…..lets get priddis in NOW

  • Hodge and Hanley
    Priddis and Heppell

  • I have $521,000 in the bank which midfielder do I get in:

    Sam Mitchell
    Joel Selwood
    Josh P. Kennedy

    • Any help??

    • Just personally mate. I have jselwood I havnt specifically brought him in this week he’s a consistent 100-120 scorer. I wouldn’t go danger or cotch or swallow. Josh Kennedy’s bin on form lately Not to sure on Mitchell and Boyd they could thrive or drop

  • So this is my team
    Def: Goddard Hepplewhite hartlett goodies terlich vlastuin (Stevenson laird)
    Mids: swan ablett Watson pendlebury Fyfe wines omeara Evans (Mayes crouch)
    Rucks: cox leuenberger (blicavs currie)
    Fwds: rockliff Steve j bartel buddy Kennedy Thomas (maccaffer Rowe)
    $14200 left

    Have no idea really what trades to do. Thinking I should get rid of hartlett. But not sure if I should be trading Stevenson or wines. Or now with daisy being out.
    Any ideas or help would be awesome. See what others think.

    • I don’t like having premos worth 400k sitting on my bench, especially when you don’t really know how long they are out for. I would trade him.
      Maybe wines to lonergan (play Mayes on the field) and then daisy to dusty

      • Would it be worth keeping hartlett. Very high break even.

        • I’m keeping him. I want to finish my team first then i will sideways under performers. The bad scores will only be in his rolling avg for a couple of weeks plus you can bet port will do everything they can to get the ball in his hands this week. Much better team when he is playing well.

          Nothing more frustrating then trading someone out and then they score well just ask all the danger or hodge owners who traded them out two weeks ago

          • I like the daisy to dusty trade. And I have been thinking of keeping hartlett. He has to come good sometime. It’s good to see what other people think. Come from a different perspective.

    • I’d trade Dale and Hartlett out, straight swaps..

  • maybe a jordan lewis or a robinson, I wouldn’t go buddy yet but it’s a possibility..

    Hartlett I’m not too sure maybe Ibbotson. He has performed and will keep increasing in price and then you can trade him in for a heppell or Hanley to make up for Hartlett terrible scores..

  • For everyone who cares. Hartlett scored 133 the last time he played Carlton, his highest ever DT score. Interesting.

  • trade out byrnes or thomas this week. not sure how long byrnes out for and thomas might be back next week.

  • Need a bit of help with trades this week my team is below, im thinking of going (Wines to J.Lonergan) then (Heath to Hanley) keeping Stevenson as i need the cover. Im a bit worried about getting Lonergan what are peoples thoughts and suggestions does this sound ok? thanks in advance :)

    DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Hartlett, Vlastuin Terlich (Stevenson, Heath)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Scooter, Deledio, Moloney O’Meara, Wines (Evans Neade)
    RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Blicavs, Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff, Martin, Bartel, Kennedy, Johnson, Mayes (Macaffer Rowe)

    Remaining $107,500

    • I’d get rid of Stevenson over Heath personally. Heath is just gonna sit there and not make or lose you money, where as Stevenson is going to lose money. But, some people feel too nervous having no bench cover.

  • Please help !! is mayes gonna get the sub if so who should i start out of macaffer or mayes

  • Advice appreciated on my team:

    B: Goddard, Heppell, B Goodes, Morris, Vlastuin, Gibbs (Frost, X Richards)
    C: Swan, Ablett, Stanton, Kennedy, Wines, O’Meara, M Evans, Kerridge (Saunders, B Crouch)
    R: Cox, Bellchanbers (Rowe, Currie)
    F: Martin, Kennedy, Mayes, Neade, Thomas, Macaffer (Paprone, Daniher)

    Thinking: Bellchambers for Daw; Morris for Birchall or Ibbotson

    Plan: Wines +/- Evans out next week for Dangerfield or Priddis; Neade for Franklin

    Cash left: $1,021,600. If I go Daw for Belly, and Danger for Wines, I’ve got just under $1.1 million left over

    • Wow that’s a lot of cash to have sitting there, double upgrade for u I reckon.
      Gibbs isn’t playing so u need a Blackman. So frost to premo like birchall
      And then upgrade a fwd like neade to buddy

      • Money in the bank doesn’t grow with interest. Put it on the field as quick as possible, probably at the cost of missing a couple rookies. Get rid of your lowest averaging players and replace them with the highest averaging, simple as that. Daniher to Stevie J, Frost to Hanley, that sort of thing.

        • Went with Richards >> Hanley (is he Gollum?) and Daniher >> Stevie J. Leaves $236k to trade Neade >> Buddy next week or so.

      • The more I look at it, next week is the week for Birchall for me – BE of 158 this week is too high, but good draw for the Hawks over the next few weeks mean his scores should come up.

        Cash plan is to trade my way up to a team full of super premos in the next few weeks. Bwahahahaha!

        • u know birchall is playing gws this week yeah? he loves the easy teams. 120+ this week, may even get his be

  • DEF:Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Scotland, Goodes, Laird (Terlich, Heath)
    MID:Swan, Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Wines, O’Meara, Vlastuin (Crouch, Evans)
    RUC:Cox, Burger (Blicavs, Daw)
    FWD:Bartel, Rockliff, Robinson, Kennedy, Mayes, Thomas (Neade, Macaffer)

    122k Im really stuck with trades or improvements??
    I have Wines, Heath, Neade, Daisy and Gibbs

    • Heath > Lonergan (Vlasty to defence, and starting)
      Neade > Buddy

      • What about Wine to Priddis and who would I trade out for Thurlow next week then

        • Wines> Priddis
          Daisy > Buddy

          Thurlow for Heath next week. Still worried that Lonergan is going to bust out a 90 any moment.

  • Can’t believe I am saying it, but I’m going to stick with Hartlett. Anyone else doing the same thing? He scored 133 on Carlton the last time he played them. Also, Carrazzo isn’t going to be playing. Also, all the port team have been talking about all week is how they need to help Hartlett lift and play better by putting the ball into his hands more and helping him break his tags. I’m giving him one more chance. If he fails, he’s getting turned into someone else. This week though… I’m going to go Thomas and Heath to Franklin and Vlaustin. How does my team look?

    DEF: Goddard, Birchall, Heppell, Hartlett, Goodes, Terlich (Laird, Pittard)
    MID: Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Jelwood, Sloane, Wines, O’meara, Vlaustin (Evans, Kommer)
    RUC: Cox, Goldstein (Blicavs, Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff, Martin, Bartel, Kennedy, Franklin, Mayes (Macaffer, Neade)

    Cash left $67,000.

    • When I realised keeping Hartlett meant I wouldn’t be starting Vlasty, and that getting in Thurlow would be very difficult, I decided to cut him.

      I had a 5:1 DEF premo/rook ratio, so I traded him to Ablett to fix two problems. 4:2 ratio best I feel, with Goodes, Vlasty, Laird, Terlich all good for a 60+ score.

      Looks like solid trades, and a solid team. Maybe Pittard instead of Heath; i never trust injured players, every injury seems to be weeks more than predicted.

      • I was tempted to ditch Pittard instead of Heath. But Pittard still has a good BE and a little more money to make. So I’ll hold onto him for now. Although I really do wish I could just get rid of all the portlets in one go. That would be good.

    • good well bal team i think

  • guys is wines> deledio a good trade, leaves me with 287k. Or should i pick another super-premo, already have stanton, gaz, pendles and swan. Not going for priddis for now.

    • Deledio is a good trade. Seemed to hit some form last week and is pretty cheap. You’ve already got the 4 best mid premos imo so u can afford a bit of a speculative pick.

      Good bye round too. Im watching cotchin this week with en eye to pick him up after his bye.
      I also have scooter who has been great this year (tackles like a beast) and is running free a lot more this year. still only 5% ownership to so is unique

  • Just couldn’t take the risk, Hartlett > Enright, Heath > Lonergan, leving the team. With $533k in the bank.

    Def : Goddard Enright Heppel Hanley Goodes Vlastuin (Terlich Pittard)
    Mid : Swan Ablett Watson Danger JPK Wines O’Meara Lonergan (Evans Viney)
    Ruc : Cox Daw (Blics Rowe)
    Fwd : SJ Rockliff Bartel JJK Mayes Macaffer (Dwyer Neade)

    Next week, the plan is Wines to Crouch, Neade to Franklin or other Premo, but we’ll get through this week first.
    Any other ideas?

  • DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Scotland, Hartlett, B.Goodes, Vlastuin. (Stevenson, Terlich.)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Swallow, Hodge, Wines, O’Meara, Evans.(Crouch, Gibbs.)

    RUC: Cox, Berger. (Blicavs, Rowe.)

    FOR: Rockliff, Martin, Bartel, JJ Kennedy, Mayes, Gray. (Neade, Macaffer.)

    $179,200 Remaining. Thinking of moving Gibbs to DEF bench for Hartlett and playing Terlich. Trading Hartlett, subbing Mayes to MID bench and getting in Buddy, and trading Wines to Priddis. Thoughts?

  • Goddard, Birchall, Hartlett, Goodes, Terlich, Vlastuin (Stevenson, Heath)

    Swan, Ablett, Pendles, Danger, Wines, Omeara, Fyfe, Mayes (Evens, Lonegan)

    Cox, Burger (Blicavs, Rowe)

    Rockliff, Martin, Bartel, Kennedy, Franklin, LeCras (Macaffer, OHailpin)

    Trades made for the week: Daisy – Franklin, Pittard – Lonegan (Backline Swap) 100k left

    Points of Buddy outweigh the smart move for Priddis/wines however, Priddis will come into contention next week along with Watson and Thurlow (gee) downgrade for stevenson.

    Any thoughts are appreciated guys, cheers


    • Y not wines-franklin, wines has to be traded out i my opinion and u can just leave pittard on the bench. Also not 2 sure on buddy, could get rest in next few weeks and he’s form worries the hell out of me abit like cotchin. Priddis will get u consistency but not the high ceiling, so if ur chasing points wines > deledio or stanton if u have cash.

      • cause i think daisy will be out for longer than 2. pittard has to go. daisy when named is a potential target to bring in. buddy franklin will score 150 this week if not more. my tip is he will play himself back into form and kick 10.

        deledio, cotchin, watson, hanley are on my radar for future rounds priddis/buddy (underpriced prem) need to be taken while they fresh

  • Would ppl recommend trading Gibbs this week before port players? Ive kept him this long but want Hanley so deciding whether to trade heath/Stevenson or Gibbs.

    • I think as Calvin said. You’re in too deep now, and you gotta hold Gibbs. I’d get rid of Stevenson.

  • dick head me kept both gibbs and pittard thinking they were going to be one weekers..
    hasnt had a massive affect as ive won all my head to head league games.

    may as well sit gibbs for another week and piss of hartlett for hanley and go pittard for thurlow (a week early)

    will leave around 92k in the bank for next week.

  • Def: goddard, duffield, hartlett, vlastuin, stevenson, laird (gibbs, pittard)

    Mid: swan, pendlebury, s.mitchell, dangerfield, o’meara, wines, whitfield, viney (goodes, k.mitchell)

    Ruck: cox, luenburger (gawn, currie)

    Fwd: rockliff, johnson, franklin, bartel, kennedy, mayes (dwyer, daniher)

    290k left

    Have done wines/daniher to ablett/daw (cox to fwd), to get rid of daniher doing nothing, this leaves me with 15k, should I go with a priddis or martin instead of ablett to give me more cash or scrap it alltogether and get rid of hartlett/gibbs/stevenson instead?

    Thoughts please.

  • DEF:Goddard,Gibbs,Heppell,Shaw,Suban,Terlich,(Stevenson,Pittard)

    Just wanted some pointers for this round. I have traded out Neade from the forward line, moved cox and traded in O’hAilpin. Thought taking a gamble on Daw performing again and O’hAilpin making some cash could work.

    Given that Gibbs plays this round should I hold shaw?
    I have $411,000 cash with things the way they are now. Thoughts???

    • O’hAilpin wont play this week again may aswell hold shaw , but i would be leaving cox , and trading out wines and nead wines to a priddis at the least

      • yeah i just saw then that O’hAilpin isnt playing. The problem i have is that i need to trade someone in the backline or cop a 0. Gibbs,Shaw and Pittard out. Then its either trade neade or wines for the second trade

  • DEF:Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Scotland, Goodes, Laird (Terlich, Heath)
    MID:Swan, Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Wines, O’Meara, Vlastuin (Crouch, Evans)
    RUC:Cox, Burger (Blicavs, Daw)
    FWD:Bartel, Rockliff, Robinson, Kennedy, Mayes, Thomas (Neade, Macaffer)

    122k How do these sound?
    Wines to Priddis
    Daisy to Buddy

    Next Week:

    Heath to Thurlow
    Evans to Selwood/Swallo/Mitchell

  • who do i play on the field out of these 3 J lonergan , S mayes , A monfries ?? cannot decide for the hell of me

    • Play Monfries, Maynes is starting on the bench, Lonergan could score big but he has 2 games of 50 and 53

  • My Fwd is Franklin, Cloke, Cox, Martin, Mayne and Neade. Should I trade Neade for Lynch who’s b/e is -21 or Get Kerridge if it’s not too late?

    Also Roughead or Goldstein????

  • Who should i play, 1 to pick

    Sam Mayes, Brent Macaffer, Sam Dwyer


    • Mayes has better ave.,Caff then Dwyer, i need two on the field, that’s the way i’m going

  • Hartlett to Hanley or birchall who do u think

  • who do you reckon i get in for ollie wines. Jobe watson or brett deledio against melbourne??? cheers

  • Should I go hartlett to Hanley or daisy Thomas to franklin

  • DEF: D. Heppell, D, Terlich, H. Hartlett, S. Atley, B. Goodes,N, Vlastuin (L. Stevensen,H. Shaw)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, M. Priddis, S. Pendlebury, M. Murphy, S. Johnson, J. Omeara, M. Jones (M. Evens, J. Saunders).
    RUC: D. Cox, M. Leuenberger (S. Rowe, M. Blicavs)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, M. Robinson, D. Martin, T. Cloke, J. Kennedy, B. Macaffer (S Mayes , B. Kennedy)
    CASH LEFT: $497000
    My trades this week were Wines to Priddis and Neade to B Kennedy who is my fwd emg. Thoughts please, could I have traded better”

    • lonergan a better downgrade for neade imo.

      • not sold on Lonergan yet, and just wanted a dpp with byes coming up. Am looking forward to see how Menzel goes. Cheers

  • DEF:Goddard, Hartlett, Scotland, Goodes, Terlich, Vlastuin(Laird, stevenson)
    MID:Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Moloney, Wines, O’Meara, Evans (Gibbs, Whitfield)
    RUC:Cox, Burger (Blicavs, Daw)
    FWD:Bartel, Rockliff, Franklin, Johnson, Kennedy, Mayes (Mcaffer, Rowe)

    No idea what to do to!! any help would be muchly appreciated.

    • good team, maybe go Wines to Priddis (lower b e) and grab the cash, and start Mccaffer instead of Mayes, or even go a Whitefield to B Kennedy for a bit of cash and a dpp to fwd line

    • definitely go wines to priddis. then just go for cash. maybe stevenson to thurlow or whitfield/ evans to lonergan

      • so hold hartlett? priddis over martin? I really want a birchall or reiwoldt… its too hard this week!!

  • Which two of…

    Wines to Priddis
    Wines to Lonergan
    Hartlett to Hanley
    Thomas to Franklin
    Thomas to Lynch
    Thomas to Goldstein via Cox
    Mayes or Thomas to B.Kennedy

  • Who do I play on the field lonergan or Evans

  • Need to field 2 out of Mayes , macaffer and m.wright surely wright won’t be vested after a blinder last week?