Fantasy Freako Rave – Round 6

freakoThe Round 6 Fantasy Freako Rave is here thanks to our friends at Champion Data. This is a must have document for all AFL Fantasy coaches to download and read every week of the season. It is released every Wednesday of the season via email. To sign up to the email list, click here.

With scores, time on ground stats and a whole heap more, you’d be silly not to download the PDF via the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Rd6.pdf



  • interesting this telling us to hole m.wright when everyone is thinking of trading him out…

    now i dont know what to do..

    • hole = hold

    • I don’t have Wright, so the following is pre hindsight.. I’d stay with him till MBR’S, (If it suits your set-up), he’s RD 13 so could be a better trade for you elsewhere..

      • You can clearly tell you don’t have wright because if you did you would be absolutely seething at the 70k lost and the shit scores every week, that’s why I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this article saying to hold onto him 1 more week why? For the 80 points he MIGHT give you unless of course you had more serious holes to fix. Furthermore the article goes on to mention 2 more of my duds this year in Deledio and JPK, please folks whatever you do take it from me do not pick them up at there rock bottom prices there is a reason why they are there, look at the scores for the year and even ray Charles could see they ain’t worth the miserly scores week in week out, ollie wines is worth more to me than either of those 2 who I just can’t wait to get out of my team. JPK > priddis next week, can’t wait, other than that cheers for the stats and the not so,good advice IMO

        • That was Dr Dream Team like advice. Get off the Wright train as soon as possible.

          It’s the right thing to do.

        • Fair Ben.

  • Much needed, thank you!

  • essential reading and analysis – thank you for the data.

  • As I said last week, Freako’s a massive spud