My Team – Round 7

myteam_seasonDue to popular demand, here is a ‘My Team’ post where you can post your teams, discuss your trades and your decisions that you want help with from the DT Talk community.

This is in an attempt to help other readers and active users of DT Talk be able to enjoy articles written for this site – and for your entertainment – without comments just being all ‘Generation My” and just wanting help with their teams.

If you are wanting help with your team, then make sure you are joining in on the discussion with other coaches with theirs.


  • Who to trade in Daisy or priddis also do you hold or trade cotchin he is not named this week and his breakeven is 169

    • He is out with a groin so I’d definitely leave him out

      • If u have cover on the bench and more pressing areas to fix then leave him, at least he wont drop in price this week

    • priddis will drop in price again this week so wait unil next week to pick him up

    • If you don’t have cover for him and his breakeven is that high then best to trade him for the likes of Stevie J

  • Sierakowski or Saunders?

    Would love some help with this. I’m really struggling

    • Don’t know much about Saunders because St Kilda games are as interesting as a wet carrot, but I can’t see Sierakowski lasting long in the Kangas side. Just speculation though.

  • Does anyone know how long Cothchin will be out for?? also who to start on field Vlastuin or Viney?

  • Kruezer is back? what would his BE be?

    • 130

    • if he regains that form he had post injury might be a good upgrade for berger in the coming weeks

      • Hell yeah he was flying before that. I’m looking to sideways trade Jacobs out for Kruezer unless Jacobs finds some form. If you’re interested Nicnatnui has a BE of 206

  • Is it worth trading buddy to Stevie j ?

    • It’s worth trading Buddy for anyone averaging higher than him at the moment. At least if Buddy hits some form you can upgrade to him and he wont be as pricey

    • Although Buddy is likely to lose some value in the next week or two, surely you have more pressing matters. Buddy will be back smashing out 100s in no time.

    • Trading Buddy? Are you crazy with his next 4 games of Sydney, Giants,Suns then Melbourne you’ll regret it

  • crowley or dawson???

    • Definitely Dawson. Very cheap for his potential.

      • I would say Dawson, but Crowley is likely to go to Dawson this week, likely limiting him to 7 possessions.

  • DEF: goddard birchall heppell yarran stevenson terlich (pittard docherty)
    MID: swan ablett pendlebury cotchin wines o’meara mayes k.mitchell (fyfe crouch)
    RUCK: cox leauenberger (rowe currie)
    FORWARD: rockliff kennedy franklin westhoff neade macaffer (sinclair, karnezis)
    two trades and who should be captained?

    • With Fyfe and Crouch out, Cotchin has to go. And surely after the last 2 weeks, you would feel better losing the Hoff. Depending on funding, Murphy or Danger for Cotchin and Stevie or Daisy for Hoff would be my moves. Captain would be between Swan and Ablett and that’s a flip of the coin this week.

  • hmmm start Viney against GC or Whitfield against Adelaide? Logically i would go Viney but everytime i’ve benched Whitfield he’s dominated…..

    • Viney has only had 1 score over 63 all season, I would go Whitfield after his nice rest last week.

  • DEF: Goddard, Hartlett, Shaw, D.Pearce, Terlich, Ellis (Goodes, L.Brown)
    MID: Swan, Pendlebury, Watson, Barlow, Thompson, Moloney, Wines, Omeara (Dwyer, Crouch)
    RUCK: Cox, Leuenberger (Daw, Currie)
    FWD: Cloke, Bartel, Martin, Rockliff, Kennedy, Mayes (Neade, Rowe)

    61k in the bank. Cant decide on what to do…

    Rowe-Vlaustin/Lonergan + Dwyer – Gray (20-60k)
    Dwyer-Lonergan + L.Brown- Vlaustin(197k)
    Dwyer-Vlaustin + D.Pearce-Scotland = (52k)

    Thoughts would be great, im going in circles at the minute.

    • Not a fan of bringing in folks before they are named for their 3rd game (Lonergan), so would have to go with option 3 myself. Also not sold on Gray, can only see him as a short term cash cow and 270k is too much for that purpose.

  • Buddy to daisy …. Then pick him back up after the price drop ??

    • Probably not really worth it, buddy and Daisy will csore simular this week and then Buddys draw opens up. Stick tight, find anotehr way to get Daisy if u want him si

      • this week*

        • But what about the opportunity to save earn the extra cash ??

          • No lol I’m sure you could make another trade to improve your team, if you have buddy then stick with him… Why would you trade him out he will come good, you have already lost money on him… No point trading him out whatsoever

  • DEF: goddard birchall heppell yarran stevenson terlich (pittard docherty)
    MID: swan ablett pendlebury cotchin wines o’meara mayes k.mitchell (fyfe crouch)
    RUCK: cox leauenberger (rowe currie)
    FORWARD: rockliff kennedy franklin westhoff neade macaffer (sinclair, karnezis)
    two trades and who should be captained?

  • I’m paying price for a couple of bad trades this season. Here’s the team:
    DEF- Goddard, Heppell, GRIMES (traded him in last week), Heath, Stevenson, Donuts from Gibbs, Frost and Pittard.
    MID – Swan, Ablett, Watson, Cotchin (Donut) Wines, Moloney, O’Meara, Evans, Goodes (ddp last week) Neade
    RUC- Cox, Burg
    FWD – Riewoldt, Rocky, Hoff, Kennedy, Lecras, Chapman (donut) Mayes, Macaffer

    Really need some help this week. Anything would be appreciated. Right now im thinking Cotchin > Scotland (switch back) and Grimes > Harbrow. $2,400 in the bank. Really want to get rid of the Hoff…but don’t want a donut.


  • Stevenson -> Laird

    Hoff -> Daisy or Stevie Jay ?


    • Def Stevie J

      • Even considering the money? Im not so sure

        • Stevie J hands down … Yes even considering the money

          • 50/50 if you ask me. Go with your gut, Stevie J will average more but Daisy is clearly better value. If you can use the extra 130k next week, I reckon Daisy is the better option.

  • Any suggestions for a fwd rookie ??

  • Trading hoff to pendles or swallow via moving stevey j into fwd. Wo you think is best option swallow is 30k cheaper, can he avg as much????

  • Can people suggest what i should do with my team with 71,800 salary cap and 2 trades. i need to get rid of walker and cotchin i want to trade but i dont want to leave a donut in my backline. im pretty stuck hey any help would be much appreciated.

  • But I got in daisy this week, so have n trades left, so ill put Cochin on bench and kerridge on and Gibbs off and laird on ok? Thanks

  • I have a small dilemma and any advice & opinions would be appreciated
    Should I

    Option #1

    C.Heath – R.Laird
    S.Dwyer – S.Johnson

    Option #2

    C.Dixon – N.Vlastuin
    S.Dwyer – S.Johnson

    Option #3
    H.Hartlett – N.Vlastuin
    S.Dwyer – S.Johnson

    Option #4
    C.Heath – N.Vlastuin
    S.Dwyer – S.Wellingham

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Option 1
    Stevenson – Vlastuin
    Dwyer – Thomas
    70k in bank

    Option 2
    Stevenson – Vlastuin
    Wines or M.Jones – S.Johnson
    26k – 90k in bank

  • What are people’s thoughts on scott selwood, can he continue his form or will we see a drop off ?

    • I reckon he’ll continue his form, particularly in the rounds leading towards the bye where they play easy teams

      • He can’t keep up 130 averaging form, and I wouldn’t bring him in at his highest point right now.

        • If you can afford to bring him in then you should, he’s in fantastic form and West Coast’s draw is fantastic leading into the byes.

  • If Laird doesn’t play, what rookie would you bring in? (Already bringing in Vlasty for Pittard)

    Want to keep a 400k surplus for next week.

    It can be any position, I hate 1 gamers but thinking Lonergan might be the best choice.

  • Trading Frost for Vlastuin and want to trade Waters to avoid a doughnut but can’t decide between H Shaw or M Hibberd?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • What about Hanley? Not sure if Shaw (heh) or Hibberd will keep it up, and i’d bet on Hanley having a higher avg than them at the end of the year.

      • Hanley was my first choice but falling a little short of the $$$ required.

        Thanks, anyway.

      • +1.

        Hanley should be in everyone’s teams by the end of the year, he has added consistency to his game.

        • Agree – originally traded Hanley to avoid a doughnut a couple of weeks ago. Hanley will drop in price next week (high B/E this week) so may leave the Waters trade till then and trade Pittard or Heath instead.

  • i’m thinking of going hoff to stevie j or Thomas and heath to vlastuin
    next week Stevenson to lonergan and either wines to priddis or Thomas? or kennedy to buddy. It’s hard to select fallen premos when there is so many options.

  • Hey guys,
    My problems are still in the back line this week with Beau Waters and Gibbs and 3 port boys.
    Waters, Goddard, Gibbs, Stevenson, Pittard, Heath, Hartlett, Birchall.

    Trading Waters out is not an option – straight to Vlastuin.
    My second trade I can trade either Pittard or Gibbs out (make the cash from Gibbs and pick him up again in a few rounds and bank the cash for next week and double trade up OR get rid of a port boy like Pittard and bring in Hepp either way. Ideas?

    • Trading waters NOT an option?

      • I could always put him on the bench and get rid of Gibbs and Pittard. Is that what your recommending?

        • Oh, i read it as saying you would not even consider trading Waters, but you were trading him for Vlasty- good choice.

          I think Hepp will be one of the top 3 defenders at years end, i’d bring him in.

          Any DPP def/mid links in the midfield?

          • I really wish wanted to hold onto Pittard to play 1-2 more games and raise 40k, but i’ve got rid of him this week.

            Pittard to Hep makes the most sense. Keeps your ratio of premo/rook the same.

    • I have pretty much the same backline except I traded Gibbs for Dixon a week or so ago.

      I’m now going Waters to Shaw (or Hibberd) and Pittard (injury prone) to Vlastuin.

      Next week I’ll be able to trade Dwyer to Lonergan and then Heath to Hanley.

  • Man, trades are fun. 44 trades is probably the best change to the game possible. Lowers the bar for beginners, and raises the ceiling for experts, weeks with no trades were boring!

  • Here’s my team as it stands now

    I’m gonna go the Dwyer to Thomas trade which will leave about 30k in the bank but really undecided on where to go from there. Any suggestions? I’m really not that sold on Lairds JS so considering either trading out Cotch for the moment or taking a punt on Lonergan or Kennedy this week.

    Planning on Moloney to Priddis next week so don’t want to risk out on both of them killing it this week and only being able to pick one of the two next week. If I was to get one of those two I don’t know who goes out.

    • Maybe Cotchin to Priddis. Priddis has a getable BE, so not necessary to wait a week if you want to pull the trigger now.

      • In fact i’m thinking of bringing in forward a week as well, Priddis has very good scores against this and next weeks opponents.

  • Thoughts on Ibbotson as a possible upgrade? Avg quite well and will go up but flash in the pan?

  • here’s an interesting scenario. who would you pick in order out of Thomas, franklin or priddis for next week.
    and birchall, Stanton, cotchin, deledio, boyd, cornes, dangerfield and kruezer the following week all of these dudes except Dangerfield have high breakevens well over the tonne

  • DEF: Goddard Heppell Hartlett Scotland Terlich Vlastuin (Goodes Stevenson)
    MID: Swan Ablett Pendles Selwood Wines Omeara Mayes Kommer (Crouch Gibbs)
    RUC: Cox Leuy (Rowe Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff Stevie J Kennedy Zorko Roughead Mcaffer (Neade Dwyer)

    This week I am definately downgrading Stevenson to Laird to generate some cashola ($155,200)’s the next trade that has got me thinking…

    I was going to do a double downgrade of Dwyer to Kerridge but changed my mind and thought I would upgrade Wines to either Dale Thomas or Matt Priddis..both priced the same but Thomas has the fwd link and his position is not 100% known whereas Priddis has the better draw and named on the ball..

    Also, next week my planned trades are sub dwyer into the mids and cull him for Lonergan, and possibly turning Mayes into Watso, meaning I lose my dpp with mids and forwards anyway…

    I look to the wise people of DT TALK to help me with this one…

    • Keep Wines, he may have a high b/e but his form is amazing he’s a rookie with an average of over 90 in 6 games he will be the next ablett in 2 years

  • Cotchin-Stevie J
    Cotchin- Swan
    Cotchin- Scott Selwood
    Or Cotchin to someone else if someone gives me some ideas.. I scored 1885 in round 6 hoping for a bigger score

    I can’t decide I’m stuck on Stevie J because he will make me the most cash but is it the right move???

  • okay so this week is causing me major headaches and could really use some advice.
    i know its a lost cause to plan your trades but i’ve just been thinking of who to get in in the next few weeks.

    DEF: Goddard Heppell Hartlett Hibberd Heath Terlich (Stevenson Pittard)
    MID: Swan Ablett Pendles Cotchin Wines Moloney Omeara Evans (Gibbs Goodes )
    RUC: Cox Leuy (Blicavs Currie)
    FWD: Rockliff Martin Bartel Kennedy Mayes Neade (Macaffer Dwyer)

    What i originally had planned for this week was Stevenson > vlastuin and switching him with gibbs and dwyer > daisy (plan 1)
    but now i have thought of Stevenson > Vlastuin and switch him with gibbs and Cotchin > Johnson switching him with dywer (plan 2)

    Then next week i wanted to get in priddis and lonergan.
    plan 1 – heath > Lonergan and Wines/Moloney – priddis
    plan 2 – Heath > Lonergan and Dwyer > Priddis

    with Plan 2 i have Johnson now and also the week after i would get in a fallen prem like watson for wines/moloney just means my Midfield is looking a little light but my Fwds and Def are almost complete when gibbs comes back.
    I have probably caused use all a headache now so you know how i feel hahaha but if i can grab some advice that would be good.

  • okay guys i really need some help on this one.
    my defence is: heppel,goddard,birchall,hartlett,vlaustin,terlich subs:goodes,heath

    my forward line is:N riewoldt,Rockliff, Bartel, Kennedy, D Thomas, mayes subs: dymwer, maccafer

    my first trade this week was:westoff-D Thomas
    my second trade i guess is a bit of a luxury trade:
    1). should i go dywer-gray
    2). Terlich-ellis
    I already have mayes as 6th forward so gray may not be getting me too many more points, but gives me GREAT backup and a new 6th forward. Terlich-ellis possibly gives me more points and will generate cash (ellis be -18). I am currently ranked 786 overall and really don’t want to slide please can someone help me

  • no sorry that should be heath-ellis

  • Thoughts on Shuey in for Cotchin?? Low BE and is in good form ave 111 in last 3 and has Brisbane.

    Could always do a straight swap back when Cotcho is back in form later in the year too.

  • 1: gibbs-> priddis (DPP) and westhoff->SJ + 50k
    2: gibbs-> watson and westhoff-> thomas + 88k
    3: gibbs -> ablett and westhoff-> thomas + 14k
    4: gibbs -> vlast and westhoff -> SJ + 317k
    which one would you guys do. if i get priddis this week i dont have to worry about him next week but vlast would make me more money