Golden Stubby – Round 6


In what was a round full of carnage, there were still those out there that gave us a bit of a smile in our AFL Fantasy teams.

The nominees, as sent through to me (@WarnieDT) on Twitter are:

Patrick Dangerfield – 145

Danger has been a frustrating pick this year averaging just 82.4 points before this weekend and only one score of 100+ from the first 5 weeks. I ditched him before his first price drop, but those who held onto him got a big jump on their opponents with a massive 145 in a horror round.

Jimmy Bartel – 138

The Geelong MID/FWD has been pretty good this year and we saw some nice Dream Team piggery during junk time with a 64 point last quarter. It was something to behold and is what Dream Team is all about – who cares about their effectiveness and how much it helps their team, pure stat hunting! Love your work JimBob!

Matt Jones – 108

The best of our rookies this week when most of them failed, Jones is certainly much better than his more selected team mate in Viney. He had a 91 point second half (after only 17 in the first half). He’ll push his value even higher and has a couple of more weeks worth of cash building before being down or upgraded.

Steve Johnson – 136

The correct answer this week, maybe even more than trying to patch up our backlines, was to dump Justin Westhoff and make $300 by ‘downgrading’ to Stevie J. He was awesome once again collecting 31 disposals and kicking 2 goals.

Scott Selwood – 119

There is a lot of manlove that comes from the west – mainly from Tbetta – for the youngest Selwood. His last three weeks were massive with 142, 127 and 136 and today’s nomination is not only for his great round, but an appreciation of what his last month looked like.

Honorable mentions: Michael Hibberd, Brendon Goddard, Dean Cox, Travis Cloke, Scott Pendlebury, Nick Riewoldt, Michael Evans, Allen Christensen… and then insert whoever else you think should be here (looking forward to the whinging in the comments).

Golden Stubby - Round 6

  • Patrick Dangerfield (34%, 756 Votes)
  • Jimmy Bartel (26%, 580 Votes)
  • Matt Jones (13%, 295 Votes)
  • Steve Johnson (18%, 397 Votes)
  • Scott Selwood (8%, 176 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,204

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  • Paddies! Paddies! Paddies!

    /Always Sunny In Philadelphia reference

    • Love that show, I just watched every episode instead of studying for uni haha

      • Screw Uni, buy a share in a dingy pub with 3 of your wackiest friends and say hello to the greatest adventures of your life!

  • gotta be danger for me! i knew he’d fire eventually just a matter of time. won’t be surprised if he pulls a 30 next week though!

    • Yeah surely guns always fire against GWS (looking at you Stanton and Watson!)

    • Agreed. Just gotta get him back in now for a little more than I sold him last week.

      Thats how this game works isn’t it?

  • sure enough i didnt have any of them and its reflected in my score

  • Had all of them except scooter but has to be Jones for me. Literally saved my ass with his second half.

  • It has to be Scooter, been incredibly consistent over the last 4 weeks and has given his owners a nice points and cash boost.

  • Blicavs anyone?

    • 65 isn’t enough to qualify methinks

    • his score was certainly better then his past scores, but not good enough for the golden stubby award

      • I’m not serious on Blicavs, although I did wish I made him my captain over Watson.

  • Didnt have any!!

  • What about Marc Murphy?????????/

  • When’s the lockout over?

  • 7 mins

  • I think I win the award for worst trade. Traded Priddis for Stanton and then made Stanton my captain and I hade Murphy as my original captain this week btw

  • i have swan, pendles, mitchell, cotchin
    and can afford anyone

    Ablett? Murphy? Watson?

  • Westhoff > Stevie J the only good thing for me this round but long term i should reap the rewards

  • Just can’t wait to get gaz and Watson in a few weeks they are dropping like stone hash and now we get a new crop of rooks coming through. The gods struck us this week but look at the upsides.

    • Scooter has been set loose by Woosha and is running amok with side kick Masten. Definately deserves the golden stubby!

  • Hurts me to say it… but I’m giving my stubby vote to Tbetta for winning Centrebet Fantasy this week! Hurts cause the Smurphs came 3rd with only 70 points in it!…

    Congratulations Tbetta

  • westhoff to either rocky, N. riewoldt, A. walker or martin

    who do I go for?

  • Where the bloody hell is ZAC DAWSON!!!!! Solid 50 points and was strong in defence!! cmon Warnie lift your GAME!!!

  • Wines b/e is 84, is the time right to upgrade?

    • That’s what im thinking, brining in daisy I reckon dpp fwd. he’s bottomed out is a gun has averaged high dt last 3 years, also may have a new role based on last game. To free behind ball = dt slut role

      • Don’t know about spending 40k on trading someone averaging 90 to someone averaging 73? I know Wines’ BE is getting up there but Daisy has Freo, Cats and Sydney ahead. Perhaps not the frendliest DT draw?

        • Hey Michael, I’d only go Wines if you don’t have anyone else in your team that would rate as more “Out-tradable”. And surely there must be.

          Even if Wines only manages BE between now and just after the byes, his value will more or less stay at around 370-400K +/- small fluctuations. You’d always be getting a score of around 70-120.

          I’d be trading out someone else, either with a lower scoring range or with foreseeable larger negative drop in price.

        • I strongly disagree Savabee. By your logic, we should all be bringing Westhoff in because he’s averged 98 for the season.

          Sell high, buy low is one of the basic core principles of this game.

  • Definitely time to upgrade Wines. He’s not a keeper, and his average so far is artificially high because of Port’s easy early season fixture (same with Hoff, Stevenson, etc etc). In the immediate future he will be losing money. in the medium to long term he will not be scoring at his current average, despite how much we all hope so.

    Stevenson, Terlich, Pittard etc have BE’s in the 20’s and 30’s, why would you trade them out when they cn still be milked, when Wines is only going to bleed cash?

  • Blicavs for Golden stubby!

  • Puff Daddy for sure!

  • Has to be Scooter. He has dominated the last 3-4 weeks! F*ck voting for Paddy. He has only had 1 good score.