Fantasy Freako Rave – Round 5

freakoThe Round 5 Fantasy Freako Rave is here thanks to our friends at Champion Data. This is a must have document for all AFL Fantasy coaches to download and read every week of the season. It is released every Wednesday of the season via email. To sign up to the email list, click here.

With scores, time on ground stats and a whole heap more, you’d be silly not to download the PDF via the link below.

DOWNLOAD: Fantasy_Freako_Rd5.pdf



  • yay

  • Suck a big one.

  • what the hell do dangerfail owners do this week ?

    Most teams have defensive shambles, i have had to trade Hoff to Stevie J because of the BE for hoff and now dangerfail has a BE of 121 and he gets shut out of games. He is going to bleed cash like no bodies business.

    Do i go

    Hoff > SJ
    Danger > Barlow/Heppell


    Hoff > SJ
    Pittard > Laird and grab the cash, plug my defensive holes and just hope dangerfail can get close to 100 ?

    • Hoff has a 150 BE (from memory)
      But up against North this week maybe Dangerfield is more of a concern and worry about Westhoff next week?
      I don’t have Danger and up against a week opponent in my league this week I’m going to go Gibbs to Laird and Blicavs to Gawn as its still early days. Just my opinion

    • ive gone Dangerfield to hartlett and pittard to laird, then dpp gibbs into midfield putting harlett in defence on field and gibbs on mid bench

    • I’m keeping Dangerfail this week. I think he’s capable of averaging 100. That’s not the price we got him in for, but it is how much he is worth now.

    • He has got GWS in two Weeks. Maybe he can get a big score that game, recoup his loss, trade to a fallen premo.

    • The best players have high BE, that is what they get for high averages, if they suck they have low BE’s but that is not always good. Sure Welty had a bad game, he still covered heaps of turf just did hold the balls he got his hands too. I think he is a solid performer and a keeper. His role has changed to be more about a high half forward/mid than chf good for dt scores. Mitch brown sucks at dt but he has done jobs on reiwoldt ( similar style to westhoff) and on other roaming half forwards. Danger on the other hand is failing under the heavy tag so teams will continue to send the tag his way.

      • i am in the same boat mate. i am going gibbs>birchall & westhoff>stevie j. westhoff’s price is going to drop far more than dangerfail’s. dangerfail’s price has virtually bottomed out…

  • Why would he rank the Defs on PPM? Freako’s a nuffy. Always has been

    • His releases pre-season helped me start with Hartlett, Boak, and Moloney. Even if he is a nuffy, he puts together some stats which I certainly can’t be bothered finding.

  • And where’s Hibberd. Absolute spud

  • Im double down grading this week.

    Blicavs -> Gawn
    Goodes -> Laird

    If they both get named.

    Got $440,000 sitting in the bank. Could have got Hartlet or even Birchall but im thinking if i can field a team this week plus extra money it sets you up for the season.

    Lots of love.


    • blitz to gawn??? its hardly worth it, you might as well go gibbs to ellis, and then trade back after 3 weeks, earn you just as much money

      • Mmm…… Interesting point. That if Ellis plays and doesn’t get the vest. I like it though.

        • I might even just go Hartlet instead. I’ll have $350k if i swap Gibbs for Hartlet then Goodes for Laird.

          I like the idea of having Gibbs on the pine as he may be back next week.

  • Thanks Freako.

    And curse you Pittard. If Pittard was healthy, my defence would be covered for this week and I could finally rid myself of Dangerfield.

    I’ve gone Gibbs > Hartlett (100k cheaper than Birchall and the same average if you don’t count the game he got injured)

    Also going Hoff > SJ at this stage, but nervously awaiting Jack Viney getting picked or not. Have Fyfe and Crouch on the bench.

    I have a feeling Franklin is going to go bang big time against Adelaide (Rutten is just not the player he used to be and Talia is really struggling for form). I think I’ll take a punt that he won’t reach his BE, but gee it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

    Robbie Gray at 273k and going just over 1 PPM is very tempting once he ditches the vest. Might be a cheap option come round 8/10.

  • I haven’t got Danger but I reckon he’ll have a big game this week. With Walker out, the players will all step up. Guys like Danger were apparently apologizing to the coach for their crappy performances so far so I’d expect a big change. If they weren’t playing Hawthorn, I’d even say they’re a chance of winning.

  • My opp this week has Gibbs, Goodes, Pittard as I do, but was carrying 2 non players in Varco and Crouch. I thinking of Laird in for Goodes , as Pittard may be in next week, and Maybe Winderich for a rookie i have on my benches, or Blicavs to Gawm for the $$$, or go srtaight Dwyer to Stevie J and be left with not much in the kitty. oh the dt dilemas. By the way, fantasy frekko is a great read always

  • Freako reckons Birchall is a priority. Got 80 last week and is 70k more expensive than Hartlett and Burgoyne. No mention of Burgoyne. Why is that?

  • does anyone know anything about duffield? an extra trouble for me this week and may cop donut. Anyone know whats gone on

    • slight calf strain, listed as test, apparently was very close to playing through it last week….heard on the radio over here that he will play , I guess wait and see tonight

  • Westhoff to Stevie J straigt swap, unsure of who to bring in for Gibbs though. Hartlett or Burgoyne?

    • Hartlett, low breakeven and better fixtures right now. Burgoyne could be a good pick up in a few weeks when the hawks have their “dream run”

    • Hartlett fo sho

  • Going Gibbs to Laird this week.


    1. We have billions of trades this year so getting him back soon won’t be a problem.

    2. Hammy’s are risky propositions, could easily miss 2 games.

    3. BE of 130, so will be able to re-acquire him at a discounted price.

    4. Goodes still has a tonne of money to be made upon return and Laird should be adequate cover.

  • Trade out Dangerfield or Hoff?
    Keep in Mind Hoff has had 1 bad score danger has had 5 chances

    • Not trading out Hoff now would be like loading every cannister in a gun and then you starting a game of Russian Roulette. He has a breakeven of 150, which he won’t make. He will start playing good teams now with players like Mitch Brown who can easily shut him down. Danger has bottomed out and the only way from here is up, and after hawthorn they have GWS. So get the Hoff out of there :)

  • Alright cheers

  • Which 2 trades would you do:

    Gibbs to Birch

    Hoff to Stevie J

    Goodes to Hartlett/Hanley/Laird

    • What about this?

      Assuming that Heath, Terlich and Stevenson play, Bench Pittard and Goodes, trade Gibbs for Birch and then when Gibbs come around, trade him back in for Goodes???


    • Hoff to Stevie J and your worst Midfield Rookie to Hartlett/Birchall.

      No point losing Gibbs (He’s a keeper)
      Goodes when he returns has a – B/E.

      • No point? Lets see…
        1 he’s an injured premo (loss of premo points)
        2 got a score of 54 which will be in his rolling avg for his next 3 games (whenever he returns?)
        3 has a be of 129! ( will bleed premo money – whenever he returns)


        • 1. Irrelevant…. A loss of ‘premo points’? Following my advice, he doesm’t lose premo points, the trade of his worst performing midfield rookie to Hartlett or Birchall then Dpp to the backline for Goodes covers that. Furthermore, he enters the competition in 1 to 2 weeks time with an extra Premium defender.

          2. His B/E is irrelevant unless you intend to trade him out. I for one pick my premo’s to score points not make money. What’s to say he doesn’t come back and score back to back 120’s, by trading him out you lose that point scoring potential.

          Hmmm…. Seems to me you might not have understood the point in the first place.

  • I need to go for Docherty terlich or Laird for Gibbs then sit goodies on bench?

  • Nicholas Kommer….RUC/FWD…..I thought he was a midfielder?

  • Trade Talk:

    Kept $199,000 in bank from last round to upgrade Blicavs who was in my midfield.

    This week ive done:
    Dwyer to Gawn (Switched with Rowe)
    Then upgraded Blicavs to Brock Mclean.

    Any ideas? Different Midfielder?

    • Could you wait for Mat Priddis? Or does the trade need to occur now?

      • I could do that.

        I then could do gibbs to dixon or hartlett etc?

  • What sounds crazier to you guys….

    double upgrade and just cop the backline donut on the chin?
    Hoff > SJ
    Ffye > Watson

    Or trade Goodes/Pittard > Ellis
    and pray he doesn’t get any sort of vest (yeah right) and let him make make me a bit of coin while I wait for a better downgrade option than Laird (possibly trade goodes back in after suspension)