Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 6

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Welcome back to another week of reading about my love obsession with Swanny! Argggg ha ha or maybe not? Ablett plays a team he had 175pts on last time he played them… so who will be #1? Check out my handy work from Rd. 5 first!

Last Week’s Top 5
Dane Swan = 120pts
Tom Rockliff = 125pts
Gary Ablett = 131pts
Scott Pendlebury = 108pts
Brent Stanton = 114pts

Giants… Giant Killers?

Last year when the GWS played Essendon we didn’t believe our eyes when we saw the scores from players we expected to smash them. Surely Jobe Watson and Brent Stanton would have a field day and carve them up? NAH… it didn’t happen. Jobe had just 91 points with a tag from McDonald (not playing anymore) and Stanton copped a tag from Scully for his 93. Stanton was in much worse shape though with just 27pts at the half but junked it up with 41pts in the last term. He’s good at that! However, Stanton is the 2nd best DT scorer so far this year and has had a nice 130 at Etihad already this year and if he can avoid a Scully tag, he should be much better this time round. Ablett had 131 on these guys last week, but I tell you what… it’s still a small gamble either way.

Tag! You’re it!FAGTAG

Gary Ablett this week comes against a tag from Ryan Crowley. Now, firstly for the record, I’m not massively worried about this as I think Ablett will kill him. But we do need to respect what he has done over the season so far. As you can see by my handy work in ‘Paint Shop’ he has claimed some big guns already this year. Gaz didn’t play the Dockers last year but has slaughtered them like no other in the past. He had 175 (34d, 14t) on them in 2011 as a Gold Coast player. Whilst at the Cats he used to monster these guys where he had a lowest score of 109 in his last 7 games against Freo.
Verdict: Gazza will be awesome, I’m not even 100% convinced Crowley will go to him… but I have a small area of doubt and therefore he can not be my #1 for this week. Especially when Swanny hasn’t put a foot wrong for us so far this year.

Not a Foot Wrong

That’s what I said… not a foot wrong from the big fella! With previous scores of 120 (31d), 137, 83, 141, 138 and 112… Dane Swan looks the goods once again. He’s the 3rd highest scorer for the year and is coming off scores of 120 and 130 in his last 2 games this year. The man is getting it done! He avoided tags in the past from Armitage and Clinton Jones and as for that dirty 83 he had? Well, rest easy my friends cause that was just days before he was shipped off to Arizona to get his injuries and fitness under control. He has had 123 already at Etihad this year and he is just the safest bet at the moment who hasn’t let us down! Oink Oink Oink!!

Explanation: When we (DT Talk) call Swanny a PIG (oink), we are referring to way he feasts on points. A pig in the mud! A pig just keeps feeding and feeding, even when he’s full. It’s not a mean or rude comment but a compliment. Some people just don’t get it (insert headshake).

Just Quickly…

Stevie Johnson – had a huge 141 last week and averages 125 Vs Richmond in his last 3. Will be awesome and you should be excited if you’re an owner.
Justin Westhoff
– Finally the run came to an end with just 45 last week. Ouch! This is why you can never have him as captain. He’ll crack a few rippers… but then a few 45’s. This week he plays the Roos, a team he has played 8 times… for zero hundreds. YUCK!
Scott Selwood – Owners of Scottie are crying for a quick mention after he has averaged 135 in his last 3 this year. He’s at home where he had 127 in his last to average 95 in his last 3 there. With scores of 98 and 79 last year on the Dogs and a possible tag from Picken or Lower, it’s too risky sorry.
Joel Selwood – The other brother has great numbers as well. He has had 130, 108 and 126 on Richmond in his last 3 games and should be ok again based on these numbers.
Grant Birchall – He has only scored 1×100+ in his career of 11 games against the Crows and even scored poorly (80) as I predicted last week. Avoid again!
Dean Cox – With previous scores of 107, 155 and 125 against the Dogs, he must be considered.
Patrick Dangerfield – plays the Hawks this week but he has sucked too much to even talk about. 1×100+ in 5 games this year… pffthhhh.
Sam Mitchell  – 91 and 95 on the Crows last year and 111 last week. Solid.
Brett Deledio – Tagged by CROWLEY to a poor score of 83 last week (called it again) and plays Geelong at the MCG. A team he has had 5 tons on in his last 5 games. Very solid against them!
Kane Cornes – Currently the #1 player in DT and has averaged 128 in his last 3 games and just 100 last week. He had 60 on the Roos last year and will crash at some point.
Marc Murphy – He’s my Rockliff of Rd. 6… yep, playing Melbourne and we know what that means! He averages 110 on them in his last 3 and is carrying a lowest score of just 111 in his last 3 games this year. Will go big!
Trent Cotchin – 84 last week and 105 on the Cats in his last game against them. Pass.


Good luck and follow me for more captain info and for if I ever change my top 5 – @CalvinDT

Who will you have as your captain for Round 6?

  • Dane Swan (58%, 1,691 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (13%, 382 Votes)
  • Marc Murphy (7%, 191 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (4%, 107 Votes)
  • Stevie Johnson (3%, 89 Votes)
  • Dean Cox (2%, 64 Votes)
  • Scott Selwood (2%, 52 Votes)
  • Watson or Stanton (7%, 204 Votes)
  • Someone else (4%, 116 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,896

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  • Who has been the top scorer in some of these weeks? Riewoldt? Hoff?

    Every week will feature freak scores from non-dt captain relevant players, while Swan is there getting 110 on an off day.

    • Just to follow that up..Riewoldt, Martin, Cornes, Westhoff, Swallow have been the rounds top scorers. Would you suggest any of those are Captain material this week?

    • out of the five rounds this year ablett has scored more than swan twice, with one round being the same score. i’m not saying you should ever put riewoldt or some muppet like that as captain – i’m just saying what is the point of having a number one spot if it is swan every single week. he certainly isn’t the number one scorer out of the top 5 every single week.

      • Ablett is more likely to go 130 one week, 90 the next, While Swan will go 110 to 115. I’ve got to say consistency is my number one priority for captain choice.

        • that is your opinion, and a fair one at that. however, not everyone shares that priority. some people are more concerned with weekly wins or whatever and look more into other things like potential ceiling… ie this week youve gotta think that watson/stanton have significantly higher ceilings than they normally would. also, you just argued my point for me really… if consistency is the basis upon which the number one captain pick is awarded.. whats the point? it is gonna be swan every single week as he historically has the highest average.

          • I posted this on prev page but…

            I don’t think it goes in order of highest scorer. More so of who is the safest option to knock up a quality captain score. And Swan is that.

          • yeah.. so why bother making a list every week then?

          • Swan has the highest for the past couple of years, but is not always no 1, and there is much more info in Calvins Captains than just the top 5, and Calvin always says who the stats say will have a big week, it’s your job to read it and decide if you want to go with his No. 1 pick or some other smokie choice that he has uncovered, especially if you are underdog in a league game. Hoff came of two 140+ scores to get a below 50 score which is why these type of players don’t raet highly.

          • yer… your comment was 100% besides the point mate. i’m talking about the relevance of a top 5 – not the article in general.

          • If he doesn’t do a top 5, what’s he meant to do? No list? A 2-5? It seems that the 2-5 is still useful, so he may as well chuck the 1 in there as well.

          • “Swan has the highest for the past couple of years, but is not always no 1”

            pretty sure that is to the point

          • I have locked swan in as C every week so far, and i’m yet to be even midly dissapointed, looking back, i wouldnt have done it any other way.

            Clavin, the king of captain choices, is just being honest with us…. If you want a good score, choose swanny.
            Yes, swan is not going to be the highest scorer on any given week, but there is very little chance of anyone predicted who the highest will be.
            Calvin cannot look into the future, its clear every week he judges his top 5 on current form, ground/conditions and history against opponent. There is not much more infomation you can get that will tell you who will top score. And of all the top scorers this year, only 1/3 maybe a 1/2 would have been in most teams, there is no point in saying the number one pick is going to be john smith if no one has him.

            In summary: clavin gives you who he THINKS will be the top 5 captain choices of the week. Not who he KNOWS will be the top 5 scorers.

            Im sure if swan is up against his worst opponent, playing in india off a 3 day break in wet conditions, calvin is not going to put him number one. It just so happens every week the stats have lead us to believe swan will score well, and he has. If you don’t like the top 5, then don’t read it, just read the stats.

          • so looking back on it you wouldn’t have used your noggin and selected someone like watson in round 2 instead of swan? thats what i did, and it paid off.

            i am aware calvin is incapable of being able to see into the future. i’m not sure what gave you the idea that i was questioning that.. and don’t get me wrong at all, i love this article.

            my point is – if swan is going to be number 1 every single week then why bother. no one has answered that simple question yet really. only responded through choked up tears whilst clutching a dane swan figurine doll something along the lines of “b b b but swannie is the best and don’t you dare say he shouldn’t be #1 *wa wa wa*” and comparing his credentials to bloody westhoff, whom i didn’t even mention.

            like you say “if you want a good score then choose swanny” – may as well release a list for the entire season right now with swan at #1 by that logic.

  • gibbs>heppell & upgrade westhoff>stanton, thoughts?

    • nothing wrong with that. i prefer murphy and watson though just for pure consistency.. but dunno if you already have those guys.

  • Option A) Gibbs > Laird … and Blicavs > Gawn
    (Laird will be on ground) banking 500k

    Option B Gibbs > Hartlett…..
    Gibbs is going this week, but whos my next biggest issue?
    Hoff, Pittard, Viney, Blicavs, Goodes??

    Also with my Gibbs replacement on ground the week would Hartlett’s possible value rise be in the same ball park as Lairds? Score is always great but I’m against my weakest league opponent this week, help?

    • If you are against your weakest opposition play for the long run.
      My advice:
      This week-
      Hoff -> Johnson/Rockliff
      Viney -> Hartlett – You can DPP with Goodes, Goodes rides the middle pine and Hartlett covers Gibbs’ score.

      In one or two weeks time, Gibbs return creating a formidable defence, Goodes provides a strong bench in your midfield, and you’ll be able to trade out of Heath, Pittard or Stevenson or a lowly priced Matt Priddis, instead of re-trading in Gibbs.


      • Thanks for the advice Jack but not enough cash for Viney to Hartlett :(
        Two more out there questions for ya …
        Number 1- Hartlett, Shaw, Laird…. Could someone estimate cash rise for each one this week based on an average game from all?

        Number 2- Viney may be back this week so woul probably leave him but will the Hoff lose more value than Gawn will make trading him in for Blicavs?

        • That last ones a bit confusing basically
          Is it more important to get rid of Hoff or is it more important to bring in Gawn for the cash rise?

          • Have a look in the resources section, under Nix’s Excel sheet, all the answers you require are in there.

          • I’m thinking of goin Hoff to Gawn using Cox DPP but you could use Rowe if he’s in there. Then Gibbs to Heppell (I already have Hartlett, Hanley & Goddard)

          • Scratch that, looks like Heppell might be out!

      • With so many trades this year trading players back in isn’t such a big deal IMO.

        • IMO, We still only get two a week, there’s about 4 trades I’d make this week if I could, all that aren’t viable next week.

          • Thanks for the tip Jack but without a computer opening the spreadsheet is a little difficult :(

  • does it make me the expert if answer someone else’s question???

  • Doesn’t Crowley look a little retarded in the 2nd picture?

  • Got Swan locked for C, but thinking Pendles should be up there with Murphy and Johnson (the other 2 of Calvin’s 5 I’ve got) for VC. Anyone got any thoughts on why not to put the VC on Pendles?

    • Collingwood play on Friday night, so why the heck are you stressing about your VC choice.

    • it doesnt matter who gets the VC as collingwood are playing friday night.

  • yo i…..

  • Blicavs to Setanta, Goodes to Docherty… locked and loaded

    The big C on Brock Mac for me this week!

  • Docherty has been dropped this week so I wouldn’t recommend the second trade.

  • Shannon Doherty will score more DT points than Sam Docherty this season

  • I’ve put Swallow as the big C this week, I don’t understand how he doesn’t get a mention.